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Paper: High Faraday Rotation in VLBA AGN Cores: A Quest for Correlations Between Optical and Radio Polarizations
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 183
Authors: Algaba, J. C.; Gabuzda, D. C.; Smith, P. S.
Abstract: After correction for Faraday rotation, most BL Lac objects have aligned VLBA-core and optical polarization angles (Gabuzda et al. 2006). However, this may not be the case for quasars (Algaba et al. 2008). We present initial results of our new 12+15+22+24 +43GHz VLBA polarization observations, exploring the possibility that some or all quasars have high core Faraday rotations, which led to nπ ambiguities in earlier analyses. Our results suggest that core Faraday rotations of the order of tens of thousands of rad/m2 may be fairly common for quasars on the scales probed by these observations. We are also pursuing a joint analysis of our VLBA and simultaneous optical polarization data, continuing our quest for radio–optical correlations.
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