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Paper: Optical Spectroscopy of 3CR Sources: Accretion and Jet Launching in Radio Galaxies
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 147
Authors: Buttiglione, S.; Capetti, A.
Abstract: We use a 92% complete optical spectra dataset of 104 3CR radio sources with z<0.3 to explore their spectroscopic and multiwavelength properties. We find the presence of two main sub-populations, High and Low Excitation Galaxies. All broad-line objects are HEG from the point of view of their narrow emission line ratios and all HEG are associated to FRII radio-galaxies. Conversely LEG are of both FRI and FRII type. In a line vs radio luminosity plane, HEG and LEG obey to two linear correlations, with HEG being 10 times brighter than LEG in [OIII]. HEG and LEG are also separated in a plane that compares black hole mass and nuclear luminosity. The transition from LEG to HEG occurs at a ∼ 0.001 fraction of the Eddington luminosity. LEG show a lower level of accretion, of line and nuclear luminosities, but they can be associated to the most powerful FRII radio-sources of the sample. This suggests that the processes of accretion and the jet launching are at least partially decoupled.
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