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Paper: Dissecting AGN Spectral Energy Distributions: Obscuration and Host Contribution
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 116
Authors: Polletta, M.; Maraschi, L.; Chiappetti, L.; Trinchieri, G.; Giorgetti, M.; Molina, M.
Abstract: The X-ray-infrared spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of a sample of X-ray selected AGN at z=0.2–3 are modeled with a nuclear and host component in order to determine the importance of host type, nuclear obscuration, and AGN intrinsic SED in sources of different type and luminosity. Overall, there is a good correspondence between optical obscuration and X-ray absorption. The AGN is X-ray absorbed in type 2 AGN and unabsorbed in type 1 AGN, as expected. We find two types of intrinsic AGN SEDs with different X-ray/mid-infrared luminosity ratios independently of the AGN luminosity and obscuration.
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