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Paper: PKS 0558-504: An Ideal Laboratory to Study the Accretion-Ejection Link
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 91
Authors: Gliozzi, M.; Papadakis, I. E.; Brinkmann, W. P.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Grupe, D.
Abstract: The radio-loud Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxy PKS 0558-504 is a highly variable, X-ray bright source with super-Eddington accretion rate and a powerful radio jet, and hence represents an ideal laboratory to study the link between accretion and ejection phenomena. Here we present the preliminary results from an ongoing multiwavelength monitoring campaign that covers the radio band with the ATCA and VLBI, the optical, UV and soft X-rays with Swift, and the hard X-rays with RXTE. We combine complementary pieces of information from different energy bands to shed some light on the energetics of accretion and ejection phenomena in this system and on the interplay between the 3 fundamental ingredients in black hole systems: disk, corona, and jet.
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