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Paper: Radiation-Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Accretion Flow and Outflow around Black Hole
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 56
Authors: Ohsuga, K.
Abstract: Black-hole accretion, the most powerful energy-production mechanism in the Universe, is known to exhibit several distinct modes. Although theoretical models for each mode were proposed, no unified models have been proposed so far. We here propose a unified model for accretion flow and outflow based on our new, global, two-dimensional radiation-magnetohydrodynamic simulations, in which we no longer adopt the phenomenological disk-viscosity prescription. The accretion flow is geometrically thin in the moderate luminosity range and thick in the high and low luminosity ranges. The disk outflows with helical magnetic fields are ubiquitous in any accretion modes, including the medium luminosity state, in which no strong outflows were expected.
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