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Paper: Jet Emitting Discs: a New Accretion Flow Solution
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 49
Authors: Ferreira, J.; Petrucci, P. O.; Murphy, G.; Zanni, C.; Henri, G.
Abstract: We present a model where the innermost regions of accretion discs around AGN are pervaded by a large scale magnetic field of bipolar topology. It will be shown that once this field becomes large enough, a new class of accretion flow sets in where a sizable fraction of the released accretion power feeds two self-collimated jets. Such a Jet Emitting Disc has dynamical properties quite different from both the standard and advection dominated discs. It also exhibits three different thermal equilibrium branches at a given radius: two stable (cold and hot) and one intermediate unstable. The hot solution has been for instance successfully applied to the Low/Hard states of microquasars. These results pinpoint the fact that a global understanding of accretion modes around compact objects requires to reinvestigate the issue of field advection in turbulent, magnetized disks.
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