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Paper: The Star Formation, the Bar, and the Cosmological Halo
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 487
Authors: Mazzei, P.; Curir, A.
Abstract: We performed cosmological simulations to analyze the evolution of disks with different masses and gas percentages embedded at high redshift, z = 2, in the same cosmological dark matter halo. We found that the halo structure plays a crucial role in triggering and fueling long living bars in disks with negligible self-gravity. Here we focus on the halo morphology, in particular as seen from the edge of the disk. We find that the inner shape of the dark matter halo at z=0, perturbed by the disk at high redshift, is slightly depending on the properties of the disk itself, and thus on the presence of the stellar bar. The halo appears prolate within the disk and a triaxial system outward the disk.
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