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Paper: Simulations of Galactic Disks Including a Dark Baryonic Component
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 459
Authors: Revaz, Y.; Pfenniger, D.; Combes, F.; Bournaud, F.
Abstract: ΛCDM numerical simulations predict that the ‘missing baryons’ reside in a warm-hot gas phase in the over-dense cosmic filaments. However, there are now several theoretical and observational arguments that support the fact that galactic disks may be more massive than usually thought, containing a substantial fraction of the ‘missing baryons’. Hereafter, we present new N-body simulations of galactic disks, where the gas content has been multiplied by a factor 5. The stability of the disk is ensured by assuming that the interstellar medium is composed out of two partially coupled phases, a warm phase, corresponding the observed CO and H I gas and a cold collisionless phase corresponding to the unseen baryons.
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