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Paper: Implications of a Universal Scaling Relation for Galaxies
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 381
Authors: Zaritsky, D.; Zabludoff, A.I.; Gonzalez, A.H.
Abstract: We present a scaling relation that is satisfied by all classes of galaxies, ranging from dwarf spheroidals to brightest cluster galaxies and from disks to spheroidals, log re−log V2+log Ie+logΥe+0.8 = 0, where re is the half light radius in kpc, V is a measure of the internal kinematics in km/sec, Ie is the surface brightness within re in L pc−2, and Υe is the I-band mass to light ratio within re. The low scatter with which galaxies lie about this relationship (0.09 dex) implies a regularity among galaxies that is encouraging to those attempting to uncover the basic physics of galaxy formation and places disk galaxies within the context of all galaxies.
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