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Paper: Gas Fueling to the Galactic Center
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 373
Authors: Namekata, D.; Habe, A.; Matsui, H.; Saitoh, T.R.
Abstract: We investigate possible roles of a inner bar, evidence of which is recently given in our galaxy in the gas fueling to the Galactic center. For this purpose, we perform two dimensional hydrodynamical simulations in the gravitational potential model of our galaxy, which take into account the inner bar. In our simulations, a massive nuclear disk (M ∼ 107 M and R ∼ 20 pc) is usually formed by a large gas inflow due to the inner bar. We show that such nuclear disks can fragment into many small massive clumps and a part of these clumps spiral into the galactic center by the exchange of angular momentum between the clumps.
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