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Paper: Properties of Bars in the Local Universe
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 369
Authors: Méndez-Abreu, J.; Aguerri, J.A.L.; Corsini, E.M.
Abstract: We studied the fraction and properties of bars in a sample of about 3000 galaxies extracted from SDSS-DR5. This represents a volume limited sample with galaxies located between redshift 0.01 < z < 0.04, absolute magnitude Mr > −20, and inclination i < 60Ĕ. Interacting galaxies were excluded from the sample. The fraction of barred galaxies in our sample is 45%. We found that 32% of S0s, 55% of early-type spirals, and 52% of late-type spirals are barred galaxies. The bars in S0s galaxies are weaker than those in later-type galaxies. The bar length and galaxy size are correlated, being larger bars located in larger galaxies. Neither the bar strength nor bar length correlate with the local galaxy density. On the contrary, the bar properties correlate with the properties of their host galaxies. Galaxies with higher central light concentration host less and weaker bars.
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