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Paper: Analysis of Gaseous Arms in Spiral Galaxies
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 363
Authors: Kenn, F.; Józsa, G.I.G.; Klein, U.
Abstract: Although spiral arms in galactic disks are most commonly observed in the optical domain, their continuations in the neutral gas component extend to way larger radii and allow for a better assessment of spiral arm properties and density wave dynamics. For the analysis of spiral morphologies one usually employs observations of face-on spirals, while for a kinematic analysis edge-on systems are preferred. In order to do both in the same system, we develop a deprojection software that is able to extract information on the spiral arm pattern of a galaxy from spectroscopic H I data cubes by tracing the disk geometry as supplied by a tilted-ring model. We present our method and results, focusing on the spiral galaxy NGC 5055.
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