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Paper: Lopsidedness in Disk Galaxies
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 357
Authors: Dury, V.; De Rijcke, S.; Debattista, V.P.; Dejonghe, H.
Abstract: A lopsided structure is often seen in spiral galaxies. This lopsidedness can be caused by a dynamical instability that occurs in the stellar component of an initially axisymmetric system. The counter-rotation instability can produce a lopsided structure although counter-rotation is only rarely detected in disk galaxies. Therefore we have examined whether lopsided instabilities can be found in fully rotating disks. Models with no net rotation show a strong lopsided mode and a weaker pair of counter-rotating bars. Fully rotating models show a strong two-armed spiral and a weaker one-armed spiral. In the non-rotating models, the m = 1 mode becomes weaker when there is less counter-rotation, while in the rotating models, it becomes stronger.
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