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Paper: The Impact of the Star Formation on the Bar Instability
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 355
Authors: Curir, A.; Mazzei, P.; Murante, G.
Abstract: We study the evolution of stellar-gaseous disks embedded on a cosmological dark-matter halo, evolving in a fully consistent cosmological framework. We investigate how the star formation modifies the results obtained for stellar-gaseous disks with cooling. We show that the more massive disks always form long lasting bars both in the new and in the old stellar components, even in the cases where, without star formation, the bar was gradually destroyed by the central gas concentration. The less massive disks form small bars in the old star components and the new star population form a bulge which is hiding them. This last result can give insights into the problem of the formation of pseudobulges in disk galaxies.
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