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Paper: A New Method for Unveiling Box/Peanut Bulges in Face-On Galaxies
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 313
Authors: Corsini, E.M.; Méndez-Abreu, J.; Debattista, V.P.; De Rijcke, S.; Aguerri, J.A.L.; Pizzella, A.
Abstract: We measured the stellar kinematics of three face-on galaxies with the aim of searching for box/peanut-shaped (B/P) bulges. These observations test and confirm that face-on B/P bulges can be recognized by two minima in the radial profile of the fourth Gauss-Hermite moment h4 of the line-of-sight velocity distribution measured along the bar major axis. In NGC 98, a clear double minimum in h4 is present before the end of the bar, as predicted. In contrast, in NGC 600, which is also a barred galaxy but lacks a substantial bulge, we do not find any significant kinematic signature for a B/P bulge. In NGC 1703, which is an unbarred galaxy, we found no evidence of a B/P bulge.
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