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Paper: Aperture Effects in the Long Slit Spectrophotometry of the Polar Ring Galaxy IIZw71
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 285
Authors: Pérez-Montero, E.; García-Benito, R.; Díaz, Á.I.; Pérez, E.; Kehrig, C.
Abstract: Polar ring galaxies are composed by an early type galaxy and a polar ring rotating around it and which is rich in gas, dust and star formation. IIZw71 is catalogued as a blue compact dwarf galaxy and as a probable polar ring galaxy (Whitmore et al. 1990). The formation of the polar ring and the very luminous bursts of star formation along it, is a consequence of the interaction with a close companion, IIZw70, situated at 18.1 kpc (Cox et al. 2001). We have carried out spectrophotometric observations of the bursts of star formation along the polar ring in order to study differences in the physical properties or the star formation histories between the knots
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