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Paper: Warps of Edge-On Galaxies and Their Effects on the Gradients of Observed Velocity Field
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 221
Authors: Scarano, S.; Lépine, J.R.D.
Abstract: In this work we present a model of warped disks based on geometrical parameters observed in edge-on galaxies and on the tilted-ring model to describe the effect that warps can cause on the observed velocity fields and rotation curves of disk galaxies when observed at random line-of-sights. We verified that such warps can systematically affect the gradients of velocity fields, adding extra components of velocity in the line-of-sight, specially for low inclination galaxies (< 30°). In these cases warps can even favor the observation of larger velocities toward the external parts of the rotation curves, depending only on how the regions affected by the warp are projected on the sky.
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