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Paper: Can the High Velocity Clouds Produce Turbulence in the Outskirts of Galactic Disks?
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 219
Authors: Santillán, A.; Sánchez-Salcedo, F.J.; Franco, J.
Abstract: We present two-dimensional magneto-hydrodynamical numerical simulations to study the effects produced by a continuous rain of small high velocity clouds (HVCs) in the external parts of the galactic disk. We find that, for galactic conditions at a galactocentric distances of about 20 kpc and mass accretion rates consistent with current empirical and theoretical determinations in the Milky Way, the impact of compact HVCs onto the disk can maintain transonic turbulent motions in the warm phase (∼ 2500 K) of H I. For a gaseous disk at 2500 K, and asuming that infall is the only driver of turbulence, the resulting H I line widths are of ~ 6.5 km s−1.
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