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Paper: Distribution of Very Young Stellar Cluster in NGC 2997
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 145
Authors: Grosbøl, P.; Dottori, H.
Abstract: K-band images of grand-design spiral galaxies frequently display bright knots aligned along their arms. They have been identified as very young stellar cluster (ages <10 Myr) using medium resolution K-band spectra. We obtained deep JHK photometry of the southern arm of NGC 2997 with ISAAC/VLT to characterize the distribution of such stellar clusters. A preliminary analysis of the data indicates that the most massive clusters are high concentrated to the arm region and have a magnitude distribution with a well defined low luminosity cut-off. This could suggest that the clusters are disrupted as a faint tail of ageing clusters is not observed. A fainter population of more centrally concentrated sources is observed. They are likely older clusters (e.g., globular clusters) as they display a more uniform distribution over the field.
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