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Paper: The Evolution of H I Disks in the Virgo Cluster
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 127
Authors: Chung, A.; van Gorkom, J.H.; Kenney, J.; Crowl, H.; Vollmer, B.; Schiminovich, D.
Abstract: We present the result of a new VLA H I imaging survey of Virgo galaxies, VIVA (VLA Imaging of Virgo in Atomic gas). The goal is to investigate the influence of the cluster on H I gas disks in different density regions. In order to sample various processes at work, we have carefully selected 48 spirals and 5 dwarfs/irregulars showing a range of star formation properties throughout the cluster. Overall, we confirm that galaxies near the cluster core (dM87 < 0.5 Mpc) are severely H I stripped while gas rich galaxies with extended H I disks are always found in the cluster outskirts (dM87 > 1.0Mpc). At intermediate distances from the cluster center however, our high resolution, high sensitivity H I data have revealed a range of H I features that are likely to represent different stripping stages through various effects. In particular, we find evidence for H I stripping due to the surrounding cluster gas even at the distances where the approximated intra-cluster medium (ICM) density is not high enough to affect galaxies. It appears that in some cases a dynamic ICM or a combination of tidal forces and ram-pressure are responsible for gas stripping at those locations. The survey result clearly shows that the impact of the cluster reaches quite far out from the cluster center.
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