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Paper: The Discrete Thick and Thin Disk Abundance Patterns
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 113
Authors: Chiappini, C.
Abstract: Recent data revealed a clear distinction between the abundance patterns of the thick and thin disks, particularly for alpha elements, suggesting a different origin for each of these components. We study the effect of assuming different formation timescales for the thick an thin disks on the variation of the abundance ratios of several elements with metallicity. In this model the thick disk forms by accretion of metal-poor gas and not by mergers of already formed stars. We show that in such a framework, the different abundance patterns of several chemical elements can be explained. In addition, we show that when only the best observations are plotted a small scatter is found in the thick disk stellar abundance ratios, similar to what is observed for the thin disk. This small scatter and the abundance ratio trends with metallicity impose strong constraints on the possible scenarios for the formation of the thick disk.
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