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Paper: Spitzer Photometry of Discrete Sources in M 33
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 91
Authors: Verley, S.; Hunt, L.K.; Corbelli, E.; Giovanardi, C.
Abstract: Combining the relative vicinity of the Local Group spiral galaxy M 33 with the Spitzer images, we investigate the properties of infrared (IR) emission sites and assess the reliability of the IR emission as a star formation tracer. We compared the photometric results for several samples of three known types of discrete sources (H II regions, supernovae remnants and planetary nebulae) with theoretical diagnostic diagrams, and derived the spectral energy distribution (from 3.6 to 24 μm) of each type of object. Moreover, we generated a catalogue of 24 μm sources and inferred their nature from the observed and theoretical colors of the known type sources. We estimated the star formation rate in M 33 both globally and locally, from the IR emission and from the Hα emission line.
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