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Paper: Optical/Far-Infrared Properties of the IRAS/ISOCAMDeep Survey Galaxy Sample
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 77
Authors: Mazzei, P.; Bettoni, D.; della Valle, A.
Abstract: We exploited a multi-wavelength approach devoted to the study of the evolution of a far-IR selected, complete sample of galaxies on which numerous studies of galaxy evolution still rely. Thanks to our ISOCAM and optical/near-IR observations, our sample, which provides a direct link between the IRAS and ISO surveys, and the forthcoming deeper Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey and AKARI cosmological survey, is one of the far-IR selected complete samples with the larger spectral coverage. It results mainly composed by starburst disk-like galaxies. Despite the fact that the redshift range of our sample exceeds z = 0.3, no evolution arises from IR and far-IR luminosity functions we derived.
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