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Paper: Intrinsic Properties of Low-z Sloan Digital Sky Survey Galaxies
Volume: 396, Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks
Page: 75
Authors: Maller, A.H.; Berlind, A.A.; Blanton, M.; Hogg, D.W.
Abstract: Galaxies are seen from different viewing angles and their observed properties change as a function of viewing angle. In many circumstances we would rather know the intrinsic properties of galaxies — those properties that do not depend on viewing angle. For a large sample of galaxies it is possible to recover the intrinsic properties of galaxies, statistically, by looking for correlations with galaxy inclination, and then applying a correction to remove those dependencies. Studying the intrinsic properties of galaxies can give a different impression of the galaxy population and help avoid the mistake of connecting observed properties to quantities that don’t depend on inclination like halo mass.
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