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Paper: Gamma Ray and Neutrino Emission as a Probe of Relativistic Jets
Volume: 386, Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray
Page: 227
Authors: Levinson, A.
Abstract: Constraints on the dynamics, dissipation, and production of VHE neutrinos in relativistic jets are derived using opacity calculations and VHE γ-ray observations. In particular, it is demonstrated how the rapid variability of the γ-ray emission at very high energies (> 100 GeV) can be used to map the location of the γ-spheres, to derive lower limits on the Doppler factor of the γ-ray emission zone, and to constrain the photopion production opacity. The apparent discrepancy between jet Lorentz factors inferred from superluminal motions and source statistics in the TeV blazars and those derived from the γ-ray emission is discussed. The relation to the high-energy emission from the HST1 knot in M87 is briefly mentioned. Estimates of neutrino yields in upcoming neutrino telescopes are given for various sources. It is shown that for TeV blazars, the rapid variability of the TeV emission implies neutrino yields well below detection limit.
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