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Paper: The Case of the 300 kpc Long X-ray Jet in PKS 1127-145 at z=1.18
Volume: 386, Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray
Page: 115
Authors: Siemiginowska, A.; Harris, D.E.; Aldcroft, T.L.; Stawarz, L.; Cheung, C.C.; Sikora, M.; Bechtold, J.
Abstract: The complex X-ray morphology of the 300 kpc long X-ray jet in PKS 1127-145 (z=1.18 quasar) is clearly discerned in a ∼100 ksec Chandra observation. The jet X-ray surface brightness gradually decreases by an order of magnitude going out from the core. The X-ray spectrum of the inner jet is relatively flat with αX = 0.66+0.15 and steep in the outer jet with αX = 1.0+−0.2. The X-ray and radio jet intensity profiles are strikingly different, with the radio emission peaking strongly at the two outer knots while the X-ray emission is strongest in the inner jet region. We discuss the constraints implied by these data on the X-ray emission models and conclude that “one-zone” models fail and that at least a two-component model is needed to explain the jet’s broadband emission. We propose that the X-ray emission originates in the jet proper while the bulk of the radio emission comes from a surrounding jet sheath. We also consider intermittent jet activity as a possible cause of the observed jet morphology.
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