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Paper: The Continuing Saga of the Explosive Event(s) in the M87 Jet: Is M87 a Blazar?
Volume: 386, Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray
Page: 80
Authors: Harris, D.E.; Cheung, C.C.; Stawarz, L.; Biretta, J.A.; Sparks, W.; Perlman, E.S.; Wilson, A.S.
Abstract: We review the recent data on the knot HST-1 in the M87 jet in the context of typical blazar behavior. In particular we discuss the wide-band flare of 2005 which peaked at a factor of 50 to 80 times the intensity observed in 2000; the superluminal radio features; and the arguments that support the hypothesis that HST-1 was the source of the excess TeV emission found by H.E.S.S. in 2005. To the extent that M87 can be classified as a blazar, perhaps observed at a somewhat larger angle to the line of sight compared to most blazars, all of these blazar properties originate at a distance greater than 100 pc from the nucleus, and thus cannot be associated with the location of the ‘launching of the jet’.
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