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Paper: Studies of Wave-Like Phenomena Caused by the Catastrophe and the Consequences
Volume: 428, SOHO-23: Understanding a Peculiar Solar Minimum
Page: 181
Authors: Lin, J.; Shen, C.; Wang, H.
Abstract: We investigated the evolutionary features of a magnetic configuration that includes a current-carrying flux rope, which is used to model a filament after loss of equilibrium in the system takes place in a catastrophic fashion. The flux rope is thrust upward rapidly, and various types of disturbance, like slow and fast MHD shocks around it and even on the boundary surface, are consequently invoked. Our results suggest that the interaction of the fast shock with the boundary leads to a disturbance accounting for the Moreton wave observed in Hα, that the soft X-ray wave traces the fast shock in the corona, and that the disturbance in the corona caused by the slow shock and velocity vortices might account for the EIT wave (or EUV wave).
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