Instructions, Templates, Macros and Forms

The ASPCS editorial staff has produced a comprehensive set of instructions for editors and authors, formatted and compiled as if it were a Conference Series volume. The instructions are available as a single PDF document. You may also download all the components of the instructions to see how a volume is formatted and compiled. Finally, there are a set of basic templates that can be used with the 2014 version of the latex style file asp2014.sty to start writing papers and compiling volumes. Links to all the files are found below.

These instructions, templates, and style file are for 2014 and onward. If you are using an older version of the style file, please contact the ASPCS Publication Manager at for answers to questions or help with any problems.

Templates, Macros and Forms

File Name Description File Size
Application to publish with the ASP Conference Series 90 KB
201 KB
ASPCS-ContractForm-2011.pdf Agreement to Publish form (contract) 131 KB
ShippingAddendum.pdf Shipping prices (1 May 2009) 53 KB All files required to completely generate a short example paper. To be used as a template for any Conference Series paper. 320 KB All files required to completely generate a short example volume. To be used as a template for any Conference Series volume. 320 KB
asp2014.sty The latest version of the latex style file. 41 KB All files required to completely generate the instructions document, as if it were a complete conference series volume, including instructions, templates and macros for both editors and authors. 11 MB
manual2010.pdf APSCS Instructions for Editors and Authors. 782 KB
asp2010.sty Deprecated style file. Only use this version if you already know that you require it. 41 KB
Manuscript Submission Form for editors 79.5 KB
104 KB
MailingList_Template.xlsx Mailing address and contact information spreadsheet for editors 131 KB
Copyright Assignment Form 5.9 KB
8.1 KB
31.2 KB
5.2 KB
Permission to Use Form 165 KB
207 KB

The ncccropmark and watermark LaTeX packages are required to compile an ASP Conference Series volume. To obtain these two packages please visit this link.