Editors' Information

Congratulations on accepting this voluntary endeavor. Your sacrifice of time and effort in editing a conference proceedings volume is a valuable service to astronomy and a credit to your commitment to science. We are excited for the opportunity to work with you as an editor. Be advised that it takes a considerable amount of effort to edit a volume. The time commitment and duties are similar to those of writing up a dissertation. Plan ahead and block out the time necessary to complete this project in a timely fashion. To quote one of our editors:

"For the conference participants, late publications are disappointing. I know from experience that organizing a symposium takes three solid months, and editing the proceedings takes at least three solid months. Perhaps editors should be notified that they should make that time available before they assume/accept the job."

We are dedicated to giving you all the support necessary to make this a successful experience. But the ultimate success lies with you.

We have provided these online instructions to help make the process smoother for you and to provide a central repository of all the instructions, templates and macros, and other helps you may need. The instructions are organized by the steps involved in publishing a volume. These web pages are accessible in the navigation bar at the top and also below:

Overview of the Publishing Process
Step 1. Getting Started
Step 2. Compiling The Volume
Step 3. Submitting The Manuscript
Step 4. Proof Stage
Step 5. Printed Volume

The five steps are described in more detail in our Overview of the Publishing Process. Please carefully review the overview to understand the entire publication process. It details your role, our role, the stages of the process and expected time frames.

We are looking forward to working with you to publish this volume. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask the ASPCS staff.

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