Title: Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars: Their Importance as Actors and Probes
Volume: 378 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kerschbaum, F; Charbonnel, C; Wing, R.F.
These proceedings of an international conference held August 2006 in Vienna, Austria demonstrate the relevance of Asymptotic Giant Branch stars and stellar astrophysics as a whole for our understanding of galactic structure and evolution. The meeting brought together astronomers from the fields of AGB stars, galactic evolution, and stellar populations. What do we know about the various aspects of AGB stars, such as nucleosynthesis and mass loss, that will play a role in our understanding of galaxies? At the same time, what do galactic models need from the AGB star community, and how are AGB starts included in these models? What will be the role of AGB star research within the major aims of astrophysics in the coming decades? These were the main questions we wanted to discuss at this conference.

Recent developments in instrumentation such as the Spitzer satellite and current and forthcoming ground-based equipment are enabling detailes studies of individual stars and the exploration of ever more distant stellar systems. AGB stars are among the first targets that can now be resolved in galaxies outside the Local Group. But of equal relevance are the exciting developments that have been achieved in modeling stellar nucleosynthesis, mass loss, and the evolution of galaxies.

The book is suitable for researchers and graduate students interested in stellar and extragalactic astrophysics, and in physical processes related to nucleosynthesis, radiation hydrodynamics, pulsation, mass loss, and the chemical evolution of stellar systems.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 378 Cover Kerschbaum, F; Charbonnel, C; Wing, R.F.
Front Matter   
Volume 378 Front Matter 1 Kerschbaum, F; Charbonnel, C; Wing, R.F.
Conference Photo   
Volume 378 Conference Photograph 2 Kerschbaum, F; Charbonnel, C; Wing, R.F.
Part 1.
Nucleosynthesis, Mixing, Abundances
Some Musings on AGB Star Models 3 Lattanzio, J.
The Chemical Imprint of Super-AGB Stars 9 Siess, L.
Towards Simulating the Photometry, Chemistry, Mass Loss and Pulsational Properties of AGB Star Populations in Resolved Galaxies 20 Girardi, L.; Marigo, P.
Nuclear Processes in AGB Stars 26 Busso, M.
Light s-Process Element Production in Solar Metallicity AGB Stars 37 Karakas, A.I.; Lugaro, M.; Gallino, R.
Convective and Non-Convective Mixing in AGB Stars 43 Herwig, F.; Freytag, B.; Fuchs, T.; Hansen, J.P.; Hueckstaedt, R.M.; Porter, D.H.; Timmes, F.X.; Woodward, P.R.
The Impacts of Rotation on Nucleosynthesis in Metal-Poor AGB Stars 54 Decressin, T.; Charbonnel, C.
Towards a Satisfactory Understanding of AGB-Star Atmospheres? 60 Gustafsson, B.
Laboratory Data for Cool Star Modelling 71 Bernath, P.
Spitzer/IRAC Characterization of Galactic AGB Stars 80 Marengo, M.; Hora, J.L.; Barmby, P.; Willner, S.P.; Allen, L.E.; Schuster, M.T.; Fazio, G.G.
The Period–Luminosity Relation of Mira Variables in NGC 6388 and NGC 6441 86 Matsunaga, N.; the IRSF/SIRIUS team
Recognition and Classification of AGB Stars by Narrow-Band TiO/CN Photometry 92 Wing, R.F.
AGB and Post-AGB Stellar Evolution: Theoretical Models for Synthetic Population Studies 99 Kitsikis, A.; Weiss, A.
AGB Stars in Globular Clusters 105 Lebzelter, T.; Hinkle, K.; Lederer, M.; Posch, T.; Wood, P.
Determination of Element Abundances 111 Hauschildt, P.; Johnas, C.M.S.
Constraints on AGB Models from s-Process Nucleosynthesis 119 Cristallo, S.; Straniero, O.; Gallino, R.
Galactic Sodium from AGB Stars 121 Izzard, R.G.; Gibson, B.K.; Stancliffe, R.J.
Peculiarities of the Chemical Composition of the Optical Component of Cyg X-1 123 Karitskaya, E.A.; Shimanskii, V.V.; Sakhibullin, N.A.; Bochkarev, N.G.
Astrophysical S-factor of the 15N(p, α),sup>12C Reaction at sub-Coulomb Energies via the Trojan-Horse Method 125 La Cognata, M.; Romano, S.; Spitaleri, C.; Cherubini, S.; Crucilla, V.; Gulino, M.; Lamia, L.; Mudo, F.; Pizzone, R.G.; Sergi, M.L.; Tudisco, S.; Tumino, A.; Tribble, R.; Trache, L.; Fu, C.; Goldberg, V.; Mukhamedzhanov, A.; Tabacaru, G.
Water Opacity in M Stars 127 Lederer, M.T.; Aringer, B.; Hoefner, S.; Kerschbaum, F.
CS 30322-023: An Ultra Metal-Poor TP-AGB Star? 129 Masseron, T.; Van Eck, S.; Famaey, B.; Goriely, S.; Plez, B.; Siess, L.; Beers, T.C.; Primas, F.; Jorissen, A.
On the Surface Temperature-Gravity-Mass Relation of H-Deficient Post-AGB Tracks 131 Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Althaus, L.G.; Weiss, A.
Post-He-Burning Phases and Final Fate of Super-AGB Stars 133 Pumo, M.L.; Siess, L.
Does Simultaneous Solution Matter for Stellar Evolution Codes? 135 Stancliffe, R.J.
Internal Gravity Waves in AGB Stars 137 Talon, S.; Charbonnel, C.
Technetium in Galactic Bulge AGB Stars 139 Uttenthaler, S.; Hron, J.; Lebzelter, T.; Busso, M.; Schultheis, M.; Kaeufl, H.U.
The Chemical Composition of R Stars 141 Zamora, O.; Abia, C.; Dominguez, I.; Plez, B.
Part 2.
Mass Loss from AGB Stars
Headwind: Modelling Mass Loss of AGB Stars, Against All Odds 145 Hoefner, S.
What Drives the Mass Loss of Oxygen-Rich AGB Stars? 156 Woitke, P.
The Dust Sequence along the AGB 164 Blommaert, J.A.D.L.; Vanhollebeke, E.; Cami, J.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.; Habing, H.J.; Markwick-Kemper, F.; Omont, A.; Schultheis, M.; Tielens, A.G.G.M.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Wood, P.R.
Dust from AGB Stars 170 Andersen, A.C.
Molecular Clusters in Dust Nucleation Processes in Circumstellar Outflows of Oxygen–Rich AGB Stars 181 Patzer, A.B.C.
Observations of Water–Ice in OH/IR Stars 187 Justtanont, K.; Olofsson, G.; Dijkstra, C.; Meyer, A.W.
The VLTI – Present and Future Prospects 193 Richichi, A.
Mapping 12CO J =2–1 and 1–0 Line Emission in CSEs around AGB and Early Post-AGB Stars 199 Castro-Carrizo, A.; Neri, R.; Winters, J.M.; Grewing, M.; Lucas, R.; Bujarrabal, V.; Quintana-Lacaci, G.; Alcolea, J.; Schoeier, F. L.; Olofsson, H.; Lindqvist, M.
Sub–mm CO Line Observation and Modelling of Circumstellar Shells 205 Teyssier, D.; Bujarrabal, V.; Yoshida, H.; Phillips, T.G.
What Do We Really Know about Mass Loss on the AGB? 211 Wilson, L.A.
Methods for Determining AGB Mass-Loss Rates Based on Radio Data 216 Schoeier, F.L.
On Determining the Mass-Loss Rates of Red Giants and Red Supergiants Based on Infrared Data 227 van Loon, J.Th.
On the Connection between Mass Loss and Evolution of C-rich AGB Stars 239 Mattsson, L.; Hoefner, S.; Wahlin, R.; Herwig, F.
On the Luminosity and Mass Loss of Galactic AGB Stars 245 Guandalini, R.; Busso, M.; Cardinali, M.
Quantitative Results on AGB Mass-Loss Rates 251 Wood, P.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.; Sloan, G.C.; Blommaert, J.A.D.L.; Cioni, M.-R.L.; Feast, M.W.; Habing, H.J.; Hony, S.; Lagadec, E.; Loup, C.; Matsuura, M.; Menzies, J.W.; Olivier, E.A.; Vanhollebeke, E.; van Loon, J.Th.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Whitelock, P.A.; Zijlstra, A.A.
Polychromatic Interferometry of Mira Variables 262 Wittkowski, M.; Boboltz, D.A.; Driebe, T.; Ohnaka, K.
Estimation of the Dust Mass-Loss Rates from AGB Stars in the Fornax and Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 268 Lagadec, E.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Matsuura, M.; Whitelock, P.A.; van Loon, J.Th.
The Rapidly Evolving Mira Variable LX Cygni 275 Barzdis, A.
A New Approach to Numerical Modelling of Circumstellar Dust Shells around Pulsating AGB Stars 277 Bolte, J.; Patzer, B.; Galuba, G.; Lingnau, K.; Sedlmayr, E.
Far-Infrared Diagnostic Features of Forsterite Crystal 279 Chihara, H.; Koike, C.
Mythbusting the Carbon Star Dust Condensation Sequence 281 Corman, A.; Thompson, G.; Speck, A.; Dijkstra, C.
Optical and Infrared Properties of a Sample of Carbon Stars 283 DeMello, A.B.; Lorenz-Martins, S.
Probing the Mass-Loss History of VY CMa 285 Decin, L.; Hony, S.; de Koter, A.; Justtanont, K.; Tielens, A.G.G.M.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
An IDL Code for Automatically Modelling Infrared Circumstellar Emission of Dust 287 Dijkstra, C.
High-Resolution Near-Infrared Speckle Interferometry and Radiative Transfer Modeling of the OH/IR Star OH 26.5+0.6 289 Driebe, T.; Riechers, D.; Balega, Y.Y.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Menshchikov, A.B.; Weigelt, G.
Mid-Infrared Long-Baseline Interferometry of the Symbiotic Mira Star RX Pup with the VLTI/MIDI Instrument 291 Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Ohnaka, K.; Schertl, D.; Weigelt, G.
Statistical Properties of Galactic Carbon Stars Based on 2MASS 293 Eglitis, I.; Dzervitis, U.
Properties of the Circumstellar Envelope of the Dual Chemistry Post-AGB Star Roberts 22 295 Epitacio Pereira, D.N.; de Araujo, F.X.; Lorenz-Martins, S.; Ercolano, B.; Barlow, M.J.; Bowey, J.E.
OH26.5+0.6: Insight into an Extreme OH/IR Star 297 Etoka, S.; Diamond, P.
AGB Circumstellar Environments Probed through 21-cm Atomic Hydrogen Emission 299 Gerard, E.; Le Bertre, T.
Nova 1670 Vul 301 Hajduk, M.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Evans, A.; Kerber, F.; van Hoof, P.A.M.; Pollacco, D.L.; Eyres, S.P.S.; Kimeswenger, S.; Gesicki, K.
A Long-Term Study of Pulsational Light Variability in Post-AGB Stars 303 Hrivnak, B.J.; Lu, W.
Detection of an 0.1 pc Dust Shell of the Carbon Star U Hydrae in Optical Light 305 Izumiura, H.; Nakada, Y.; Hashimoto, O.; Mito, H.; Hayashi, T.
Near-IR/Optical Monitoring Program of the Arecibo Sample of OH/IR Stars 307 Jimenez-Esteban, F.; Engels, D.; Garcia-Lario, P.
Observations of the AGB Star IRC+10216 from Milliarcsec to Arcmin Spatial Scales 309 Leao, I.C.; de Laverny, P.; Mekarnia, D.; De Medeiros, J.R.; Vandame, B.
Some of What 1612 MHz Masers Tell Us about the dM/dt of OH/IR Stars 311 Lewis, B.M.
Spectral Variations in Fading Episodes of Carbon Stars 313 Lloyd Evans, T.
Modeling Dead OH/IR stars 315 Lorenz-Martins, S.; Ortiz, R.; Khouri, T.; de Araujo, F.X.
Modelling of Circumstellar H2O Line Emission from M-type AGB Stars 317 Maercker, M.; Schoeier, F.L.; Olofsson, H.; Bergman, P.; Justtanont, K.
VLA Observations of Hi in the Circumstellar Envelopes of AGB Stars 319 Matthews, L.D.; Reid, M.J.
Near-Infrared Speckle Imaging and AO Polarimetry of the Bipolar Proto-Planetary Nebula Frosty Leo 321 Murakawa, K.; Ohnaka, K.; Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Schertl, D.; Oya, S.; Weigelt, G.
Crystallization Experiments of Amorphous Silicates with the CI Chondritic Composition 323 Murata, K.; Takakura, T.; Chihara, H.; Koike, C.; Tsuchiyama, A.
Tracing AGB Mass Loss by (Synthetic) High-Resolution IR Spectroscopy 325 Nowotny, W.; Aringer, B.; Hoefner, S.
VLTI/MIDI Observation of the Silicate Carbon Star IRAS 08002–3803: Dusty Environment Spatially Resolved for the First Time 327 Ohnaka, K.; Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Preibisch, Th.; Schertl, D.; Weigelt, G.; Wittkowski, M.
Evolution of Planetary Nebulae in the Mid-Infrared 329 Ortiz, R.; Copetti, M.V.F.; Maciel, W.J.; Lorenz-Martins, S.
Challenging the Identification of Nitride Dust in Extreme Carbon Star Spectra 331 Pitman, K.M.; Hofmeister, A.M.; Speck, A.K.
SiO around the Carbon Star IRAS 06238+0904 333 Pulecka, M.; Schmidt, M.R.; Szczerba, R.; He, J.H.
The Physics and Chemistry of Circumstellar Envelopes of S Stars on the AGB 335 Ramstedt, S.; Schoeier, F.L.; Olofsson, H.
Magnetic Fields in Post-AGB Stars 337 Sabin, L.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Greaves, J.S.
The Circumstellar Shell of the Post-AGB Star IRAS 22272+5435 339 Schmidt, M.R.; Zacs, L.; Pulecka, M.; Szczerba, R.; Musaev, F.
Non-Equilibrium Chemistry and Dust Formation in AGB Stars as Probed by SiO Line Emission 341 Schoeier, F.L.; Olofsson, H.; Wong, T.; Fong, D.; Lindqvist, M.; Sjouwerman, L.O.
On the Mass-Loss History at the Tip of the AGB 343 Schoenberner, D.; Steffen, M.
Circumstellar Envelopes as AGB Mass-Loss Signatures 345 Villaver, E.; Garcia-Segura, G.; Manchado, A.
Mass Loss of AGB Stars: Low Metallicity Models 347 Wachter, A.; Winters, J.M.; Schroeder, K.-P.; Sedlmayr, E.
Bispectrum Speckle Interferometry and Imaging Polarimetry of the Carbon Star IRC+10216: the Dynamic Evolution of the Innermost Circumstellar Environment from 1995 to 2005 349 Weigelt, G.; Balega, Y.Y.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Men'shchikov, A.; Murakawa, K.; Schertl, D.
Part 3.
AGB Stars and Galactic Evolution
AGB Stars and the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 353 Tosi, M.
Yields from AGB Stars and their Impact on the Chemical Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies 364 Recchi, S.
AGB Stars and Starbursts 370 Gallagher, J.S. III; Smith, L.J.
Star Formation Histories As Probed By AGB Stars 375 Grebel, E.K.
Star Formation History across the Magellanic Clouds and Other Local Group Galaxies 386 Cioni, M.-R.L.
Population Synthesis Models including AGB Stars and their Ingredients 392 Marigo, P.
Stellar Populations in the Galactic Bulge 404 Vanhollebeke, E.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.; Girardi, L.
Carbon Stars in the Bulge – or Beyond It? 410 Wahlin, R.; Eriksson, K.; Gustafsson, B.; Ryde, N.; Westerlund, B.; Lambert, D.L.
Did AGB Stars Leave Their Chemical Fingerprints in Galactic Globular Clusters? 416 Charbonnel, C.
A Spitzer/IRAC Census of the Asymptotic Giant Branch Populations in the Local Group Dwarf WLM 427 Jackson, D.C.; Skillman, E.D.; Gehrz, R.D.; Polomski, E.; Woodward, Ch.E.
AGB Stars in Extragalactic Systems 433 Groenewegen, M.A.T.
AGB Stars in Early-Type Dwarf Galaxies in the Centaurus A Group 445 Rejkuba, M.
Infrared Molecular Bands of Carbon-Rich Stars in Nearby Galaxies 450 Matsuura, M.; Sloan, G.C.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Wood, P.R.; Harris, J.G; Bernard-Salas, J.; van Loon, J.Th.; Whitelock, P.A.; Menzies, J.W.
Planetary Nebulae as Probes of the Chemical Impact of AGB Stars 456 Stanghellini, L.
An Evolving Catalogue of Post-AGB and Related Objects 465 Szczerba, R.; Siodmiak, N.; Stasinska, G.; Borkowski, J.
The Singular Contribution of AGB Stars to our Understanding of Galactic Dynamics 469 Demers, S.; Battinelli, P.
C– and O–Rich Miras and Galactic Structure 479 Feast, M.
The Impact of LSST on Asymptotic Giant Branch Star Research 485 Ivezic, Z.; the LSST Collaboration
Oxygen Gradients in the Galactic Disk from Planetary Nebulae: Evidence of Radial Flows? 491 Chiosi, C.; Perinotto, M.
SRVs in the Solar Neighborhood 493 Glass, I.S.
AKARI (ASTRO-F) Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud 495 Ita, Y.; Onaka, T.; the AKARI LMC team
Using LPVs as Tracers of Stellar Populations – Using the Fuel Consumption Theorem 497 Snigula, J.M.; Goessl, C.A.; Hopp, U.
Contribution of Dust by AGB Stars during Galactic Evolution 499 Zhukovska, S.; Gail, H.-P.
Back Matter   
Volume 378 Back Matter 503 Kerschbaum, F; Charbonnel, C; Wing, R.F.
Volume 378 Photographs 999 Kerschbaum, F; Charbonnel, C; Wing, R.F.