Title: 2020 Compendium of Undergraduate Research in Astronomy and Space Science

Volume: 525 Year: 2020 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Joseph B. Jensen, Jonathan Barnes, and Beth Wardell
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series is proud to present the first annual Compendium of Undergraduate Research in Astronomy and Space Science. This volume contains papers led by undergraduate researchers that will be published
electronically as they are submitted throughout the year, and as a complete printed ASP Conference Series volume at the end of 2020.

Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter
Photometric Redshifts to Determine Galaxy Membership in MaDCoWS Clusters 1 Biggerstaff, J.; Brodwin, M.; MaDCoWS Collaboration
Automating the Measurement of Surface Brightness Fluctuations 5 Davis, J.; Jensen, J. B.
Finding High-Redshift Lyman-Break Galaxies Lensed by z∼1 Galaxy Clusters 17 Denny, K.; Brodwin, M.; MaDCoWS Collaboration
The Star Formation Rate of Massive Dusty Galaxies at Early Cosmic Times 21 Escalante, Z. E.; Jogee, S.; Sherman, S.
21cm Cosmology and the Cosmic Near Infrared Background 29 Higgins, L.; Schauer, A. T. P.; Bromm, V.
Radio Recombination Line Observations Toward the Massive Star Forming Region W51 IRS1 33 Jan, M. I.; Roshi, D. A.; Lebrón, M. E.; Pacheco, E.; Ghosh, T.; Salter, C. J.; Minchin, R.; Araya, E. D.; Arce, H. G.
Distinguishing Binary from Single L/T Transition Dwarfs Using Only Photometry 41 Wilson, M. R.; Best, W. M. J.
Comparing Surface Brightness Fluctuation Measurements Using Elliptical and Circular Masks 45 Phan, A.; Jensen, J. B.
Mid-Infrared Variability of a Nearby Brown Dwarf Binary System 51 Pena, M.; Radigan, J.