Title: 6th Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Volume: 481 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Van Grootel, V.; Green, E.; Fontaine, G.; Charpinet, S.

Tucson, Arizona, USA
May 19–24, 2013

These are the proceedings of the Sixth International Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects held at the University of Arizona, Tucson, in May 2013. The aim of these biennal workshops is to disseminate recent results on the properties, formation, and evolution of hot subdwarf stars and related objects, and to assess the impact of recent results on other areas of astrophysics.

Most hot subdwarfs belong to the B (sdB) type, and are evolved, low-mass, core He-burning stars that populate the Extreme Horizontal Branch (EHB). They have outer H-rich layers so thin that they evolve directly to the white dwarf domain aer core He exhaustion. The less numerous, hotter O (sdO) type subdwarfs make a less homogeneous family than their B counterparts. Some of them descend directly from sdB's on their way to the white dwarf stage, but others descend from the post-asymptotic branch evolutionary phase, while still others are very low mass post-red giant branch stars. Both the sdB and sdO types are found in the field and in some globular clusters.

These proceedings constitute a snapshot of the current research in the field. Topics include the formation of EHB stars, a key question in stellar evolution. Hot subdwarf stars are also an excellent tool for studying stellar evolution in close binary star systems with various companions. Many hot subdwarfs exhibit stellar pulsations, which allows asteroseismology to be used for inferring their fundamental parameters. Hot subdwarf stars and their atmospheres are also a laboratory for studying the effects of diffusion, weak stellar winds, radiative levitation, and gravitational settling.
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Front Matter 1 Van Grootel, V.; Green, E.; Fontaine, G.
Conference Photos 2 Van Grootel, V.; Green, E.; Fontaine, G.
Session I. Pulsating Subdwarfs and Asteroseismology I   
The EXOTIME Monitoring Program Discovers Substellar Companion Candidates around the Rapidly Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars V1636 Ori and DW Lyn 3 Schuh, S.; Silvotti, R.; Lutz, R.; Kim, S.-L.; EXOTIME collaboration
Planetary Companions to sdB stars 13 Silvotti, R.; Østensen, R.; Telting, J.; Lovis, C.
Observational Asteroseismology of Hot Subdwarf Stars with the Mont4K/Kuiper Combination at the Steward Observatory Mount Bigelow Station 19 Fontaine, G.; Green, E.; Charpinet, S.; Latour, M.; Randall, S.; Van Grootel, V.; Brassard, P.
The Discovery of Pulsating Hot Subdwarfs in NGC 2808 29 Brown, T.; Landsman, W.; Randall, S.; Sweigart, A.; Lanz, T.; Hubeny, I.
A Helium-Rich g-Mode Pulsator on the Blue Horizontal Branch 37 Østensen, R. H.
Precision Observational Asteroseismology Using Kepler Spacecraft Data 45 Reed, M.; Foster, H.
Session II. Atmospheric Analyses   
Spectroscopic Analysis of Hot Subdwarf Stars in the Globular Cluster NGC 6752 59 Chayer, P.; Dixon, W.
NLTE Analysis of the Hot sdO Star Bd+28°4211: The UV Spectrum 67 Latour, M.; Fontaine, G.; Chayer, P.; Brassard, P.; Green, E.
SD1000 Collaboration: Hunting down the Subdwarf Populations 75 Nemeth, P.; Østensen, R.; Vos, J.; Kawka, A.; Vennes, S.
Results from the Arizona-Montréal Spectroscopic Program: A Detailed Look at the He Abundance Pattern in Hot Subdwarfs 83 Fontaine, G.; Green, E.; Brassard, P.; Latour, M.; Chayer, P.
High S/N Spectroscopy and Radial Velocities of Field BHB Tip Stars Similar to KIC 1718290 87 Green, E.; O'Connell, C.; Fontaine, G.
Updates on the Pulsating sdB Star Feige 48 through Spectroscopy 91 Latour, M.; Fontaine, G.; Green, E.
Synthetic Spectra for O and B Type Subdwarf Stars 95 Nemeth, P.; Østensen, R.; Tremblay, P.; Hubeny, I.
Session III. Pulsating Subdwarfs and Asteroseismology II   
Precision and Accuracy of Asteroseismology Applied to sdB stars Using the Forward Modeling Method 105 Charpinet, S.; Van Grootel, V.; Brassard, P.; Fontaine, G.; Green, E.; Randall, S.
Modeling the Hot Subdwarf PB 8783 by Asteroseismology 115 Van Grootel, V.; Charpinet, S.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Green, E. M.
Shock Diagnostics in the Pulsating Proto-Subdwarf V652 Herculis 125 Jeffery, C.; Montañés-Rodríguez, P.; Shibahashi, H.; Kurtz, D.; Elkin, V.; Saio, H.
Subdwarf B Star Rotation 133 Lynas-Gray, A.
Mode Identification in Subdwarf B Stars from Multi-Wavelength Observations 139 Randall, S.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Van Grootel, V.; Charpinet, S.
Session IV. Pulsating Subdwarfs and Asteroseismology III   
Photometric Survey to Search for Field sdO Pulsators 153 Johnson, C.; Green, E.; Wallace, S.; O'Malley, C.; Amaya, H.; Biddle, L.; Fontaine, G.
Glimpses into the Secret Lives of Hot Subdwarf Stars 161 Green, E.; Johnson, C.; Wallace, S.; O'Malley, C.; Amaya, H.; Biddle, L.; Fontaine, G.
A Search for High-Degree Modes in Two Pulsating sdB Stars 169 Baran, A.; Reed, M.; Jeffery, C.; Telting, J.; Farris, L.; Shadwick, M.; Kiaeerad, F.
An Algorithm for Mode Matching in the Forward Asteroseismological Approach 175 Brassard, P.; Fontaine, G.
On Interpreting g-Mode Period Spacings in sdB Stars 179 Charpinet, S.; Brassard, P.; Van Grootel, V.; Fontaine, G.
An Analysis of Ten Quarters of Kepler Observations of the Subdwarf B Star KIC 3527751 183 Foster, H.; Reed, M.
Updates on the Asteroseismological Study of the ZZ Ceti Star R548: Determination of the Bulk Core Composition 187 Giammichele, N.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.
Session V. Modeling and Evolution of Hot Subdwarfs   
Exploring Stellar Evolution Models of sdB Stars Using MESA With Convective Overshoot 197 Schindler, J.; Green, E.; Arnett, D.
The sdB Mass - Orbital Period Relation for Long-Orbital-Period SdB+MS Binaries 205 Chen, X.; Han, Z.; Deca, J.; Podsiadlowski, P.
Tidally Enhanced Stellar Wind in Binaries as a Second Parameter for the Horizontal Branch Morphology of Globular Clusters 213 Han, Z.; Lei, Z.
Improved Diffusion Coefficients for Stellar Plasmas 221 Brassard, P.; Fontaine, G.
Hot Subdwarf Stars and the ZAHeMS 225 Brown, D.
The Mass Distribution of sdB Stars Derived by Asteroseismology and Other Means: Implications for Stellar Evolution Theory 229 Van Grootel, V.; Charpinet, S.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Green, E.
Hot Subdwarf Stars as the Donors of Type Ia Supernova Progenitors 233 Wang, B.; Han, Z.
Session VI. Hot Subdwarfs in Binaries I   
MUCHFUSS: Status and Highlights 243 Geier, S.; Kupfer, T.; Barlow, B; Schaffenroth, V.; Fürst, F.; Heuser, C.; Ziegerer, E.; Heber, U.; Marsh, T.; Maxted, P.; Østensen, R.; O'Toole, S.; Gänsicke, B.; Napiwotzki, R.
New HW Virginis Systems from the MUCHFUSS Project 253 Schaffenroth, V.; Geier, S.; Barbu-Barna, I.; Heber, U.; Kupfer, T.; Cordes, O.
X–shooting HW Vir 259 Vučković, M.; Bloemen, S.; Østensen, R.
Long Period sdB + MS Binaries with Mercator 265 Vos, J.; Østensen, R.; Van Winckel, H.
Spectroscopic Orbital Elements for Helium Rich Subdwarf Binary PG1544+488 273 Şener, H.; Jeffery, C.
Session VII. Hot Subdwarfs in Binaries II   
Low-Resolution Radial-Velocity Monitoring of Pulsating sdBs in the Kepler Field 287 Telting, J.; Østensen, R.; Reed, M.; Kiæerad, F.; Farris, L.; Baran, A.; Oreiro, R.; O'Toole, S.
Finding Compact Hot Subdwarf Binaries in the Galactic Disc 293 Kupfer, T.; Geier, S.; McLeod, A.; Groot, P.; Verbeek, K.; Schaffenroth, V.; Heber, U.; Heuser, C.; Ziegerer, E.; Østensen, R.; Nemeth, P.; Dhillon, V.; Butterley, T.; Littlefair, S.; Wilson, R.; Telting, J.; Shporer, A.; Fulton, B.
Resolved, but Unresolved: A Trio of Triple– and Quadruple–Star Hot Subdwarf Systems 301 Barlow, B.; Wade, R.; Liss, S.; Stark, M.
The Mysterious sdO X-ray Binary BD+37°442 307 Heber, U.; Geier, S.; Irrgang, A.; Schneider, D.; Barbu-Barna, I.; Mereghetti, S.; La Palombara, N.
A Radial Velocity Survey of Hot Subdwarfs with Main Sequence Companions using the Hobby–Eberly Telescope 311 Wade, R.; Barlow, B.; Liss, S.; Stark, M.
Back Matter   
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