Title: Multi-Spin Galaxies
Volume: 486 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Iodice, E.; Corsini, E. M.
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte,

Naples, Italy
30 September–3 October, 2013

This volume contains the proceedings of an international conference
organized by the INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte and the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Padua. The conference was held in Naples at the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, which is part of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF).

The main purpose of the conference was to discuss the current observational and theoretical understanding of the origin and evolution
of the angular momentum decoupling in multi-spin galaxies. This class of objects includes galaxies with extended polar rings and
disks, inner polar disks, low-inclination rings, kinematically decoupled cores, and extended counter-rotating components. The observed phenomenon of warped gaseous and stellar disks is yet
another example of misalignment between various rotating components in a galaxy.

The scientific program of the conference, which included 37 talks and 12 poster contributions, focused on the following topics: (1) the
observed properties of multi-spin galaxies at low and high redshift, including studies of the Milky Way as a multi-spin system; (2) the structure and formation of the decoupled angular momentum
components in galaxies; and (3) the kinematics and dynamics of multi-spin galaxies. is volume will provide extragalactic astronomers with an overview of the most significant results of the last decade in this field.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Book Cover Iodice, E.; Corsini, E. M.
Front Matter 1 Iodice, E.; Corsini, E. M.
Conference Photos 2 Iodice, E.; Corsini, E. M.
Session I. Morphology, Photometry, and Stellar Populations   
Warped Host and Inclined Disks 3 van der Kruit, P. C.
The Westerbork Hydrogen Accretion in Local Galaxies (HALOGAS) Survey: NGC 3198 and Its Extraplanar H I Gas 15 Gentile, G.; HALOGAS Team
Large Warps and Polar Rings in H I 19 Józsa, G. I. G.
Warps in the Local Group: The M31 and M33 Case 23 Corbelli, E.
Inner Polar Gaseous Disks: Incidence, Ages, and Possible Origin 27 Sil'chenko, O. K.; Moiseev, A. V.
The Ultraviolet View of Multi-Spin Galaxies: Insight from Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic Simulations 35 Bettoni, D.; Mazzei, P.; Marino, A.; Rampazzo, R.; Galletta, G.; Buson, L. M.
Narrow Polar Rings versus Wide Polar Ring/Diks Galaxies 39 Iodice, E.
Counter-Rotation in Disk Galaxies 51 Corsini, E. M.
Polar Structures in Late-Type Galaxies 61 Moiseev, A.
IC 5181: An S0 Galaxy with Ionized Gas on Polar Orbits 65 Pizzella, A.; Morelli, L.; Corsini, E. M.; Dalla Bontá, E.; Cesetti, M.
A Forming Polar Ring Galaxy in the Deep Field of the Fornax Cluster 69 Iodice, E.; Capaccioli, M.; Grado, A.; Limatola, L.; Napolitano, N. R.; Spavone, M.
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Polar Ring Galaxy Catalogue: New Confirmations 71 Moiseev, A.; Egorov, O.; Smirnova, K.
The Story of UGC 11919: An Unusual Spiral Galaxy Possibly Having a Warp and Peculiarly Low Mass-to-Light Ratio 73 Saburova, A. S.; Józsa, G. I. G.; Zasov, A. V.; Bizyaev, D. V.; Uklein, R. I.
The Observational Properties of Several Peculiar Multi-Spin Galaxies 77 Shalyapina, L. V.; Karataeva, G.; Merkulova, O.; Yakovleva, V.
Structural Properties of Polar Ring Galaxy Candidates 81 Smirnova, K.; Moiseev, A.
Optical and Near Infrared Photometry of the Polar Ring Galaxy A0136-0801 83 Spavone, M.; Iodice, E.
Multi-Spin Galaxies in the Distant Universe 85 Conselice, C. J.
Session II. Structure and Formation   
Alignment in Λ Cold Dark Matter: Clues to the Origin of Multi-Spin Galaxies 97 Brook, C.
Star Formation Laws in Various Types of Galaxies and the Case of Polar Ring Galaxies 101 Bournaud, F.
Kinematically Decoupled Cores in Dwarf (Elliptical) Galaxies 109 Toloba, E.; Peletier, R. F.; Guhathakurta, P.; van de Ven, G.; Boissier, S.; Boselli, A.; Brok, M. d.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; Hensler, G.; Janz, J.; Laurikainen, E.; Lisker, T.; Paudel, S.; Ryś, A.; Salo, H.
The Nature of Nuclear Stellar Disks 115 Morelli, L.; Corsini, E. M.; Pizzella, A.; Bontá, E. D.; Portaluri, E.; Cesetti, M.
The Angular Momentum of the Accreting Gas 119 Fraternali, F.
VGS31b: A Highly-Inclined Ring Along a Filament in a Void: Implication for the Cold Accretion 127 Spavone, M.; Iodice, E.
Multiple Pattern Speeds in Disc Galaxies 133 Font, J.; Querejeta, M.; Beckman, J. E.; James, P.
The Alignment of Spin Vectors of Spiral Galaxies in Filaments 137 Abdullah, A. H.; Kroupa, P.
Origin of the Stellar Disk in the Nucleus of the SB0 NGC 1023 141 Dalla Bontá, E.; Corsini, E. M.; Morelli, L.; Pastorello, N.; Pizzella, A.; Cesetti, M.; Portaluri, E.
Revealing the Light from Old Stars: Stars, Dust, and PAH Emission in S4G Infrared Array Camera 3.6 and 4.5 μm Images 143 Querejeta, M.; Meidt, S. E.; Schinnerer, E.; S4G Collaboration
Building Nuclear Stellar Discs with Star Cluster Mergers 145 Portaluri, E.; Corsini, E. M.; Morelli, L.; Hartmann, M.; Dalla Bontá, E. D.; Debattista, V. P.; Pizzella, A.
Session III. Kinematics and Dynamics   
Decoupled Gas Kinematics in Isolated Early-Type Disc Galaxies 149 Katkov, I.; Sil'chenko, O. K.; Afanasiev, V.
Dissecting Kinematics and Stellar Populations of Counter-Rotating Galaxies with 2-Dimensional Spectroscopy 153 Coccato, L.; Morelli, L.; Pizzella, A.; Corsini, E. M.; Dalla Bontá, E.; Buson, L. M.
Dissecting the Multi-Component Nature of NGC 7217 with VIRUS-W: Two Co-Rotating Stellar Components 157 Fabricius, M. H.; Coccato, L.; Bender, R.; Drory, N.; Saglia, R. P.; Williams, M.; Landriau, M.
The Shape of Mass Distribution around Galaxies 161 Arnaboldi, M.
Kinematic Transitions and Streams in Galaxy Halos 169 Romanowsky, A. J.; Arnold, J. A.; Brodie, J. P.; Foster, C.; Forbes, D. A.; Lux, H.; Martínez-Delgado, D.; Strader, J.; Zibetti, S.; SLUGGS Team
Tidal Stellar Loops and Dark Halo of UGC 7388 175 Sotnikova, N. Ya.; Shapranov, V. V.
Multi-Spin Components in the Halos of Early-Type Galaxies Revealed by Planetary Nebulae and Globular Clusters 179 Coccato, L.; Arnaboldi, M.; Gerhard, O.
Spectral Decomposition of the Stellar Kinematics in the Polar Disk Galaxy NGC 4650A 181 Coccato, L.; Iodice, E.; Arnaboldi, M.
The Planar Satellite Distributions around Andromeda, the Milky Way and Other Galaxies, and Their Implications for Fundamental Physics 183 Kroupa, P.
Preliminary Results of the Structure and Evolution of the Galaxy Survey: Probing the Structure of the Milky Way Halo 203 Marconi, M.; Musella, I.; Criscienzo, M. D.; Dall'Ora, M.; Cignoni, M.; Ripepi, V.; Grado, A.; Limatola, L.; Moretti, M. I.; Coppola, G.; Bono, G.; Brocato, E.; Raimondo, G.; Calamida, A.; VST-GTO Survey STREGA; VST-GTO Team
Polar Rings and the 3-Dimensional Shape of Dark Matter 207 Combes, F.
Dynamics of the Polar Disk Galaxy NGC 4650A 217 Napolitano, N. R.; Iodice, E.; Arnaboldi, M.
The Shape of Dark Matter Halo in the Polar Ring Galaxy NGC 4262 221 Khoperskov, S.; Moiseev, A.; Khoperskov, A.; Saburova, A. S.
Polar Ring Galaxies Favor Milgromian Dynamics over Standard Dark-Matter-Based Models 225 Lüghausen, F.; Famaey, B.; Kroupa, P.
Session IV. Public Outreach and Education   
From School to Science: Shapes and Colors of Galaxies 231 Fulco, M. T.; Iodice, E.
Back Matter   
Author Index 235 Iodice, E.; Corsini, E. M.
Back Matter 237