Title: Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Volume: 340 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Romney, Jonathan D.; Reid, Mark J.
ISBN: 1-58381-207-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-274-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
AGN Jets
Keynote Address: Beyond the Fringe 3 Blandford, R.D.
Real versus Simulated Relativistic Jets 13 Gomez, J.-L.
The MOJAVE Program: Studying the Relativistic Kinematics of AGN 20 Lister, M.L.
Relationship between High-Frequency Emission and the Radio Jet in Blazars 25 Marscher, A.P.
Multi-Frequency & Multi-Epoch VLBI Study of Cygnus A 30 Bach, U.; Kadler, M.; Krichbaum, T.P.; Middelberg, E.; Alef, W.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J.A.
3C 120 35 Walker, R.C.
Quasi-Periodic Changes in the Parsec-Scale Jet of 3C345 40 Klare, J.; Zensus, J.A.; Lobanov, A.P.; Ros, E.; Krichbaum, T.P.; Witzel, A.
High Frequency Peakers: Baby Radio Sources? 45 Tinti, S.; Dallacasa, D.; De Zotti, G.; Stanghellini, C.; Celotti, A.
Deep Extragalactic VLBI-Optical Survey (DEVOS): Preliminary Pilot Results 50 Gurvits, L.I.; Mosoni, L.; Frey, S.; Garrington, S.T.; Garrett, M.A.; Tsvetanov, Z.
Blazars (VLBA & GLAST) 55 Piner, B.G.
Radio Observations of Nearby HST BL Lacs 62 Giroletti, M.; Giovannini, G.; Taylor, G.B.; Falomo, R.
The Ultra-Fast Quasar PKS 1510-089: Direct Evidence for a Changing Orientation of the Central Engine 67 Wardle, J.F.C; Homan, D.C.; Cheung, C.C.; Roberts, D.H.
In Search of Evidence for Toroidal B Fields Associated with the Jets of AGN 72 Gabuzda, D.C.; Murray, E.
Six-Frequency HALCA and VLBA Observations of 3C454.3 77 Chen, T.; Wardle, J.F.C.; Roberts, D.H.; Cheung, C.C.; Moellenbrock, G.A.
VSOP Observations of the EGRET Blazar 1633+382 80 Cheung, C.C.; Ulvestad, J.S.; Vestrand, W.T.; Stacy J.G.
A VLBA Survey of Flat-Spectrum FIRST Sources 83 Edwards, P.G.; Ulvestad, J.S.; Fomalont, E.B.
Proper Motion in the Giant Radio Galaxy B2 1144+35 86 Giovannini, G.; Taylor, G.B.; Feretti, L.
High-Frequency Spectra of Extreme GPS and Rising-Spectrum Radio Sources 89 Guerra, E.J.; Cabanela, J.; Partridge, B.; Myers S.
Modeling Helical Structures in Relativistic Jets 92 Hardee, P.E.; Walker, R.C.
The VSOP Survey: The Angular Size/Brightness Temperature Distribution 95 Horiuchi, S.; Fomalont, E.B.; Moellenbrock, G.A.; Scott, W.A.; Taylor, A.R.; Lovell, J.E.J.; Dodson, R.; Murata, Y.; Hirabayashi, H.; Edwards, P.G.; Fujisawa K.
Extragalactic Radio Source Spectra and Structure: RATAN-600 and VLBA Observations 98 Kovalev, Y.Y.; Kovalev, Y.A.; Nizhelsky N.A.
Violently Variable Blazar 0524+034 as Seen by EVN, VLBA, and VSOP 101 Kovalev, Y.Y.; Gurvits, L.I.; Gorshkov, A.G.
Double Helix in the Kiloparsec-Scale Jet in M87 104 Lobanov, A.; Hardee, P.; Eilek, J.
MERLIN and VLBA Observations of Compact Steep-Spectrum Jets: the Attainment of High-Quality Images By Combining Independent Observations 107 Luedke, E.; Andreolla, T.
Electromagnetic Mechanism for the Origin of Knots in Parsec Scale Jets 110 Pariev, V.I.; Istomin, Y.N.; Beresnyak, A.R.
Analysis of Strong Outbursts in Selected Blazars from the Metsaehovi and UMRAO Monitoring Databases 113 Pyatunina, T.B.; Kudryavtseva, N.A.; Gabuzda, D.C.; Jorstad, S.G.; Aller, M.F.; Aller, H.D.; Teraesranta, H.
The Propagation of Jets in High-Energy Peaked BL Lacertae Objects 116 Rector, T.A.; Gabuzda, D.C.; Peterson, K.; Stocke, J.T.
Positional Coincidence between Water Masers and a Plasma Torus in NGC 1052 119 Sawada-Satoh, S.; Kameno, S.; Shibata, K.M.; Inoue, M.
The Structure of the Enigmatic AGN IRAS 01475-0740 122 Schmitt, H.R.
The VSOP 5 GHz Continuum Survey: The Initial Imaging Results 125 Scott, W.K.; Taylor, A.R.; Horiuchi, S.; Fomalont, E.B.; Lister, M.L.; Moellenbrock, G.A.; Dodson, R.G.; Edwards, P.G.; Hirabayashi, H.; Murata, Y.; Shen, Z.-Q.; Lovell, J.E.J.; Tingay, S.; Frey, S.; Mosoni, L.; Gurvits, L.; Paragi, Z.; Piner, G.; Fodor, S.; Coldwell, G.V.
Active Galaxies at Milliarcsecond Resolution in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey 128 Wrobel, J.M.; Rector, T.A.; Taylor, G.B.; Myers, S.T.; Fassnacht, C.D.
Part 2.
AGN Magnetic Fields & Thermal Plasma
Polarization of AGN Jets 133 Homan, D.C.
Approaching NGC3079 with VLB 140 Middelberg, E.; Krichbaum, T.P.; Roy, A.L.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J.A.
Free-Free Absorption towards Active Galactic Nuclei 145 Kameno, S.; Inoue, M.; Wajima, K.; Shen, Z.-Q.; Sawada-Satoh, S.
Parsec Scale Rotation Measures in AGN 150 Zavala, R.T.; Taylor, G.B.
Magnetic Field Structure in the Radio Core of BL Lac: Variable Core Rotation Measure and Detection of a Jet Boundary Layer 155 Mutel, L.R.; Denn, G.R.; Dreier, C.
VLBA Polarimetry of Lobe-Dominated Quasars from the Jodrell Bank Survey 162 Aars, C.E.; Hough, D.H.
Observations of Oblique Polarization Structures in Active Extragalactic Radio Jets 165 Aller, H.D.; Aller, M.F.; Hughes, P.A.; Homan, D.C.; Wardle, J.F.C.; Roberts, D.H.
A Helical Magnetic Field in 3C 273 168 Asada, K.; Inoue, M.; Kameno, S.; Nagai H.
Concurrent 43 and 86 GHz VLBA Polarimetry Observations of the Quasars 3C273 and 3C279 171 Attridge, J.M.; Wardle, J.F.C.; Homan, D.C.; Phillips, R.B.
Multi-Frequency VSOP and VLBA Polarization Observations of 3C 279 and 3C 345 174 Cheung, C.C.; Roberts, D.H.; Wardle, J.F.C.; Moellenbrock, G.A.; Homan, D.C.
Multi-Frequency, Multi-Epoch VLBA Polarization Observations of Mrk501 177 Croke, S.; Charlot, P.; Gabuzda, D.; Sol, H.
Parsec-Scale Circular Polarization Measurements of BL Lac Objects 180 Gabuzda, D.C.; Vitrishchak, V.M.
Polarimetric Observations of 15 AGNs at High Frequencies 183 Jorstad, S.; Marscher, A.; Stevens, J.; Robson, I.; Lister, M.; Stirling, A.; Cawthorne, T.; Smith, P.; Gomez, J.-L.; Gabuzda, D.; Gear, W.
VLBA Polarimetric Observations of Young Radio Sources 186 Mantovani, F.; Rossetti, A.; Junor, W.; Saikia, D.J.; Salter, C.J.
Where Has All the Polarization Gone? 189 Middelberg, E.; Roy, A.L.; Bach, U.; Gabuzda, D.C.; Beckert, T.
Magnetic Fields in Accretion Disks of AGN: The Case of NGC 4258 192 Modjaz, M.; Moran, J.M.; Greenhill, L.J.; Kondratko, P.T.
VLBA Polarimetry: A Faraday Screen in 3C273 195 Ojha, R.; Homan, D.C.; Wardle, J.F.C.; Roberts, D.H.; Aller, H.D.; Aler, M.F.; Hughes, P.A.
Multi-Frequency Polarization Imaging of Blazars with Cyclic Activity 198 Pyatunina, T.B.; Gabuzda, D.C.; Jorstad, S.G.; Aller, M.F.; Aller, H.D.; Teraesranta, H.
Part 3.
AGN: Masers, Accretion Disks & Starbursts
Water Masers and Accretion Disks in Galactic Nuclei 203 Greenhill, L.J.
The Atomic and Molecular Environments of AGN 210 Peck, A.B.
OH Megamasers: Discoveries, Insights, and Future Directions 216 Darling, J.
OH Megamaser Galaxies at High Angular Resolution 224 Pihlstroem, Y.M.
HI Studies of Southern Seyfert Galaxies: Challenges for Further VLBI Investigations 229 Bohrer-Adornes, R.; Luedke, E.
Sensitive VLBI Observations of the ULIRG IRAS 17208-0014 232 Momjian, E.; Troland, T.H.; Romney, J.D.; Carilli, C.L.; Taylor, G.B.
Parsec-Scale Water Maser Structure in TXS 2226-184 235 Ball, G.H.; Greenhill, L.J.; Moran, J.M.; Zaw, I.; Henkel, C.
Maser Emission from a Keplerian Annulus 238 Uscanga, L.; Canto, J.
Water-Vapor Maser Emission from the Seyfert 2/LINER NGC 3079 241 Yamauchi, A.; Nakai, N.; Sato, N.; Diamond, P.
Part 4.
Sgr A*
Imaging the Event Horizon of a Massive Black Hole: Past, Present and Future Very Long Baseline Interferometry of Sagittarius A* 247 Bower, G.C.
The Proper Motion of Sgr A* 253 Reid, M.J.; Brunthaler, A.
VLBA Observations of an Intraday Flare of Sagittarius A* 258 Miyoshi, M.; Imai, H.; Nakashima, J.; Deguchi, S.; Shen, Z.-Q.
VLBA Imaging of Sgr A* at 86 GHz 263 Shen, Z.-Q.; Lo, K.Y.; Ho, P.T.P.; Zhao, J.-H.
Part 5. Stars:
MicroQSOs, Binaries, SNe, GRBs, & Pulsars
Microquasars 269 Ribo, M.
Jet Birth in Microquasar GRS 1915+105 276 Dhawan, V.; Muno, M.; Remillard, R.
Recent Results of VLBA Imaging of X-Ray Binaries: the Newest and Oldest Microquasars 281 Mioduszewski, A.J.; Dhawan, V.; Rupen, M.P.
Imaging of Radio Supernovae 286 Bietenholz, M.
Supernova Distances with the Expanding Shock Front Method 293 Bartel, N.; Bietenholz, M.
High Resolution Radio Observations of GRB 030329 298 Taylor, G.; Frail, D.; Berger, E.; Kulkarni, S.
Resolving Pulsar Binaries 303 Arzoumanian, Z.
Astrometry of X-ray Binary GRS 1915+105 306 Dhawan, V.; Rodrigues, I.; Ribo, M.; Mirabel, I.F.
Measurement of the Proper Motion of Vela with the LBA 309 Dodson, R.; Legge, D.; McCulloch, P.; Reynolds, J.
The Post-Outburst Radio Evolution of Cygnus X-3 312 Mioduszewski, A.J.; Rupen, M.P.; Miller-Jones, J.C.A.; Blundell, K.M.
Part 6. Masers:
Star Formation & SNRs
Masers and Massive Star Formation 317 Chandler, C.J.
Probing Jet and Disk Winds toward Low-Mass Protostars 324 Claussen, M.J.; Wootten, H.A.; Brogan, C.L.; Marvel, K.B.; Furuya, R.S.
VLBA Full-Polarization Observations of Interstellar Hydroxyl Masers: Preliminary Results 329 Fish, V.L.; Reid, M.J.; Argon, A.L.; Menten, K.M.
OH (1720 MHz) Masers Associated with Supernova Remnants 334 Brogan, C.L.
The Extended Methanol Maser Emission in W51 342 Phillips, C.; van Langevelde, H.J.
VLBA+Y27 Images of the Formaldehyde Masers in NGC 7538 and G29.96-0.02 347 Hoffman, I.M.; Goss, W.M.; Palmer, P.
3mm & 7mm VLBA Observations of SiO Masers: Probing the Close Stellar Environment of the Bipolar Proto Planetary Nebulae OH231.8+4.2 352 Desmurs, J.-F.; Contreras, C.S.; Bujarrabal, V.; Alcolea, J.; Colomer, F.
High Resolution Observations of 6.7-GHz Methanol Masers with the LBA 355 Dodson, R.; Ojha, R.; Ellingsen, S.
Kinematics, Physical Condition, and Magnetic Field of the W3 IRS 5 Region Traced by Water Masers 358 Imai, H.; Kameya, O.; Miyoshi, M.; Sasao, T.; Deguchi, S.; Horiuchi, S.; Asaki, Y.
The VLBA Survey of OH Masers towards SFR: Preliminary Results 361 Migenes, V.; Cruz-Vazquez, L.; Slysh, V.I.; Val'tts, I.E.; Horiuchi, S.; Inoue, M.
VLBA Magnetic Field Observations in Star Forming Regions 364 Sarma, A.P.; Troland, T.H.; Romney, J.D.
VLBA and EVN Imaging of GL2789 367 Val'tts, I.E.; Slysh, V.I.; Voronkov, M.A.; Migenes, V.
Part VII
Masers: Red Giant Stars
VLBI Studies of Circumstellar Masers 373 Boboltz, D.A.
IR and SiO Maser Observations of Miras 380 Cotton, W.D.; Mennesson, B.; Diamond, P.J.; Perrin, G.; Coude du Foresto, V.; Chagnon, G.; van Langevelde, H.J.; Ridgway, S.; Waters, R.; Vlemmings, W.; Morel, S.; Traub, W.; Carleton, N.; Lacasse, M.
Multi-Transition VLBA Observations of Circumstellar SiO Masers 384 Soria-Ruiz, R.; Colomer, F.; Alcolea, J.; Desmurs, J.-F.; Bujarrabal, V.; Marvel, K.M.; Diamond, P.J.; Boboltz, D.
Joint VLTI/VLBA Observations of Mira Stars 389 Wittkowski, M.; Boboltz, D.A.
Circular Polarization of Circumstellar H2O Masers: Magnetic Fields of AGB Stars 394 Vlemmings, W.; Diamond, P.; van Langevelde, H.J.
A Birth and Growth of a Collimated Molecular Jet from an AGB Star 399 Imai, H.; Diamond, P.J.
Targets for Future Southern mm-VLBI Experiments from the Mopra SiO Line Survey 404 Cassol, N.C.; Luedke, E.
The 3-D Kinematics of Water Masers around the Semiregular Variable R Virginis 407 Imai, H.; Marvel, K.B.; Shibata, K.M.; Sasao, T.; Miyoshi, M.; Inoue, M.; Diamond, P.J.; Migenes, V.; Murata, Y.
Astrometry of the OH Masers of 4 Mira Stars 410 Vlemmings, W.; van Langevelde, H.J.; Diamond, P.
VLBI Observations of Water Masers near Herbig Ae/Be Stars 413 Marvel, K.B.; Mannings, V.
Part 8.
Propagation Effects: IDVs, Scintillation & Lensing
Interstellar Scattering 419 Lazio, T.J.W.
Intraday Variability at Radio Wavelengths - Recent Developments and Prospects for the Future 426 Kedziora-Chudczer, L.
Gravitational Lenses and VLBI 433 Biggs, A.
Probing the Solar Corona Using the VLBA 440 Kortenkamp, P.S.; Spangler, S.R.; Mutel, R.L.
Kinematic Study of the Blazar 0716+714 446 Bach, U.; Krichbaum, T.P.; Ros, E.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J.A.; Britzen, S.
VLBA Snap-Shot Imaging of Scintillating Sources 449 Ojha, R.; Lovell, J.E.; Jauncey, D.L.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Bignall, H.E.; Reynolds, J.E.; Tzioumis, A.K.; Macquart, J.-P.; Fey, A.L.; Johnston, K.J.
Part 9.
Astrometry & Geodesy
Atmosphere-Corrected Phase-Referencing 455 Brunthaler, A.; Reid, M.J.; Falcke, H.
Phase Referencing Using More Than One Calibrator 460 Fomalont, E.B.
Recent Progress on a New Distance to NGC 4258 466 Humphreys, E.M.L.; Argon, A.L.; Greenhill, L.J.; Moran, J.M.; Reid, M.J.
Annual Parallax Measurements of Mira-Type Variables with Phase-Referencing VLBA Observation 471 Kurayama, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Sasao, T.
Quasar Apparent Proper Motion Observed by Geodetic VLBI Networks 477 MacMillan, D.S.
High Precision Differential Astrometry 482 Ros, E.
Pulsar Astrometry with the VLBA 489 Brisken, W.
Using the VLBA For Geodesy and Astrometry 496 Gordon, D.
Contribution of the VLBA Network to Geodynamics 501 Petrov, L.
VLBI Imaging and Astrometry of the Gravity Probe B Guide Star HR 8703 506 Ransom, R.R.; Bartel, N.; Bietenholz, M.F.; Ratner, M.I.; Lebach, D.E.; Shapiro, I.I.; Lestrade, J.-F.
Phase-Referenced VLBI Astrometry of Compact Symmetric Objects 511 Charlot, P.; Pradel, N.; Lestrade, J.-F.
Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies: First Imaging Results 514 Fey, A.L.; Boboltz, D.A.; Charlot, P.; Fomalont, E.B.; Lanyi, G.E.; Zhang, L.D.
Processing VLBA Geodetic/Astrometric Data 517 Gordon, D.
Towards an Understanding of the Dynamics of the Milky Way 520 Hachisuka, K.; Mochizuki, N.; Asaki, Y.; Miyoshi, M.; Horiuchi, S.
Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies: Astrometry at 24 and 42 GHz 523 Jacobs, C.S.; Lanyi, G.E.; Naudet, C.J.; Sovers, O.J.; Zhang, L.D.; Charlot, P.; Gordon, D.; Ma, C.
VLBI Imaging of the Extragalactic Reference Sources for the Guide Star of the Gravity Probe B Mission 526 Lederman, J.I.; Ransom, R.R.; Bietenholz, M.F.; Bartel, N.; Ratner, M.I.; Lebach, D.E.; Shapiro, I.I.; Lestrade, J.-F.
Measurement of the Structure Function of Atmospheric Phase Fluctuations from VLBI Data 529 Lestrade, J.-F.
Toward the Determination of Outer Galactic Rotation Curve — Source Selection for Phase-referencing VLBI 532 Mochizuki, N.; Asaki, Y.; Hachisuka, K.
VLBA Calibrator Survey: Astrometric and Image Results 535 Petrov, L.; Gordon, D.; Beasley, A.; Fomalont, E.
Simulation of Systematic Errors in Phase-Referenced VLBI Astrometry 538 Pradel, N.; Charlot, P.; Lestrade, J.-F.
Orbital Motion of the Radio Core in the Radio Galaxy 3C 66B 541 Sudou, H.; Iguchi, S.; Murata, Y.; Taniguchi, Y.
LOFAR - the Low Frequency Array 547 Lonsdale, C.J.
VLBI with the Square Kilometer Array 554 Carilli, C.L.
VSOP Mission Results and Space VLBI Mission Studies 561 Hirabayashi, H.
ARTI — A Radio Telescope for Ireland 566 Gabuzda, D.; Golden, A.
Dual-Beam Phase Referencing with VERA 569 Honma, M.; Bushimata, T.; Fujii, T.; Hirota, T.; Horiai, K.; Ishitsuka, H.; Iwadate, K.; Jike, T.; Kameya, O.; Kamohara, R.; Kan-ya, Y.; Kawaguchi, N.; Kobayashi, H.; Kuji, S.; Kurayama, T.; Manabe, S.; Miyaji, T.; Nakagawa, A.; Nakashima, K.; Omodaka, T.; Oyama, T.; Rioja, M.; Sakai, S.; Sakakibara, S.; Sato, K.; Sasao, T.; Shibata, K.M.; Shimizu, R.; Suda, H.; Tamura, Y.
Potential Improvements to VLBA UV-Coverages by the Addition of a 32-m Peruvian Antenna 572 Horiuchi, S.; Murphy, D.W.; Ishitsuka, J.K.; Ishitsuka, M.
iARISE: A Next-Generation Two-Spacecraft Space VLBI Mission Concept 575 Murphy, D.; Preston, R.; Fomalont, E.; Romney, J.; Ulvestad, J.; Greenhill, L.; Reid, M.
Part 11.
New VLBI Technologies & Techniques
New Technologies for Future VLBI Correlators 581 Carlson, B.
Disk-Based VLBI Recording 588 Whitney, A.
e-MERLIN and e-VLBI 595 Garrington, S.
21st Century VLBI: Deep Wide-Field Surveys 600 Garrett, M.A.; Wrobel, J.M.; Morganti, R.
Extending VLBI to 2mm and 1mm Wavelengths 605 Doeleman, S.S.; Phillips, R.B.; Rogers, A.E.E.; Attridge, J.M.; Titus, M.A.; Smythe, D.L.; Cappallo, R.J.; Buretta, T.A.; Whitney, A.R.; Krichbaum, T.; Graham, D.A.; Alef, W.; Polatidis, A.; Bach, U.; Kraus, A.; Witzel, A.; Wilson, T.; Zensus, J.A.; Greve, A.; Grewing, M.; Freund, R.; Ziurys, L.; Fagg, H.; Strittmatter, P.
Multi-Frequency Imaging for VLBI 608 Likhachev, S.
The European VLBI Network: Operations, Reliability and Performance 611 Paragi, Z.; Reynolds, C.; Biggs, A.D.; Imai, H.; Garrett, M.A.
NRAO's VLBA Data Calibration Pipeline 613 Sjouwerman, L.O.; Mioduszewski, A.J.; Greisen, E.W.
The Future Development of Ground-based Optical/IR Interferometry 619 Haniff, C.
High-Resolution with Large Ground-Based Optical/IR Telescopes 626 Wittkowski, M.; Glindemann, A.; Paresce, F.
X-ray Interferometry 633 Cash, W.
An X-ray Interferometer at NASA Goddard 639 Arzoumanian, Z.; Gendreau, K.C.; Queen, S.Z.