Title: The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Volume: 454 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Takashi Sekii
These are proceedings from Hinode-3, the third Hinode
Science Meeting, which was organized in December 2009
at Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall, Tokyo.
e conference brought together scientists from around
the world to discuss scientific results from Hinode, a
highly successful solar observing satellite developed,
launched, and operated by an international collaboration.
Although the main focus was on the results obtained from
instruments aboard Hinode, it was in a broader context of
solar physics in general that these results were presented
and discussed. e 97 papers contained in the volume
cover such topics as: solar interior and dynamo, physics of
quiet-sun photosphere, chromosphere phenomena,
transition region and corona, sunspots and active regions,
physics of ares and CMEs, and solar wind.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Sekii, T.
Conference Photo 1 Sekii, T.
Session I. Solar Interior and Dynamo   
Understanding the Solar Inner Magnetism and Dynamics 3 Brun, A. S.; Strugarek, A.
Effects of Granulation upon Larger-Scale Convection 13 Hurlburt, N. E.; DeRosa, M. L.; Augustson, K. C.; Toomre, J.
Local-Helioseismology Study of Supergranulation in the Polar Region 19 Nagashima, K.; Zhao, J.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Sekii, T.
Flux–Transport Dynamo with Strong Surface Diffusivity 23 Hotta, H.; Yokoyama, T.
Helioseismic Investigation of Sub-Photospheric Properties of a Coronal Hole 27 Zharkov, S.; Harra, L. K.; Sekii, T.
Session II. Quiet-Sun Photosphere—Nonmagnetic and Magnetic Aspects   
Angular Distribution of Quiet-Sun Magnetic Fields 33 Stenflo, J. O.
Center-to-Limb Variation of the Magnetic Field Vector Distribution in the Internetwork 37 Orozco Suárez, D.
Granular-Scale Magnetic Flux Cancellations in the Photosphere 41 Kubo, M.; Low, B. C.; Lites, B. W.
Statistical Analysis of Doppler Velocity Field and Magnetic Structure around Cancellations in the Quiet Sun 43 Iida, Y.; Yokoyama, T.; Ichimoto, K.
The Power Spectrum of the Solar Surface Flows from Hinode Data and First Observations with MOF/CALAS Pic-du-Midi 47 Roudier, T.; Rieutord, M.; Rincon, F.; Malherbe, J.-M.; Brito, D.; Berger, T.; Frank, Z.; Parés, L.; Bourrec, E.; Beigbeder, F.
Observations of Vortex Motion in the Solar Photosphere Using Hinode-SP Data 51 Palacios, J.; Balmaceda, L. A.; Vargas Domínguez, S.; Cabello, I.; Domingo, V.
Dependence of Velocity Distributions of Small-Scale Magnetic Fields Derived from Hinode/SOT G-band Filtergrams on the Temporal Resolution of the Used Data Sets 55 Utz, D.; Hanslmeier, A.; Muller, R.; Veronig, A.; Rybák, J.; Muthsam, H.
Rates of Magnetic Flux Cancellation Measured with Hinode/SOT 59 Park, S.; Chae, J.; Litvinenko, Y. E.
Small Scale Quiet Sun Magnetic Features 63 Mathew, S. K.; Bayanna, A. R.; Louis, R. E.
Structure of Small Magnetic Elements in the Solar Atmosphere 69 Domingo, V.; Palacios, J.; Balmaceda, L. A.; Vargas Domínguez, S.; Cabello, I.
Realistic Magnetohydrodynamical Simulation of Solar Local Supergranulation 73 Ustyugov, S. D.
Session III. Chromosphere and Spicules, Prominences   
Quiescent Prominence Dynamics: An Update on Hinode/SOT Discoveries 79 Berger, T.
Solar Spicules near and at the Limb, Observed from Hinode 87 Sterling, A. C.; Moore, R. L.
Spicule Dynamics over Plage Region 91 Anan, T.; Kitai, R.; Hillier, A.; Kawate, T.; Ichimoto, K.; Shibata, K.
Chromospheric Anemone Jets Observed with Hinode/SOT and Hida Ca II Spectroheliograph 95 Morita, S.; Shibata, K.; Ueno, S.; Ichimoto, K.; Kitai, R.; Otsuji, K.
Observation of Reconnection Features in the Chromosphere through a Chromospheric Jet Observed by SOT/Hinode 99 Singh, K. A. P.; Isobe, H.; Shibata, K.
The Event Detection and the Apparent Velocity Estimation Based on Computer Vision 103 Shimojo, M.
Velocity Vector, Ionization Degree, and Temperature of Prominence Fine Structures Observed by Hinode/SOT 107 Schmieder, B.; Mein, P.; Chandra, R.; Molodij, G.; Heinzel, P.; Berlicki, A.; Schwartz, P.; Fárník, F.; Labrosse, N.; Anzer, U.; Watanabe, T.
Asymmetric Structure of Quiescent Filament Channels Observed by Hinode/XRT and STEREO/EUVI 113 Su, Y.; van Ballegooijen, A.; Golub, L.
Mass of Solar Prominences Estimated from Multi-Wavelength Data 117 Schwartz, P.; Fárník, F.; Heinzel, P.; Kotrč, P.; Anzer, U.
A Particular Filament in the Active Region 05, AxX 121 Constantin, D. R.; Popescu, A. S.
Prominence Oscillations Seen by Hinode/SOT on 2008 January 15 125 Zongjun, N.
Two-Fluid Simulations of Chromospheric Heating by Alfvén Wave Pulses and Slow Magnetosonic Wave Pulses 129 Sakai, J. I.; Smith, P. D.; Futagami, Y.
Two Types of Spicules “Observed” in 3D Realistic Models 133 Martínez-Sykora, J.
Simulations of Buoyant Plumes in Solar Prominences 137 Hurlburt, N.; Berger, T.
Plasma Instabilities in Quiescent Prominences 143 Ryutova, M.; Berger, T.; Frank, Z.; Title, A.; Tarbell, T.
Session IV. Transition Region and Corona   
Cooler and Hotter X-ray Bright Points from Hinode/XRT Observations 149 Kariyappa, R.; DeLuca, E. E.; Saar, S. H.; Golub, L.; Damé, L.; Varghese, B. A.
Statistical Study of X-ray Jets in the Polar Region 153 Sako, N.; Shimojo, M.; Kitabayashi, T.
Propagating Slow Magnetoacoustic Waves along the Continuous Outflows Observed with EIS/Hinode 157 Nishizuka, N.; Matsumoto, T.; Morita, S.; Hara, H.; Shibata, K.
First Stereoscopic Determinations of Heights and Their Variations of EUV Bright Points Using SECCHI EUVI aboard STEREO 163 Kwon, R.-Y.; Chae, J.
Fe XVII and the κ-Distributions: Diagnostics with Hinode EIS 167 Dzifčáková, E.; Zanna, G. D.
Implications for Coronal Heating from Coronal Rain 171 Antolin, P.; Shibata, K.; Carlsson, M.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; Vissers, G.; Hansteen, V.
Session V. Sunspots and Active Regions   
Magnetic Properties and Behaviors of a Sunspot Light Bridge in Terms of Magnetic Reconnection 177 Shimizu, T.
Signatures of Moving Magnetic Features in and above the Photosphere 181 Hagenaar, H.; Shine, R.; Ryutova, M.; Sainz Dalda, A.
The Formation of a Magnetic Channel by Emergence of Current-Carrying Magnetic Fields 185 Lim, E.-K.; Chae, J.; Jing, J.; Wang, H.; Wiegelmann, T.
Constraints on the Heating Time Scale in Active Regions 189 Brooks, D. H.; Warren, H. P.
Emerging Flux Simulations 193 Stein, R. F.; Lagerfjärd, A.; Nordlund, Å; Georgobiani, D.
Properties of 16 Sunspots Observed with Hinode Solar Optical Telescope 197 Choudhary, D. P.; Toshifumi, S.; MacDonald, G. A.
Stokes Profiles at the Narrow Magnetic Lanes of Sunspots 201 MacDonald, G. A.; Yassin, K. A.; Choudhary, D. P.
Observations of Supersonic Downflows in a Sunspot Light Bridge as Revealed by Hinode 205 Louis, R. E.; Bellot Rubio, L. R.; Mathew, S. K.; Venkatakrishnan, P.
Sunspot Light-Bridges – A Bridge Between the Photosphere and the Corona? 209 Matthews, S.; Baker, D.; Vargas Domínguez, S.
Persistent Circulating Motion in a Sunspot Umbra 213 Katsukawa, Y.; Kitai, R.; Watanabe, H.
Velocities in Magnetoconvective Structures inside Sunspot Umbrae 217 Ortiz, A.; Bellot Rubio, L. R.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.
Bipolar Magnetic Structures in Sunspot Penumbrae 221 Sainz Dalda, A.; Bellot Rubio, L. R.
Fine Features of Magnetic Field and Electric Current in Solar Active Regions 225 Zhang, H.
Diagnosis of Flow and Magnetic Fields Using Simultaneous Spectro-Polarimetry of Photospheric Fe I and Chromospheric Mg I lines 229 Deng, N.; Choudhary, D. P.; Balasubramaniam, K. S.
Flows in a Small Active Region as Seen by Hinode and SoHO 233 Boutry, C.; Buchlin, É.; Vial, J.
Non-Thermal Line Width Enhancements between Loops: Investigating Off-Limb Effects 237 Williams, D. R.; Brooks, D. H.
Spatial and Thermal Study of an Isolated Loop with XRT and EIS 241 Saar, S. H.; Schmelz, J. T.; Kashyap, V. L.
Soft X-Ray Loops Connecting Newly Emerging Magnetic Bipoles 245 Yoshimura, K.
Survey of Accelerated Particles in a Solar Active Region Using Hinode/XRT and Ground-Based Type-I Radio Burst Observations 249 Iwai, K.; Misawa, H.; Tsuchiya, F.; Morioka, A.; Masuda, S.; Miyoshi, Y.
Fine-scale Magnetic Structures and Flows in Sunspot Simulations 253 Kitiashvili, I. N.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Wray, A. A.; Mansour, N. N.
Numerical Experiments on the Two-Step Emergence of Solar Magnetic Fields from the Convective Layer 259 Toriumi, S.; Yokoyama, T.
Session VI. Flares and Magnetic Helicity   
Toward a Better Standard Model for Solar Flares 265 Chen, P. F.
Coherent Lateral Motion of Penumbral Filaments during the X-class Flare of 13 December 2006 273 Gosain, S.; Venkatakrishnan, P.; Tiwari, S. K.
The Seismic Response of the 14 December 2006 Flare 277 Matthews, S.; Zharkov, S.; Zharkova, V.
Does Magnetic Helicity Affect Active Region Evolution and Energetics? 281 Wallace, A. J.; Green, L. M.; Mandrini, C. H.; Démoulin, P.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Matthews, S. A.
Radio Diagnostics of Plasmoids in a Flare Current Sheet 287 Karlický, M.; Bárta, M.
Plasma Diagnostics and Magnetic Complexity of a Post-Flare Active Region with Hinode/XRT: Spatial and Temporal Evolution 291 Parenti, S.; Reale, F.; Reeves, K. K.
Shrinking Loops Observations for the 2008 April 9 Flare 295 Savage, S. L.; McKenzie, D. E.; Reeves, K. K.; Forbes, T. G.
Micro-Sigmoids as Progenitors of Polar Coronal Jets 299 Raouafi, N.-E.; Bernasconi, P. N.; Rust, D. M.; Georgoulis, M. K.
Flare Onset Observed with Hinode in the 2006 December 13 Flare 303 Asai, A.; Hara, H.; Watanabe, T.; Imada, S.
Photospheric Magnetic Motions and a Flare Trigger Mechanism on AR 10930 307 Yamamoto, T. T.; Kusano, K.
Variations of Current Helicity in Active Region 10930 as Inferred from Hinode Spectropolarimeter Data and Cancellation Exponent 311 Yurchyshyn, V.; Abramenko, V.; Watanabe, H.
The Flare on December 13, 2006 and the Standard Solar Flare Model 315 Shibasaki, K.
Constraints for Electron Acceleration Models in Solar Flares from Microwave Observations with High Spatial Resolution 321 Melnikov, V. F.; Pyatakov, N. P.; Shibasaki, K.
Microwave Diagnostics of the Acceleration Site Position and Pitch-Angle Anisotropy of Energetic Electrons in the Flare 24 Aug 2002 325 Reznikova, V. E.; Melnikov, V. F.; Shibasaki, K.
Diagnostics of Non-Thermal Distribution from RESIK and RHESSI Flare Spectra 329 Kulinová, A.; Kašparová, J.; Dzifčáková, E.; Sylwester, J.; Sylwester, B.
Inferring Nonthermal Particle Characteristics from Thermal Emission Signatures 333 Kobelski, A. R.; McKenzie, D. E.; Winter, H. D.
On Detection of Balmer-Series Lines Response to Accelerated Particles in Solar Flares 337 Kotrč, P.; Kashapova, L. K.; Kupryakov, Y. A.
Formation of Balmer Lines in Impulsively Heated Flare Atmosphere by Neutral Beams 341 Varady, M.; Kašparová, J.; Moravec, Z.; Karlický, M.; Heinzel, P.
On Twist Estimation in Active Regions 345 Dumitrache, C.; Dumitru, L.; Banciu, V.
Electrons Re-Acceleration at the Footpoints of Solar Flares 349 Turkmani, R.; Brown, J.
Session VII. 3D Structure of the Outer Atmosphere   
3D Structure of the Outer Atmosphere: Combining Models and Observations 355 Régnier, S.
Reconstruction of 3D Coronal Magnetic Structures from THEMIS/MTR and Hinode/SOT Vector Maps 363 Schmieder, B.; Guo, Y.; Aulanier, G.; Démoulin, P.; Török, T.; Bommier, V.; Wiegelmann, T.; Gosain, S.
Science Highlights from the First Three Years of CME Observations from STEREO/SECCHI 367 Vourlidas, A.
Fine Structure in Three Dimensional Magnetic Field in Polar Region 375 Shiota, D.; Tsuneta, S.; Ito, H.; Kusano, K.; Nishikawa, N.; Suzuki, T. K.
Session VIII. CME Source Regions and Interplanetary CMEs   
Models of Coronal Mass Ejections 381 Magara, T.
Hinode Observations of an Eruption from a Sigmoidal Active Region 391 Green, L. M.; Wallace, A. J.; Kliem, B.
Secretive Solar Waves Stimulate X-ray Bright Points 395 Saar, S. H.; Attrill, G. D.
Coronal Mass Ejection as a Result of Magnetic Helicity Accumulation 399 Zhang, M.
Investigating the Driving Mechanisms of Coronal Mass Ejections 403 Lin, C.; Gallagher, P. T.; Raftery, C. L.
An CME-ICME Couple Analysis 407 Dumitrache, C.; Popescu, N.
Session IX. SolarWind and the Interplanetary Space   
Global Observations of Evolving 3D Solar Wind Structure 413 Tokumaru, M.; Fujiki, K.; Itoh, H.; Iju, T.; Kojima, M.
The Slow Solar Wind: From Formation on the Sun to the Earth 421 Harra, L. K.; Fazakerley, A. N.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.
Identifying the Main Driver of Active Region Outflows 425 Baker, D.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Mandrini, C. H.; Démoulin, P.; Murray, M. J.
Session X. Possible Anomaly of the Current Solar Cycle   
Low Solar Activity around Minimum of Cycle 23 and Expected Amplitude of Cycle 24 433 Watari, S.
Session XI. 60 years of Norikura Solar Obsevatory, NAOJ   
Sixty Years of Norikura Solar Observatory 439 Sakurai, T.
Session XII. Outlook for the Future   
The SOLAR-C Mission: Plan B Payload Concept 449 Shimizu, T.; Sakao, T.; Katsukawa, Y.; Group, J. S. W.
Experimental Flat-Field for Correction of XRT Contamination Spots 453 McKenzie, D. E.; Fox, J. L.; Kankelborg, C.
Education and Public Outreach Activities with Hinode Satellite Data 457 Yaji, K.; Tokimasa, N.; Shimojo, M.; Tonooka, H.; Nakamichi, A.; Suzuki, D.
The Recent Development of the 1-meter Yunnan Solar Telescope System at the FuXian Lake 463 Liu, Y.; Xu, Z.; YNST Team
Author Index 467 Sekii, T.
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