Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX

Volume: 434 Year: 2010 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Yoshihiko Mizumoto, Koh-Ichiro Morita, and Masatoshi Ohishi
This volume of the ASP Conference Series contains papers that were presented at the 19th Annual Conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS XIX or ADASS2009), which was held in Sapporo, Japan, at the Renaissance Sapporo Hotel during 4-8 October 2009. The conference was hosted by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and was the first ADASS conference held in Asia.

The Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems conference has been held every year since 1991. The conference provides a forum for scientists and programmers interested in algorithms, software, and software systems for astronomy. The program consists of invited talks, contributed oral and poster papers, and special interest group meetings (called BOFs)

The main themes for the conference included Large Systems, Archive Architectures, Time Domain Astronomy, Visual Applications, and the Virtual Observatory. These topics were discussed in 44 oral presentations, 89 posters, six floor demonstrations, two focus demonstrations, as well as the two BOFs.

This volume includes an overview of the challenges related to multi-wavelength data in actual astronomical projects. It will be of interest not only to scientists and software developers in astronomy, but also to those in other fields of science that have complex systems and huge amounts of data.
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Front Matter   
Volume Cover
Front Matter 1 Mizumoto Y.; Morita K.-I.; Ohishi M.
Conference Photos 1 Mizumoto Y.; Morita K.-I.; Ohishi M.
Special Article   
The State of ADASS 2 Rots, A. H.
Part 1. Orals Invited   
ESA New Generation Science Archives: SOHO and EXOSAT 3 Osuna, P.; Arviset, C.; Baines, D.; Barbarisi, I.; Castellanos, J.; Cheek, N.; Costa, H.; Fajersztejn, N.; Fernandez, M.; Gonzalez, J.; Laruelo, A.; Leon, I.; Ortiz, I.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.; Tapiador, D.
Spitzer Heritage Archive 14 Wu, X.; Roby, T.; Ly, L.
Archive Web Sites Using AJAX and GWT 21 Roby, T.
An Overview of the Palomar Transient Factory Pipeline and Archive at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center 28 Grillmair, C. J.; Laher, R.; Surace, J.; Mattingly, S.; Hacopians, E.; Jackson, E.; van Eyken, J.; McCollum, B.; Groom, S.; Mi, W.; Teplitz, H.
AD Conversion Revisited in the Frequency Domain 37 Chikada, Y.
A Case Study in Web 2.0 Application Development 47 Marganian, P.; Clark, M.; Shelton, A.; McCarty, M.; Sessoms, E.
Data Visualization and Statistics in the VO Environment 55 Kembhavi, A.
The Virtual Observatory: Retrospective and Prospectus 65 Hanisch, R. J.
Lessons Learned during the Development and Operation of Virtual Observatory 73 Ohishi, M.; Shirasaki, Y.; Komiya, Y.; Mizumoto, Y.; Yasuda, N.; Tanaka, M.
Part 2. Orals General   
Current Status of Single-Dish Data Analysis Software for ALMA 83 Nakazato, T.; Sugimoto, K.; Kawasaki, W.; Kosugi, G.; Tsutsumi, T.
SIMPLE Imaging and Mosaicking PipeLinE 87 Wang, W.-H.
Pipeline Processing for VISTA 91 Lewis, J. R.; Irwin, M.; Bunclark, P.
Flexible Operations Planning Repository for Space Science Missions 95 Vallejo, J. C.; Vazquez, R.; Tejo, J.; Chaizy, P.; Hutchinson, G.; Dimbylow, T.; Frew, D.
Design of Astrometric Mission (JASMINE) by Applying Model Driven System Engineering 99 Yamada, Y.; Miyashita, H.; Nakamura, H.; Suenaga, K.; Kamiyoshi, S.; Tsuiki, A.
The Science and Operations Center for the James Webb Space Telescope 103 Pollizzi, J.; Greene, G.; Krueger, A.
When Time Is of the Essence 107 Rots, A. H.
Transient Response Astronomy: How and Why 112 Seaman, R.; Williams, R.
Mixing Bayesian Techniques for Effective Real-time Classification of Astronomical Transients 115 Mahabal, A.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Donalek, C.; Drake, A.; Graham, M.; Williams, R.; Moghaddam, B.; Turmon, M.
The NASA Exoplanet Science Institute Archives: KOA and NStED 119 Berriman, G. B.; Ciardi, D.; Abajian, M.; Barlow, T.; Bryden, G.; von Braun, K.; Good, J.; Kane, S.; Kong, M.; Laity, A.; Lynn, M.; Elroy, D. M.; Plavchan, P.; Ramirez, S.; Schmitz, M.; Stauffer, J.; Wyatt, P.; Zhang, A.; Goodrich, R.; Mader, J.; Tran, H.; Tsubota, M.; Beekley, A.; Berukoff, S.; Chan, B.; Lau, C.; Regelson, M.; Saucedo, M.; Swain, M.
US VAO Facility for Rapid Transients 123 Williams, R. D.; Donalek, C.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Drake, A. J.; Graham, M. J.; Mahabal, A.; Seaman, R.
Real-time X-ray Transient Monitor and Alert System of MAXI on the ISS 127 Negoro, H.; Miyoshi, S.; Ozawa, H.; Ishiwata, R.; Suzuki, M.; Ueno, S.; Tomida, H.; Matsuoka, M.; Kohama, M.; Mihara, T.; Sugizaki, M.; Kawai, N.; Morii, M.; Yoshida, A.; Eguchi, S.
BAM/DASS: Data Analysis Software for Sub-Microarcsecond Astrometry Device 131 Gardiol, D.; Bonino, D.; Lattanzi, M. G.; Riva, A.; Russo, F.
Java and High Performance Computing Experiences from Gaia Data Processing 135 O’Mullane, W.; Lammers, U.; Hernandez, J.; Hoar, J.; Parsons, P.; Luri, X.
The Herschel Data Processing System — HIPE and Pipelines — Up and Running Since the Start of the Mission 139 Ott, S.
Critical Design Decisions of The Planck LFI Level 1 Software 143 Morisset, N.; Rohlfs, R.; Türler, M.; Meharga, M.; Binko, P.; Beck, M.; Frailis, M.; Zacchei, A.
Photometric Determination of Quasar Candidates 147 Abraham, S.; Philip, N. S.
Centroiding Experiment for Determining the Positions of Stars with High Precision 151 Yano, T.; Araki, H.; Hanada, H.; Tazawa, S.; Gouda, N.; Kobayashi, Y.; Yamada, Y.; Niwa, Y.
Using Multipartite Graphs for Recommendation and Discovery 155 Kurtz, M. J.; Accomazzi, A.; Henneken, E.; Di Milia, G.; Grant, C. S.
‘SAMP’ling Your Browser for the Semantic Web 159 Derriere, S.; Boch, T.
Another Way to Explore the Sky: HEALPix Usage in Aladin Full Sky Mode 163 Fernique, P.; Oberto, A.; Boch, T.; Bonnarel, F.
Visualization-Directed Interactive Model-Fitting to Spectral Data Cubes 167 Fluke, C. J.; English, J.; Barnes, D. G.
Cognitive Imaging in Visual Data-Driven Decision-Support Systems 171 Gorohov, V.; Vitkovskiy, V.
A VO-Driven Astronomical Data Grid in China 175 Cui, C.; He, B.; Yang, Y.; Zhao, Y.
Transparent Scientific Usage as the Key to Success of the Virtual Observatory 179 Chilingarian, I.; Zolotukhin, I.
Theoretical VO Services at VO-Paris Data Centre 183 Petit, F. L.; Bourges, L.; Roy, F.; Alimi, J.; Rasera, Y.; Ooghe, B.; Moreau, N.; Hennebelle, P.; Normand, J.; Savalle, R.
Status of GDL - GNU Data Language 187 Coulais, A.; Schellens, M.; Gales, J.; Arabas, S.; Boquien, M.; Chanial, P.; Messmer, P.; Fillmore, D.; Poplawski, O.; Maret, S.; Marchal, G.; Galmiche, N.; Mermet, T.
Part 3. Posters   
The LOFAR Pulsar Data Pipeline 193 Alexov, A.; Hessels, J.; Mol, J. D.; Stappers, B.; van Leeuwen, J.
The Construction of the Large Quasar Astrometric Catalogue (LQAC) 197 Barache, C.; Bouquillon, S.; Souchay, J.; Andrei, A. H.; Taris, F.; Gontier, A.; Lambert, S. B.; Arias, E. F.; Poncin-Lafitte, C. L.
ESA New Generation Science Archives: State of the Art Data Management Techniques for SOHO and EXOSAT Science Archives 201 Leon, I.; Arviset, C.; Baines, D.; Barbarisi, I.; Castellanos, J.; Cheek, N.; Costa, H.; Fajersztejn, N.; Fernandez, M.; Gonzalez, J.; Laruelo, A.; Ortiz, I.; Osuna, P.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.; Tapiador, D.
From Start to Finish: Python for Space Missions 205 Barrett, P.; Berghea, C.; Dieck, C.; Evans, S.; Poole, C.; Veillette, D.
Advanced Architectures for Astrophysical Supercomputing 209 Barsdell, B. R.; Barnes, D. G.; Fluke, C. J.
Using the AST Library to Create and Use STC-S Region Descriptions 213 Berry, D.; Draper, P.
Rapid SOA Frontend Design and Prototyping for LINC-NIRVANA 217 Berwein, J.; Briegel, F.; Kittmann, F.; Pavlov, A.; Gaessler, W.; Kittmann, F.
The CDS Portal: a Unified Way to Access CDS Services 221 Boch, T.; Derriere, S.
Management of Astronomical Software Projects with Open Source Tools 225 Briegel, F.; Bertram, T.; Berwein, J.; Kittmann, F.
A Distributed, Real-Time Data Monitoring System as Ground Support Equipment for Balloon-Borne Astronomy Experiments 229 Chen, C. M. H.; Baumgartner, W. H.; Cook, W. R.; Davis, A. J.; Harrison, F. A.
A Meta-Data Layer for Astronomical Archives 233 Chéreau, F.; Rino, B.; Marcos, D.
The First Steps of the Heliophysics Integrated Observatory 237 Csillaghy, A.; Felix, S.; Bentley, R. D.; Blanc, A. L.; HELIO Team
Multi-Threading for ESO Pipelines 241 de Bilbao, L.; Lundin, L. K.; Ballester, P.; Banse, K.; Izzo, C.; Palsa, R.; García-Dabó, C. E.
Instrumental Provenance of ESO Archival Data 245 Delgado, A.; Delmotte, N.; Vuong, M.
The HST Exposure Time Calculators: Estimating Accurate Observing Times for HST Observations 249 Diaz, R. I.; McLean, D.; Greenfield, P.
The GTC/OSIRIS Data Reduction System 253 Ederoclite, A.; Cepa, J.
Development of Image Analysis Software of MAXI 256 Eguchi, S.; Ueda, Y.; Hiroi, K.; Isobe, N.; Sugizaki, M.; Suzuki, M.; Tomida, H.; MAXI Team
DTS: The NOAO Data Transport System 260 Fitzpatrick, M.
The History and Future of STScI DADS 264 Gaffney, N.; Kidwell, R.; Kyprianou, M.; Abney, F.
HLA Footprints for Multipurpose Science 267 Greene, G.; Lubow, S.; Donaldson, T.; Gillies, K.; Budavari, T.; Szalay, A.
Pointing the SOFIA Telescope 271 Gross, M. A. K.; Rasmussen, J. J.; Moore, E. M.
The HST Cache - First Year of Operations 275 Haase, J.; Durand, D.; Stoehr, F.; Micol, A.
The Study of the Mechanism of Cumulative Generation of Streams for the Model of Active Astronomical Object 279 Halin, K.; Vitkovskiy, V.
GPU-Based Volume Rendering of Noisy Multi-Spectral Astronomical Data 283 Hassan, A. H.; Fluke, C. J.; Barnes, D. G.
Reusable State Machine Code Generator 287 Hoffstadt, A. A.; Reyes, C.; Sommer, H.; Andolfato, L.
Virtual Observatory Services at WFAU 291 Holliman, M.; Read, M.; Hambly, N.; Mann, R. G.
XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software: Further Development and Maintenance... and Also Thinking About the Future 293 Ibarra, A.; Saxton, R.; Ojero, E.; Gabriel, C.
FAZZ, a FITS Cube/Image Browsing and Analyzing Tool in IDL 297 Ikeda, N.; Kitamura, Y.; Yoshida, A.; Tatei, H.; Onodera, S.; Momose, R.
A New Generic Way to Define Astrometric Calibration for Gaia Data Processing 301 Joliet, E.; Lammers, U.
aXeTwoZero: The Next Generation of aXe 305 Kümmel, M.; Kuntschner, H.; Walsh, J. R.; Bushouse, H.
Faster, Better, Cheaper: News on Seeking Gaia’s Astrometric Solution with AGIS 309 Lammers, U.; Lindegren, L.; Bombrun, A.; O’Mullane, W.; Hobbs, D.
ESA New Generation Science Archives: New Technologies Applied to Graphical User Interface Creation 313 Fernandez, M.; Arviset, C.; Barbarisi, I.; Castellanos, J.; Cheek, N.; Costa, H.; Fajersztejn, N.; Gonzalez, J.; Laruelo, A.; Leon, I.; Ortiz, I.; Osuna, P.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.; Tapiador, D.
A Reference Architecture Specification of a Generic Telescope Control System 317 López, J. S.; Tobar, R. J.; Staig, T.; Bustamante, D. A.; Menay, C. E.; von Brand, H. H.; Araya, M. A.
Data Processing for the AKARI Far-Infrared All-Sky Point Source Catalogue 321 Makiuti, S.; Yamamura, I.; Ikeda, N.; Yamauchi, C.; Baba, H.; Takagi, T.; Jeong, W.; Oh, S. H.; Figueredo, E.; Kester, D.
Spectra Extraction and Analysis Software for the Digitized First Byurakan Survey (DFBS) and Research Projects 325 Mickaelian, A. M.; Sargsyan, L. A.; Nesci, R.; Cirimele, G.; Sarkissian, A.
TGCat, The Chandra Transmission Grating Catalog and Archive: Systems, Design and Accessibility 329 Mitschang, A. W.; Huenemoerder, D. P.; Nichols, J. S.
VO Compliant Visualization of Theoretical Data 333 Molinaro, M.; Manzato, P.; Pasian, F.; Becciani, U.; Costa, A.; Massimino, P.; A.Grillo; Comparato, M.; Cassisi, S.; Pietrinferni, A.; Gheller, C.; Brunino, R.
Optimizing Spatial Frequency Data Weights for High Precision Imaging with ALMA 337 Morita, K.-I.; Kurono, Y.; Kamazaki, T.
A Prototype Data Processing System for JDEM 341 Neilsen, E. H.; Gottschalk, E. E.
MSOTCS: A New Telescope Control System for the Australian National University’s 2.3m Telescope at Siding Spring 345 Nielsen, J.; Hovey, G.
Towards a Reference Implementation of a Standardized Astronomical Software Environment 349 Paioro, L.; Garilli, B.; Grosbøl, P.; Tody, D.; Fenouillet, T.; Granet, Y.; Surace, C.
PyEmir: Data Reduction Pipeline for EMIR, the GTC Near-IR Multi-Object Spectrograph 353 Pascual, S.; Gallego, J.; Cardiel, N.; Eliche-Moral, M. C.
e-Infrastructures for Astronomy: An Integrated View 357 Pasian, F.; Longo, G.
LOPS towards A Science Driven Observation Preparation Tool 361 Pavlov, A.; Trowitzsch, J.; Gässler, W.
Optimal Compression of Floating-Point FITS Images 365 Pence, W. D.; White, R. L.; Seaman, R.
Comparison of Classification Methods for XMM Sources 369 Pineau, F.-X.; Derriere, S.; Michel, L.; Motch, C.
NICMOS Bias Dependent Calibration 374 Pirzkal, N.; Dahlen, T.; Bergeron, E.; Wiklind, T.
Visualization with SDvision of ASH Stellar MHD Simulations 378 Pomaréde, D.; Brun, A.
Illusion - A Fabry-Perot Data-Cube Synthesizer 382 Quint, B. C.; Taylor, K.; Ferrari, F.; de Oliveira, C. M.; Muramatsu, M.
Implementation of the Global Parameters Determination in Gaia’s Astrometric Solution (AGIS) 386 Raison, F.; Olias, A.; Hobbs, D.; Lindegren, L.
Extending the Device Support for the ALMA Control Subsystem Code Generation Framework 390 Reveco, J.; Mora, M.; González, V.; Sáez, N.; Ibsen, J.; Staig, T.; Reyes, C.; Kern, J.; Juerges, T.
A Fast Asteroid Detection Algorithm 394 Sakamoto, T.; Nishiyama, K.; Okumura, S.; Urakawa, S.; Asami, A.; Hashimoto, N.; Takahashi, N.; Yoshikawa, M.
Data Provenance: Use Cases for the ESO Archive, and Interactions with the Virtual Observatory 398 Santander-Vela, J. D.; Delgado, A.; Delmotte, N.; Vuong, M.
Environment Study of AGNs at z = 0.3 to 3.0 Using the Japanese Virtual Observatory 402 Shirasaki, Y.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Takata, T.; Tanaka, M.; Yasuda, N.
A Map/Reduce Parallelized Framework for Rapidly Classifying Astrophysical Transients 406 Starr, D. L.; Bloom, J. S.; Brewer, J. M.; Butler, N. R.; Klein, C.
Parallel CLEAN: Beyond the Frequency Domain 410 Stewart, I. M.
User Support in the Virtual Astronomical Observatory 414 Stobie, E.; Seaman, R.; Mighell, K.; Bunn, S. E.; Williams, R.
The HST Cache: Metadata and Services 417 Stoehr, F.; Haase, J.; Lombardi, M.; Durand, D.; Micol, A.
Single Dish Observation Simulator in CASA 421 Sugimoto, K.; Indebetouw, R.; Tsutsumi, T.; CASA Development Team
Doppler Shift Correction for 2SB Receivers of the 45m Telescope at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory 425 Takahashi, S.; Takano, S.; Iono, D.; Kuno, N.; Sakai, T.; Horigome, O.; Yanagisawa, K.
Development of AKARI Reduction Tools for IRC Slow-Scan 429 Takita, S.; Ikeda, N.; Yamamura, I.; Oyabu, S.; Kitamura, Y.; Ishihara, D.
Impact of Gfarm, a Wide-area Distributed File System, upon Astronomical Data Analysis and Virtual Observatory 433 Tanaka, M.; Tatebe, O.
The Spitzer Source List 437 Teplitz, H. I.; Capak, P.; Brooke, T.; Shenoy, S.; Brinkworth, C.; Desai, V.; Khan, I.; Laher, R.
Adding Support to the ALMA Common Software for Real-Time Operations through the Usage of a POSIX-Compliant RTOS 441 Tobar, R. J.; von Brand, H.; Araya, M. A.; Juerges, T.
A Boosting Approach for the Detection of Faint Compact Sources in Wide Field Aperture Synthesis Radio Images 445 Torrent, A.; Peracaula, M.; Lladó, X.; Freixenet, J.; Sánchez-Sutil, J. R.; Paredes, J. M.; Martí, J.
6D Visualization of Multidimensional Data by Means of Cognitive Technology 449 Vitkovskiy, V.; Gorohov, V.; Komarinskiy, S.
Data Mining in the SIMBAD Database Web Log Files 453 Wenger, M.; Oberto, A.
The ALMA Front-end Archive Setup and Performance 457 Wicenec, A.; Chen, A.; Checcucci, A.; Jeram, B.; Meuss, H.; Persson, A.; Burgos, P.; Cirami, R.
BibCat: The Chandra Data Archive Bibliography Cataloging System 461 Winkelman, S.; Rots, A.
An Algorithm of Refinement of Image Alignment for Image Subtraction 465 Yagi, M.
SFITSIO – A Next-Generation FITS I/O Library for C/C++ Users 469 Yamauchi, C.
A Simple Implementation of a 3D Data Cube Viewer 473 Ye, H.
Experiences Virtualizing the ALMA Software 477 Zambrano, M.; Arredondo, D.; Bartsch, M.; Shen, T.; Ibsen, J.; Condorelli, L.; Turolla, S.
NICI Python Data Reduction 481 Zarate, N.; Artigua, E.; Hartung, M.; Labrie, K.
The Virtual Observatory Powered PhD Thesis 485 Zolotukhin, I. Yu.
Part 4. Demonstration   
Building Astronomical Databases with Saada 491 Michel, L.; Motch, C.; Pineau, F.-X.; Ngoc, H. N.
Youpi: A Web-based Astronomical Image Processing Pipeline 495 Monnerville, M.; Sémah, G.
Part 5. Birds of a Feather   
Astronomical Data Compression: Algorithms and Architectures 501 Seaman, R.; Pence, W.; White, R.; Gaudet, S.
Part 6. Late Paper of ADASS XVIII   
Large-Catalogue Optimisation of Quasar Differential Photometry Fields by Grid Computing 505 Creaner, O.; Hickey, E.; Nolan, K.; Briain, Ta.; Smith, N.
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Author Index 509 Mizumoto Y.; Morita K.-I.; Ohishi M.
Subject Index 514 Mizumoto Y.; Morita K.-I.; Ohishi M.
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