Title: 16th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
Volume: 448 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Christopher Johns-Krull
The Cool Stars 16 conference (CS16) was held on the University of Washington
campus in Seattle, Washington during August 28 - September 2, 2010. The Cool
Stars series was initiated just over 20 years ago, in 1980, and now consists of meetings
held approximately every two years. This workshop series has become the preeminent
international meeting series covering cool star science. Over the six days of the
meeting, nearly 350 attendees presented and discussed many of the latest research
results in cool star and solar research. The main plenary sessions were spread over
five days and covered core areas of stellar research including the formation and
evolution of low mass stars and brown dwarfs, the determination of fundamental
stellar parameters, magnetic activity, and the solar-stellar connection. In addition to
these traditional areas of cool star research, two less traditional areas received special
attention at CS16: time domain studies of cool stars highlighting many of the exciting
new results emerging from the Kepler satellite; and studies of cool stars in the
galactic context, driven by the large impact the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has had on
cool star research.
In addition to the plenary sessions, the latest research in the field was presented and
discussed in a five day poster session and in 12 splinter sessions which rounded out
the scientific program of the meeting. Topics covered included fundamental stellar
properties from interferometry, multi-dimensional atmospheric modeling,
determining metallicities of the coolest dwarfs, what happens at the fully convective
boundary, planets around cool stars and their habitability, variablity of young stars,
ares and X-rays, and wide field surveys of cool dwarfs. These proceedings summarize
the scientific program presented at the meeting. The printed volume contains
papers from the main plenary sessions, summaries of the 12 splinter sessions, and
papers from the 15 poster finalists selected by the scientific organizing committee at
the meeting. Papers from the remaining poster presentations, as well as the papers
found in this volume, are available in the electronic version of the proceedings.
These proceedings are suitable for researchers and graduate students interested in
learning about the astrophysics of cool stars and the Sun, including formation,
circumstellar disks, magnetic activity, mass loss, and their distribution in the galaxy.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Johns-Krull, Christopher
Conference Photos 1 Johns-Krull, Christopher
Part I. Formation and Evolution   
Mid-Infrared Variation in Young Stars 5 Rebull, L. M.
Innovative Imaging of Young Stars: First Light ExPo Observations 15 Jeffers, S. V.; Canovas, H.; Keller, C. U.; Min, M.; Rodenhuis, M.
Accretion Makes a Splash on TW Hydrae 23 Brickhouse, N. S.
Constraining the Evolution of Brown Dwarf Binarity as a Function of Age: A Keck LGS AO Search for Brown Dwarf and Planetary Mass Companions to Upper Scorpius Brown Dwarfs 31 Biller, B.; Allers, K.; Liu, M.; Close, L. M.; Dupuy, T.
Extreme Coronal Mass Ejections in Young Low-Mass Stars 43 Aarnio, A. N.; Stassun, K. G.; Matt, S. P.; Hughes, W. J.; McGregor, S. L.
Finding the Youngest Planets 53 Crockett, C. J.; Mahmud, N.; Prato, L.; Johns–Krull, C. M.; Hartigan, P.; Jaffe, D. T.; Beichman, C. A.
Revealing the Chamaeleon: First Detection of a Low-mass Stellar Halo Around the Young Open Cluster η Chamaeleontis 61 Murphy, S. J.; Lawson, W. A.; Bessell, M. S.
HST/COS Spectra of DF Tau and V4046 Sgr: First Detection of Molecular Hydrogen Absorption Against the Lyman α Emission Line 69 Yang, H.; Linsky, J. L.; France, K.
Part II. Fundamental Parameters   
Lithium Depletion in Solar Type stars: Lithium and Planet Presence 81 Sousa, S. G.; Santos, N. C.; Israelian, G.; Delgado Mena, E.; Fernandes, J.; Mayor, M.; Udry, S.; Domínguez Cerdeña, C.; Rebolo, R.; Randich, S.
Model Atmospheres From Very Low Mass Stars to Brown Dwarfs 91 Allard, F.; Homeier, D.; Freytag, B.
Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries: Observations vs. Theory 99 Morales, J. C.; Ribas, I.; Jordi, C.
Testing Theory with Dynamical Masses and Orbits of Ultracool Binaries 111 Dupuy, T. J.; Liu, M. C.; Ireland, M. J.
New Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries from Kepler 121 Coughlin, J. L.; López-Morales, M.; Harrison, T. E.; Ule, N.; Hoffman, D. I.
Dust and Chromospheres in M warfs 131 Bessell, M. S.
Characterization of High-Energy Emissions of GKM Stars using Wide Binaries with White Dwarfs 139 Catalán, S.; Garcés, A.; Ribas, I.
Rotational Velocities of Very Low Mass Binaries 147 Konopacky, Q. M.; Ghez, A. M.; Macintosh, B. A.; White, R. J.; Barman, T. S.; Rice, E. L.; Hallinan, G.
Convective Core Overshoot and Mass Loss in Classical Cepheids: A Solution to the Mass Discrepancy? 155 Neilson, H. R.; Cantiello, M.; Langer, N.
Part III. Time Domain   
Asteroseismology of Cool Dwarfs and Giants with Kepler 167 Gilliland, R. L.
Starspots and Stellar Rotation: Stellar Activity with Kepler 177 Walkowicz, L. M.; Basri, G. S.
Weather at the L/T Transition: A Large J-Band Survey for Variability of Cool Brown Dwarfs 187 Radigan, J.; Jayawardhana, R.; Lafrenière, D.; Artigau, É.
The Galactic M Dwarf Flare Rate 197 Hilton, E. J.; Hawley, S. L.; Kowalski, A. F.; Holtzman, J.
Observations of Late-Type Stars with the Infrared Spatial Interferometer 207 Wishnow, E.; Townes, C.; Ravi, V.; Lockwood, S.; Mistry, H.; Fitelson, W.; Mallard, W.; Werhimer, D.
A Search for Periodic Optical Variability in Radio Detected Ultracool Dwarfs: A Consequence of a Magnetically-Driven Auroral Process? 219 Harding, L. K.; Hallinan, G.; Boyle, R. P.; Butler, R. F.; Sheehan, B.; Golden, A.
Part IV. Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Activity   
Solar Energetic Events, the Solar-Stellar Connection, and Statistics of Extreme Space Weather 231 Schrijver, C. J.
New Insights into Stellar Magnetism from the Spectropolarimetry in All Four Stokes Parameters 245 Kochukhov, O.; Snik, F.; Piskunov, N.; Jeffers, S. V.; Keller, C. U.; Makaganiuk, V.; Valenti, J. A.; Johns-Krull, C. M.; Rodenhuis, M.; Stempels, H. C.
Magnetic Fields on Cool Stars 255 Reiners, A.
The Age-Rotation-Activity Relation: From Myrs to Gyrs 269 Covey, K. R.; Agüeros, M. A.; Lemonias, J. J.; Law, N. M.; Kraus, A. L.; Palomar Transient Factory Collaboration
Global-scale Magnetism (and Cycles) in Dynamo Simulations of Stellar Convection Zones 277 Brown, B. P.; Browning, M. K.; Brun, A. S.; Miesch, M. S.; Toomre, J.
Magnetic Field Measurements on the Classical T Tauri Star BP Tauri 285 Chen, W.; Johns-Krull, C. M.
The Mouse that Roared: A SuperFlare from the dMe Flare Star EV Lac Detected by Swift and Konus-Wind 293 Osten, R. A.; Godet, O.; Drake, S.; Tueller, J.; Cummings, J.; Krimm, H.; Pye, J.; Pal'shin, V.; Golenetskii, S.; Reale, F.; Oates, S. R.; Page, M. J.; Melandri, A.
Observations of X-ray Flares in G-K Dwarfs by XMM-Newton 301 Pandey, J. C.; Singh, K. P.
The Activity and Rotation Limit in the Hyades 313 Seemann, U.; Reiners, A.; Seifahrt, A.; Kürster, M.
Part V. Galactic Context   
New Surveys for Brown Dwarfs and Their Impact on the IMF 323 Kirkpatrick, J. D.
L Dwarf Kinematics 333 Schmidt, S. J.; West, A. A.; Hawley, S. L.
A Very Cool, Very Nearby Brown Dwarf Hiding in the Galactic Plane 339 Lucas, P. W.; Tinney, C. G.; Burningham, B.; Leggett, S. K.; Pinfield, D. J.; Smart, R.; Jones, H. R. A.; Marocco, F.; Barber, R. J.; Yurchenko, S. N.; Tennyson, J.; Ishii, M.; Tamura, M.; Day-Jones, A. C.; Adamson, A.; Allard, F.; Homeier, D.
Low–Mass Stars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Galactic Structure, Kinematics, and the Luminosity Function 347 Bochanski, J. J.
Looking for Systematic Variations in the Stellar Initial Mass Function 361 Bastian, N.; Covey, K. R.; Meyer, M. R.
Implications of Radial Migration for Stellar Population Studies 371 Roškar, R.; Debattista, V. P.; Loebman, S. R.; Ivezić, Z.; Quinn, T. R.
Searching for Ultra-cool Objects at the Limits of Large-scale Surveys 379 Pinfield, D. J.; Patel, K.; Zhang, Z.; Gomes, J.; Burningham, B.; Day-Jones, A. C.; Jenkins, J.
Part VI. Splinter Sessions   
Habitability of Planets Orbiting Cool Stars 391 Barnes, R.; Meadows, V. S.; Domagal-Goldman, S. D.; Heller, R.; Jackson, B.; López-Morales, M.; Tanner, A.; Gómez-Pérez, N.; Ruedas, T.
Aspects of Multi-Dimensional Modelling of Substellar Atmospheres 403 Helling, Ch.; Pedretti, E.; Berdyugina, S.; Vidotto, A. A.; Beeck, B.; Baron, E.; Showman, A. P.; Agol, E.; Homeier, D.
Young Stars in the Time Domain: A CS16 Splinter Summary 415 Covey, K. R.; Plavchan, P.; Bastien, F.; Flaccomio, E.; Flaherty, K.; Marsden, S.; Morales-Calderón, M.; Muzerolle, J.; Turner, N. J.
Ultracool Dwarf Science from Widefield Multi-Epoch Surveys 429 Deacon, N. R.; Pinfield, D. J.; Lucas, P. W.; Liu, M. C.; Bessell, M. S.; Burningham, B.; Cushing, M. C.; Day-Jones, A. C.; Dhital, S.; Law, N. M.; Mainzer, A. K.; Zhang, Z. H.
Splinter Session “Solar and Stellar Flares” 441 Fletcher, L.; Hudson, H.; Cauzzi, G.; Getman, K. V.; Giampapa, M.; Hawley, S. L.; Heinzel, P.; Johnstone, C.; Kowalski, A. F.; Osten, R. A.; Pye, J.
The Radio–X-ray Relation in Cool Stars: Are We Headed Toward a Divorce? 455 Forbrich, J.; Wolk, S. J.; Güdel, M.; Benz, A.; Osten, R.; Linsky, J. L.; McLean, M.; Loinard, L.; Berger, E.
Planet Formation Around M-dwarf Stars: From Young Disks to Planets 469 Pascucci, I.; Laughlin, G.; Gaudi, B. S.; Kennedy, G.; Luhman, K.; Mohanty, S.; Birkby, J.; Ercolano, B.; Plavchan, P.; Skemer, A.
Juvenile Ultracool Dwarfs 481 Rice, E. L.; Faherty, J. K.; Cruz, K.; Barman, T.; Looper, D.; Malo, L.; Mamajek, E. E.; Metchev, S.; Shkolnik, E. L.
Frontiers in X-ray Astronomy - CS16 Splinter Session 493 Robrade, J.; Schneider, P. C.; Poppenhaeger, K.
The M4 Transition: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of the Transition into the Fully Convective Regime 505 Stassun, K. G.; Hebb, L.; Covey, K.; West, A. A.; Irwin, J.; Jackson, R.; Jardine, M.; Morin, J.; Mullan, D.; Reid, I. N.
Fundamental Stellar Properties from Optical Interferometry 517 van Belle, G. T.; Aufdenberg, J.; Boyajian, T.; Harper G.; Hummel, C.; Pedretti, E.; Baines, E.; White, R.; Ravi, V.; Ridgway, S.
Determining the Metallicity of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs: Tools for Probing Fundamental Stellar Astrophysics, Tracing Chemical Evolution of the Milky Way and Identifying the Hosts of Extrasolar Planets 531 West, A. A.; Bochanski, J. J.; Bowler, B. P.; Dotter, A.; Johnson, J. A.; Lépine, S.; Rojas-Ayala, B.; Schweitzer, A.
Part VII. Formation and Evolution Online Posters   
Wide Tertiary Companions to Nearby Spectroscopic Binaries: A Close Look with Gemini-North AO 547 Allen, P. R.; Close, L.
Observation of Young Stars at the University Observatory Jena 553 Berndt, A.; Errmann, R.; Maciejewski, G.; Raetz, St.; Marka, C.; Ginski, Ch.; Mugrauer, M.; Schmidt, T. O. B.; Neuhäuser, R.; Seeliger, M.; Moualla, M.; Pribulla, T.; Hohle, M. M.; Tetzlaff, N.; Adam, Ch.; Eisenbeiss, T.; YETI team
Generation of Knots in a Randomly Pulsed Protostellar Jet: Synthesis of the X-ray Emission 559 Bonito, R.; Orlando, S.; Miceli, M.; Eislöffel, J.; Peres, G.; Favata, F.
Stellar and Substellar Mass Function of the Young Open Cluster Candidates Alessi 5 and β Monocerotis 565 Boudreault, S.; Caballero, J. A.
Cool Star Science with the FIRE Spectrograph 573 Burgasser, A. J.; Simcoe, R. A.; Bochanski, J. J.; Melis, C.; McMurtry, C.; Pipher, J.; Forrest, W.; Cushing, M. C.; Looper, D. L.; Mohanty, S.
CARMENES: Towards the Detection of Exoearths 581 Caballero, J. A.; Quirrenbach, A.; Amado, P. J.; Mandel, H.; Ribas, I.; Reiners, A.; Mundt, R.; Seifert, W.; Sánchez-Carrasco, M. A.; CARMENES Consortium
Protoplanetary Disks of Binary Systems in Orion 589 Daemgen, S.; Petr-Gotzens, M. G.; Correia, S.
Evidence for a Feedback Relationship Between Mass Accretion and Inner Disk Properties 597 Deen, C. P.; Jaffe, D. T.
Coordinated Optical/X-ray observations of the CTTS V2129 Oph The Chandra View 603 Flaccomio, E.; Argiroffi, C.; Alencar, S. H. P.; Bouvier, J.; Donati, J.-F.; Getman, K.; Gregory, S. G.; Hussain, G.; Ibrahimov, M.; Jardine, M. M.; Skelly, M.; Walter, F.
Multi-Wavelength Study of the 2008-2009 Outburst of V1647 Ori 609 García-Alvarez, D.; Wright, N. J.; Drake, J. J.; Abraham, P.; Anandarao, B. G.; Kashyap, V.; Kospal, A.; Kun, M.; Marengo, M.; Moor, A.; Peneva, S.; Semkov, E.; Venkat, V.; Sanz-Forcada, J.
The Bipolar X-Ray Jet of the Classical T Tauri Star DG Tau 617 Güdel, M.; Audard, M.; Bacciotti, F.; Bary, J. S.; Briggs, K. R.; Cabrit, S.; Carmona, A.; Codella, C.; Dougados, C.; Eislöffel, J.; Gueth, F.; Günther, H. M.; Herczeg, G.; Kundurthy, P.; Matt, S. P.; Mutel, R. L.; Ray, T.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Schneider, P. C.; Skinner, S. L.; van Boekel, R.
IRAS 20050+2720: Anatomy of a Young Stellar Cluster 625 Günther, H. M.; Wolk, S. J.; Gutermuth, R. A.; Spitzbart, B.; Bourke, T. L.; Pillitteri, I.; DeRose, K.
Confirmation and Characterization of Young Disk-Bearing Brown Dwarfs and sub-Brown Dwarfs 633 Gully-Santiago, M. A.; Allers, K. N.; Jaffe, D. T.
Candidate Planetary Mass Objects in Rho Ophiuchi 639 Haisch Jr., K. E.; Barsony, M.; Tinney, C.
Probing the Inner Disk and Magnetosphere of KH 15D 647 Hamilton, C. M.; Johns-Krull, C. M.; Mundt, R.; Herbst, W.; Winn, J. N.
The Disks, Envelopes, Jets and Environment of PDS 144: A Wide Herbig Ae Binary 655 Hornbeck, J.; Grady, C. A.; Hamaguchi, K.; Williger, G. M.; Perrin, M.; Grogin, N.; Wisniewski, J.; Brown, A.; Woodgate, B.; Petre, R.; Daly, B.; Arraki, K.
A Sparse Population of Young Stars in Cepheus 661 Klutsch, A.; Montes, D.; Guillout, P.; Frasca, A.; Pineau, F.-X.; Grosso, N.; Marilli, E.; López-Santiago, J.
A Search for Substellar Companions of T Tauri Stars 669 Mahmud, N. I.; Crockett, C. J.; Prato, L.; Johns-Krull, C. M.; Hartigan, P.; Jaffe, D. T.; Beichman, C. A..
Emission Line Spectrum of BF Cyg 677 McKeever, J.; Lutz, J.; Wallerstein, G.; Munari, U.; Siviero, A.
SONYC - Substellar Objects in Nearby Young Clusters 683 Mužić, K.; Scholz, A.; Geers, V. C.; Jayawardhana, R.; Tamura, M.
What is Heating Arcturus' Wind? 691 O'Gorman, E.; Harper, G. M.
Operation: Dwarf Hunt - A Methane Imaging Survey of Corona Australis 699 Parker, S. R.; Tinney, C. G.
Clustered Star Formation Explored with X-rays and IR Observations of SOXS: L1641 and ι Orionis Regions 705 Pillitteri, I.; Wolk, S. J.; Allen, L.; Megeath, S. T.; Gutermuth, R. A.; SOXS collaboration
Symbiotic Stars and the Origin of Red Giant Winds 713 Roche, J.; Espey, B. R.; Crowley, C.
Disk-Rotation Connection: Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 721 Rodriguez-Ledesma, M. V.; Mundt, R.; Eislöffel, J.
X-rays from HH 154 729 Schneider, P. C.; Günther, H. M.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
Photometric Survey for Brown Dwarfs in Orion's Belt 733 Sherry, W. H.; Walter, F. M.; Brittain, S. D.; Kim, J. S.; Merritt, A.
Discovery of a T Dwarf Companion to the “Hyperactive” L Dwarf 2MASS J13153094-2649513 741 Sitarski, B. N.; Gelino, C. R.; Burgasser, A. J.; Perrin, M. D.
MML 53 – The Brightest Pre-Main-Sequence Eclipsing Binary 747 Stempels, H. C.; Hebb, L.
Surface and Atmospheric Structure on the T Tauri Star V2129 Oph 755 Walter, F. M.; Falccomio, E.; Alencar, S.; Argiroffi, C.; Bouvier, J.; Donati, J.-F.; Getman, K.; Gregory, S. G.; Hussain, G. A. J.; Ibrahimov, M.; Jardine, M. M.; Skelly, M. B.
The Substellar Mass Function in the Central Region of the Open Cluster Praesepe from Deep LBT Observations 761 Wang, W.; Boudreault, S.; Goldman, B.; Henning, Th.; Caballero, J. A.; Bailer-Jones, C. A. L.
Part VIII. Fundamental Parameters Online Posters   
Planet Detection, Magnetic Field of Protostars and Brown Dwarfs Meteorology with SPIRou 771 Artigau, É.; Donati, J.-F.; Delfosse, X.
Fundamental Properties of 37 Giant Stars from the CHARA Array and the NPOI Interferometers 779 Baines, E. K.; Armstrong, J. T.; McAlister, H. A.; ten Brummealaar, T. A.; Turner, N. H.; Sturmann, J.; Sturmann, L.; Ridgway, S. T.
A New Temperature Determination Using the Fe XVII Emission of Capella 787 Beiersdorfer, P.; Gu, M. F.; Lepson, J.; Desai, P.
Low Mass Eclipsing Binaries in SDSS Stripe 82 795 Bhatti, W. A.; Richmond, M. W.; Ford, H. C.; Petro, L. D.
The WFCAM Transit Survey: A Search for Rocky Planets Around Cool Stars 803 Birkby, J.; Hodgkin, S.; Pinfield, D.; WTS consortium
Fundamental Properties of Cool Stars with Interferometry 811 Boyajian, T. S.; von Braun, K.; van Belle, G.; ten Brummelaar, T.; Ciardi, D.; Henry, T.; Lopez-Morales, M.; McAlister, H.; Ridgway, S.; Farrington, C.; Goldfinger, P. J.; Sturmann, L.; Sturmann, J.; Turner, N.
Effects of Scattering on the Temperature Stratification in 3D Model Atmospheres of Late-Type Stars 819 Collet, R.; Hayek, W.; Asplund, M.
CAESAR: Companion Assessment of Equatorial Stars with Astrometry and Radial Velocity 825 Davison, C.; White, R.; Henry, T.; Bailey, J.; Jao, W.-C.; Riedel, A.; Cantrell, J.
Benchmark Brown Dwarfs: What Does the Current Population Look Like? 833 Day-Jones, A. C.; Pinfield, D. J.; Ruiz, M. T.; Burningham, B.; Jenkins, J. S.; Clarke, J. R. A.; Zhang, Z. H.; Gallardo, J.; Gálvez-Ortiz, M. C.; Murray, D. N.; Gomes, J.
Stellar Rotation in the Hyades and Praesepe: Gyrochronology and Braking Timescale 841 Delorme, P.; Cameron, A. C.; Hebb, L.; Rostron, J.; Lister, T. A.; Norton, A. J.; Pollacco, D.; West, R. G.
M and L Dwarf Dynamical Masses with One Adaptive Optics Observation 849 Dieterich, S. B.; Henry, T. J.; Jao, W.-C.; Riedel, A. R.
Radiation-Hydrodynamics Simulations of Cool Stellar and Substellar Atmospheres 855 Freytag, B.; Allard, F.; Ludwig, H.-G.; Homeier, D.; Steffen, M.
The STELLA Open Cluster Survey – Rotational Evolution of Low-mass Stars: a Status Report 863 Fügner, D.; Granzer, T.; Strassmeier, K. G.
Keck LGS-AO Imaging of Cool WISE Brown Dwarfs 871 Gelino, C. R.; Kirkpatrick, J. D.; Cushing, M. C.; Mainzer, A.; Griffith, R.; Skrutskie, M.; Eisenhardt, P.; Wright, E. L.
Chemical Abundances of Volatiles and Refractories in Solar Analogs with and without Planets: No Relation with Terrestial Planets 879 González Hernández, J. I.; Israelian, G.; Santos, N. C.; Sousa, S.; Delgado-Mena, E.; Neves, V.; Udry, S.
Atmospheric Parameters of Stars in Hubble's Next Generation Spectral Library 887 Heap, S. R.; Lindler, D.
Hα/Pδ Lines of Hydrogen in Cool Luminous Stars 893 Huang, W.; Wallerstein, G.
Photometric Metallicities in dSph Systems 899 Hughes, J.; Wallerstein, G.
There is Something About CaH 907 Jao, W.-C.
Spitzer Mid-Infrared Photometry of 500 – 750 K Brown Dwarfs 913 Leggett, S. K.; Albert, L.; Artigau, E.; Burningham, B.; Delfosse, X.; Delorme, P.; Forveille, T.; Lucas, P. W.; Marley, M. S.; Pinfield, D. J.; Reylé, C.; Saumon, D.; Smart, R. L.; Warren, S. J.
The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey Online Archive 921 Mace, G.; Rice, E.; McLean, I.
The Effective Temperature Scale of M Dwarfs from Spectral Synthesis 929 Reylé, C.; Rajpurohit, A. S.; Schultheis, M.; Allard, F.
The Sodium Doublets as Youth Indicators for Low-Mass Stars 935 Schlieder, J. E.; Fielding, D.; Lepine, S.; Rice, E.; Tomasino, R.; Simon, M.; Shara, M. M.
Physical Parameters of Eclipsing Binary Stars from the ASAS-3 Database 937 Singh, H. P.; Deb, S.
Analysis of CH4 Q-branch Absorption in Brown Bwarf Spectra Observed by AKARI 945 Sorahana, S.; Yamamura, I.
Chemical Tagging Hyades Supercluster as a Consistency Test of Stellar Kinematic Groups 953 Tabernero, H. M.; Montes, D.; González Hernández, J. I.
NIRSPEC Radial Velocity Measurements of Late-M Dwarfs 961 Tanner, A.; White, R.; Bailey, J.; Barman, T.
Synthetic Spectra and Photometry of C-rich Hydrodynamical Model Atmospheres 969 Wachter, A.; Eriksson, K.; Aringer, B.; Höfner, S.; Nowotny, W.
Part IX. Time Domain Online Posters   
Rotation and Differential Rotation in Rapidly Rotating Field Stars 977 Ammler-von Eiff, M.; Reiners, A.
Mining Databases for M Dwarf Variability 983 Davenport, J. R. A.; Becker, A. C.; Hawley, S. L.; Kowalski, A. F.; Sesar, B.; Cutri, R. M.
A Swiss Watch Running on Chilean Time: A Progress Report on Two New Automated CORALIE RV Pipelines 991 Jenkins, J. S.; Jordán, A.
Shock-Induced Polarized Hydrogen Emission Lines in omicron Ceti 999 Lèbre, A.; Fabas, N.; Gillet, D.
Cosmic Rays Variation Before Changes in Sun-Earth Environment 1007 Mukherjee, S.
Spectroscopic Microvariability Induced by Convective Motions 1013 Porter, L.; Asplund, M.
Spectrally-Resolved Light-curves from an XMM-Newton Survey of Stellar X-ray Flares 1019 Pye, J. P.; Rosen, S. R.
The Many Faces of Betelgeuse 1025 Ravi, V.; Wishnow, E.; Lockwood, S.; Townes, C.
Kepler Light Curves and Stellar Rotational Periods 1033 Reinhold, T.; Reiners, A.; Basri, G.; Walkowicz, L. M.
Chandra Reveals Variability and Sub-arcsecond Spatial Structure in the X-ray Emission from FU Orionis 1039 Skinner, S. L.; Güdel, M.; Briggs, K.; Lamzin, S. A.
Transit and Spectral Studies of CoRoT-2 1043 Wolter, U.; Czesla, S.; Schröter, S.; Huber, K.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
The First M-dwarf Flares with SALT 1049 Worters, H. L.; Bromage, G. E.; Buckley, D. A. H.
Part X. Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Activity Online Posters   
Deriving Age-Activity Relations in M Dwarf Stars Using Clusters of Known Ages 1055 Andersen, J. M.; West, A. A.; Covey, K. R.; McDonald, M.; Veilleux, S.; Seth, A.
Zeeman Broadening in Optical Stokes I of Solar-like Stars 1061 Anderson, R. I.; Reiners, A.; Solanki, S. K.
EK Eri: Magnetic Topology and Rotational Period 1065 Aurière, M.; Konstantinova-Antova, R.; Petit, P.; Roudier, T.
MHD Simulations Reveal Crucial Differences Between Solar and Very Cool Star Magnetic Structures 1071 Beeck, B.; Schüssler, M.; Reiners, A.
The Number of Rotations per Stellar Activity Cycle in G and K Main Sequence Stars 1077 Böhm-Vitense, E.; Davenport, J. R. A.
The Amazing COS FUV (1320 - 1460 Å) Spectrum of λ Vel (K4Ib-II)1 1083 Carpenter, K. G.; Ayres, T.; Brown, A.; Harper, G. M.; Wahlgren, G. M.
Oscillations and Magnetic Fields in the G8 Star EK Eridani 1091 Dall, T. H.; Cunha, M.; Strassmeier, K. G.; Stello, D.; Bruntt, H.
The Diagnostics of the Shape of the Electron Distribution Function during the Solar Flares 1095 Dzifčáková, E.; Kulinová, A.; Kašparová, J.
The Young Binary DQ Tau: A Hunt For X-ray Emission From Colliding Magnetospheres 1103 Getman, K. V.; Broos, P. S.; Salter, D. M.; Garmire, G. P.; Hogerheijde, M. R.
Estimating the Fractional Area Coverage of Active Regions in Dwarf Stars 1111 Andretta, V.; Giampapa, M.
Long-term Stellar Activity Variations of Stars from the HARPS M-dwarf Sample: Comparison Between Activity Indices 1117 Gomes da Silva, J.; Santos, N. C.; Bonfils, X.
Fine-Tuning the Wilson-Bappu Effect 1123 Gomez, T.; Wallerstein, G.
Photospheric Activity on a Young Sun Analog 1131 Gondoin, P.; Gandolfi, D.; Fridlund, M.; Guenter, E.; Hatzes, A.
The Starspot Activities of Active Binary XY UMa from 2004 to 2005 1139 Gu, S.; Ozdemir, S.; Min Kim, K.
Constraints on the Surface Magnetic Field Structure of Aldebaran (α Tauri, K5 III) 1145 Harper, G. M.; Brown, A.; Redfield, S.
Damping of Surface Alfvén Waves in a 3D Simulation of Stellar Winds 1151 Evans, R. M.; Opher, M.; Jatenco-Pereira, V.; Gombosi, T. I.
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Part XI. Galactic Context Online Posters   
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