Title: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Astronomical Society
Volume: 424 Year: 2010 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Tsinganos, Kanaris; Hatzidimitriou, Despina; Matsakos, Titos

These are the proceedings of the 9th international astronomical conference organized by the Hellenic Astronomical Society (Hel.A.S.), the professional organization of all Greek astronomers. The meeting was held in the city of Athens and hosted 198 participants from 15 countries, with interests in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Physics. The conference took place at the Department of Physics of the University of Athens, between September 20 and 24, 2009. Because it coincided with the festive International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA09), it was the largest conference of Hel.A.S. The scientific program consisted of 5 plenary talks, 15 invited presentations, 55 contributed papers and about 100 poster presentations carefully selected by the Scientific Organizing Committee of the conference, out of several submissions.

This was a very successful conference organized during the IYA09 in the historic city of Athens, home of several ancient Greek astronomers. The conference served not only to showcase some of the achievements of Hellenic astronomers, but also allowed to hear from, discuss and debate the recent findings of world-class scientists in astronomy.

The conference program and the papers of this volume are organized in 6 parts: (1) Sun, Planets and Interplanetary Medium, (2) Stars, Exoplanets, and the Interstellar Medium, (3) Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology, (4) Dynamical Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics, (5) Astronomical Infrastructure and (6) History and Education in Astronomy.

The book contains reviews of results made in the last years and reports on recent progress in Astronomy during the IYA09, in the totally 110 papers. It is thus of interest to researchers in all areas of Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Physics.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Front matter   
Cover Tsinganos, Kanaris; Hatzidimitriou, Despina; Matsakos, Titos
Front Matter 1 Tsinganos, Kanaris; Hatzidimitriou, Despina; Matsakos, Titos
Conference Photographs 1 Tsinganos, Kanaris; Hatzidimitriou, Despina; Matsakos, Titos
Part I. Sun, Planets, and the Interplanetary Medium   
Flux Emergence and Associated Dynamic Events in the Sun 3 Archontis, V.
Towards a New Formation Flying Solar Coronagraph 15 Lamy, P.; Vives, S.; Curdt, W.; Dame, L.; Davila, J.; Defise, J. M.; Fineschi, S.; Heinzel, P.; Kuzin, S.; Schmutz, W.; Tsinganos, K.; Turck-Chieze, S.; Zhukov, A.
Study of a Solar Active Region Jet 19 Gontikakis, C.; Archontis, V.; Tsinganos, K.
Heating Distribution Along Coronal Loops in two Active Regions Using a Simple Electrodynamic Calculation 25 Gontikakis, C.; Georgoulis, M.; Contopoulos, I.; Dara, H. C.
Simulating Flaring Events via an Intelligent Cellular Automata Mechanism 28 Dimitropoulou, M.; Vlahos, L.; Isliker, H.; Georgoulis, M.
Comparative Analysis of Oscillations of a Solar Quiet Region Using Multi-Wavelength Observations 31 Kontogiannis, I.; Tsiropoula, G.; Tziotziou, K.
VSAA: A Method for Analysis and Prediction of Quasi-Periodic Phenomena 35 Tsantilas, S.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.; Latkovic, O.; Cséki, A.
Fluctuations of CMEs Characteristics During the Declining Phase of the Last Solar Cycle 37 Gerontidou, M.; Mavromichalaki, H.; Asvestari, E.; Belov, A.; Kurt, V.
CME on CME Interaction on January 17, 2005 39 Bouratzis, C.; Preka-Papadima, P.; Moussas, X.; Hillaris, A. E.; Caroubalos, C.; Alissandrakis, C. E.; Tsitsipis, P.; Kontogeorgos, A.
Metric Radio Bursts and Fine Structures Observed on January 20, 2005 41 Bouratzis, C.; Preka-Papadima, P.; Moussas, X.; Hillaris, A. E.; Kurt, V.; Tsitsipis, P.; Kontogeorgos, A.
Estimating Fluxes of SEPs by Unfolding ESA/SREM Data 43 Sandberg, I.; Daglis, I. A.; Anastasiadis, A.; Tziotziou, K.; Bühler, P.; Nieminen, P.
Solar Origin of Solar Particle Events Detected by the Standard Radiation Environment Monitor of ESA 47 Tziotziou, K.; Sandberg, I.; Anastasiadis, A.; Daglis, I. A.; Panagopoulos, I.; Mavromichalaki, H.; Papaioannou, A.; Gerontidou, M.; Nieminen, P.; Glover, A.
Solar Energetic Particle Observations and Propagation in the 3-D Heliosphere in December 2006 51 Malandraki, O. E.
CIR-Accelerated Energetic Particles during 2008: Multi-Point Observations by STEREO and ACE 53 Malandraki, O. E.; Gómmez-Herrero, R.; Dresing, N.; Heber, B.
Tracing Magnetic Connectivity and Solar Injection by Means of Energetic Particles in the Inner Heliosphere 55 Malandraki, O. E.; Klein, K.-L.; Heber, B.
Dynamical Complexity in Dst Time Series Using Entropy Concepts 57 Balasis, G.; Daglis, I. A.; Anastasiadis, A.; Eftaxias, K.
Temporal Evolution of Energetic Electron Precipitation as a Promising Tool for Earthquake Prediction Research: Analysis of IDP / DEMETER Observations 67 Anagnostopoulos, G.; Rigas, V.; Athanasiou, M.; Iliopoulos, A.; Vassiliadis, E.; Iossifidis, N.
Establishing and Using the Real-Time Neutron Monitor Database (NMDB) 75 Mavromichalaki, H.; Papaioannou, A.; Sarlanis, C.; Souvatzoglou, G.; Gerontidou, M.; Plainaki, C.; Papailiou, M.; Mariatos, G.; NMDB team
Anomalous Forbush Effects Associated both with Remote Western and Eastern Sources 81 Papaioannou, A.; Mavromichalaki, H.; Belov, A.; Eroshenko, E.; Yanke, V.; Oleneva, V.
Mapping of the Cosmic Ray Events Related to the Solar Activity for the Period 2003–2005 83 Papaioannou, A.; Makrantoni, P.; Mavromichalaki, H.
Space Weathering on Near-Earth Objects 85 Plainaki, C.; Milillo, A.; Orsini, S.; Mura, A.; De Angelis, E.; Di Lellis, A. M.; Livi, S.
Analysis of Geomagnetic Disturbances and Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations in Relation to Medical Data from Rome 88 Giannaropoulou, E.; Papailiou, M.; Mavromichalaki, H.; Tsipis, A.
Jupiter’s Hot Spots: Assessment of the Retrieval Capabilities of Future IR Spectro-Imagers 90 Grassi, D.; Coradini, A.; Piccioni, G.
Identification of Non-Linear Space Weather Models of the Van Allen Radiation Belts Using Volterra Networks 92 Taylor, M.; Daglis, I. A.; Anastasiadis, A.; Vassiliadis, D.
Towards a Unified Source-Propagation Model of Cosmic Rays 98 Taylor, M.; Molla, M.
SWAP: An EUV Imager for Solar Monitoring on Board of the PROBA2 Micro-Satellite 104 Katsiyannis, A. C.; Berghmans, D.; SWAP consortium
A Mathematical Formula for the Calculation of the Relative Distances of the Orbits of Planets and Satellites. Generalization of the Law of Titius-Bode 108 Karagkiozidis, P.
Part II. Our Galaxy: Stars, Exoplanets, and the Interstellar Medium   
The Physical Properties of Neutron Stars 113 Trümper, J.
The 3-D Structure of the Pulsar Magnetosphere 128 Contopoulos, I.; Kalapotharakos, C.
Pulsed Thermal Emission from the Accreting Pulsar XMMU J054134.7-682550 138 Manousakis, A.; Walter, R.; Audar, M.; Lanz, T.
Velocity Asymmetries in the Bipolar Flows of YSO Jets 143 Matsakos, T.; Vlahakis, N.; Tsinganos, K.; Massaglia, S.; Trussoni, E.; Sauty, C.; Mignone, A.
The Molecular and Atomic Components of the HH211-mm Outflow Observed with Spitzer 149 Dionatos, O.
On the Generation of Entropy in Jet-Launching Disks 155 Tzeferacos, P.; Ferrari, A.; Mignone, A.; Zanni, C.; Bodo, G.; Massaglia, S.
The Formation of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 159 Stamatellos, D.; Whitworth, A.
A Multi-Wavelength Study of the W3 Giant Molecular Cloud 165 Polychroni, D.; Moore, T. J. T.; Allsopp, J.
Suzaku Analysis of Galactic Supernova Remnants G27.4+0.0 and G12.0-0.1 171 Sezer, A.; Gök, F.; Hudaverdi, M.; Aktekin, E.; Ercan, E. N.
New Candidate Supernova Remnants in Sagittarius 177 Alikakos, J.; Boumis, P.; Mavromatakis, F.; Xilouris, E.
XMM-Newton Analysis of SNR G156.2+5.7 179 Hudaverdi, M.; Bozkurt, M.; Sezer, A.; Gök, F.; Ercan, E. N.
Statistical Analysis of PNe in the Galactic Bulge Region 183 Akras, S.; Boumis, P.
Long Trails of Optical Emission Behind PNe and LBVs 185 Boumis, P.; Meaburn, J.
A New Approach of the GR Model 187 Antoniou, A.; Danezis, E.; Lyratzi, E.; Popovic, L. C.; Dimitrijevic, M. S.; Stathopoulos, D.
Transient High Frequency Optical Oscillations of the Red Dwarf AD Leonis 189 Contadakis, M. E.; Avgoloupis, S. J.; Seiradakis, J. H.
Inverse Semi-Detached Binaries: A New Type of Binary System? 192 Tsantilas, S.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.
Light Curve Analysis of the ES UMa Binary 198 Kleidis, S.; Tsantilas, S.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.
GSC 2805-0766: a New Binary in the Andromeda Constellation 201 Kleidis, S.; Rozakis, I.; Tsantilas, S.
The Contact System V566 Ophiuchi Revisited 204 Liakos, A.; Varrias, S.; Niarchos, P.
Preliminary Results for the Triple System AV CMi 208 Liakos, A.; Niarchos, P.
Photometric Monitoring of GSC 2696-2622 Variability 212 Nanouris, N.; Antonopoulou, E.
Monitoring of the Cataclysmic Variable TW Tri 216 Papadimitriou, C. J.; Giannakis, O.; Kolokotronis, V.
ThReT: A New Survey for Extrasolar Planetary Transits at Mt. Holomon, Greece 218 Antoniadis, J.; Karamanavis, V.; Mislis, D.; Nitsos, A.; Seiradakis, J. H.
Part III. Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology   
New X-ray and Optical SNRs in Six Nearby Galaxies 223 Leonidaki, I.; Zezas, A.; Boumis, P.
Small Magellanic Cloud: Star-Formation History and X-Ray Binary Populations 230 Antoniou, V.; Zezas, A.; Hatzidimitriou, D.; Kalogera, V.
The SMC RR-Lyrae Variables and their Metal Abundances 233 Kapakos, E.; Hatzidimitriou, D.; Soszynski, I.
Density Profiles of Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds 236 Nikolov, G.; Dapergolas, A.; Kontizas, M.; Golev, V.; Belcheva, M.
Star Complexes and Stellar Populations in NGC 6822 240 Karampelas, A.; Kontizas, E.; Dapergolas, A.; Livanou, E.; Kontizas, M.; Bellas-Velidis, I.; Vílchez, J. M.
Dwarf Spheroidals in the M81 Galaxy Group 242 Lianou, S.; Grebel, E. K.; Koch, A.
Modeling the Distribution of Various Objects in the Magellanic Clouds for Gaia 244 Belcheva, M.; Kontizas, M.; Livanou, E.; Kontizas, E.; Nikolov, G.
Typical Galaxy Synthetic Spectra for Gaia at High and Low Resolution 249 Livanou, E.; Kontizas, M.; Rocca-Volmerange, B.; Tsalmantza, P.; Bellas-Velidis, I.
Towards an Optimized Library of Synthetic Galaxy Spectra for the Gaia Mission 252 Karampelas, A.; Kontizas, E.; Tsalmantza, P.; Kontizas, M.; Livanou, E.; Rocca-Volmerange, B.; Bellas-Velidis, I.
Unresolved Galaxy Classifier for ESA’s Gaia Mission 256 Bellas-Velidis, I.; Kontizas, M.; Livanou, E.; Tsalmantza, P.
Modeling the Bar Component in Dusty Spiral Galaxies 261 Akras, S.; Xilouris, E.; Patsis, P.; Boumis, P.
Molecular Gas Properties in Luminous Infrared Galaxies: Stepping Up the CO J-Ladder Towards the Star Forming Phase 266 Xilouris, E. M.; Papadopoulos, P.; van der Werf, P.; Isaak, K.
Star Formation in Galaxies from Molecular Cloud to kpc Scales 268 Tassis, K.
The Lockman Hole Multi-Wavelength Survey 271 Rovilos, E.; Burwitz, V.; Bouché, N.; Berta, S.; Lutz, D.; Genzel, R.; Szokoly, G.; Hasinger, G.; Salvato, M.; Egami, E.
Selecting AGN through Variability in SN Datasets 277 Boutsia, K.; Leibundgut, B.; Trevese, D.; Vagnetti, F.
Optical Microvariability Observations of BL Lac Objects 283 Christopoulou, E. P.; Papadakis, I. E.; Xilouris, E. M.; Boomis, P.; Dapergolas, A.
X-ray Obscured AGN in the GOODS-N 289 Georgantopoulos, I.; Akylas, A.; Rovilos, E.; Xilouris, E.
Properties and Evolution of AGN Jet Ridge Lines. The Caltech-Jodrell Bank Flat-Spectrum Sample 292 Karouzos, M.; Britzen, S.; Eckart, A.; Zensus, A. J.
The Evolutionary Sequence of AGN Activity 295 Koulouridis, E.; Plionis, M.; Chavushyan, V.; Dultzin, D.; Krongold, Y.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Goudis, C.
The Angular Clustering of Hard X-ray AGNs 298 Koutoulidis, L.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Plionis, M.; Akylas, A.; Goudis, C.
Modeling the X-ray Flaring Behaviour of Blazars 301 Moraitis, K.; Mastichiadis, A.
Investigating DACs/SACs Phenomena in Hot Emission Stars and Quasars 305 Danezis, E.; Lyratzi, E.; Popovic, L. C.; Dimitrijevic, M. S.; Antoniou, A.
Ways of creation of DACs and SACs in the spectra of PG 0946+301 and PG 1254+047 308 Lyratzi, E.; Danezis, E.; Popovic, L. C.; Dimitrijevic, M. S.; Antoniou, A.
Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Neutrinos in Active Galactic Nuclei 311 Meli, A.; Dimitrakoudis, S.; Mastichiadis, A.
On the Synchrotron and SSC Emission of GRB Afterglows — Some Analytical Results 314 Petropoulou, M.; Mastichiadis, A.
Hickson Compact Groups with Swift and Spitzer 316 Tzanavaris, P.; Hornschemeier, A. E.; Gallagher, S. C.; Johnson, K. E.; Gronwall, C.; Immler, S.; Reines, A. E.; Hoversten, E.; Charlton, J. C.
Structural Analysis of Abell 3560 Cluster of Galaxies 321 Hudaverdi, M.; Bourdin, H.; Bozkurt, M.; Ercan, E. N.
Suzaku Analysis of A1800 325 Aktekin, E.; Gök, F.; Hudaverdi, M.; Sezer, A.; Ercan, E. N.
X-ray Picture of Superclusters of Galaxies 330 Hudaverdi, M.; Bozkurt, M.; Ercan, E. N.
The Physical Properties of the Cosmic Acceleration 334 Basilakos, S.
How Much Light Has Been Produced since the Universe Was Born? Finally, a Way to Measure It. 344 Georganopoulos, M.; Sambruna, R. M.; Kazanas, D.; Davis, D. S.; Cillis, A. N.; Cheung, C. C.; Perlman, E. S.; Blundell, K. M.
Energy Estimation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Hadrons by Lateral Distribution Functions of Extensive Air Showers 350 Geranios, A.; Koutsokosta, D.; Mastichiadis, A.; Malandraki, O.; Rozaki-Mavrouli, H.; Maltezos, S.
Part IV. Dynamical Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics   
Stickiness 355 Contopoulos, G.; Harsoula, M.
Coevolution of Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes: A Key to Fundamental Physics and Galaxy Formation 367 Kazantzidis, S.
Orbital Structure and Asymptotic Orbits in Barred-Spiral Galaxies 377 Harsoula, M.; Kalapotharakos, C.; Contopoulos, G.
The Orbital Behavior at the Neighborhood of Stable Periodic Orbits in a 3D Galactic Potential 380 Katsanikas, M.; Patsis, P. A.
Response Models of Barred-Spiral Galaxies 382 Tsigaridi, L.; Patsis, P. A.
Neutron Star Dynamics and Gravitational Waves 384 Kokkotas, K. D.; Colaiuda, A.; Gaertig, E.
High Precision Millisecond Pulsar Timing with the EPTA 394 Lazaridis, K.
The Copenhagen Case When the Small Body is a Gyrostat 401 Kalvouridis, T.
The Rotating and Accelerating Universe 407 Chaliasos, E.
Part V. Astronomical Infrastructures   
Virtual Observatory: Science Capabilities and Scientific Results 411 Hatziminaoglou, E.
The Aristarchos Telescope 422 Goudis, C.; Hantzios, P.; Boumis, P.; Xilouris, E.; Katsiyannis, A.; Maroussis, A.
ARISTARCHOS Instrumentation: Meaburn Filter Measuring Spectrometer (MFMS) 424 Boumis, P.; Xilouris, E. M.; Giannakis, O.; Maroussis, A.; Katsiyannis, A.
Aristarchos RISE2: A Wide-Field Fast Imager for Exoplanet Transit Timing 426 Boumis, P.; Pollacco, D.; Steele, I.; Meaburn, J.; Xilouris, E. M.; Katsiyannis, A. C.; Bode, M.; Bates, S. D.; Goudis, C. D.; Keenan, F. P.; Watson, C.
The New Telescope at the University of Patras. Current and Future Prospects 431 Christopoulou, E. P.; Papageorgiou, A.; Galanakis, N.
Applications of the Stellar Spectrograph of the University of Athens Observatory 433 Gazeas, K. D.; Papathanassoglou, D. A.
The Cherenkov Telescope Array 438 Emmanoulopoulos, D.; McHardy, I.; Eleftheriadis, C.; Cherenkov Telescope Array Collaboration
Distributed Telescope Networks in the Era of Network-Centric Astronomy 444 Solomos, N. H.
Electro-Optics of an Experimental Quantum-Optical Photometer 446 Solomos, N. H.
Aspects of the Optomechanical Design of the Forthcoming 1.4m TCC Reflector 448 Solomos, N. H.
Getting to Know HELYCON: The Alternative CR Detector 450 Gizani, N. A. B.; Bourlis, G.; Christopoulou, P.; Leisos, A.; Tsirigotis, A. G.; Tzamarias, S. E.
Part VI. History and Education in Astronomy   
Ancient Astronomical Monuments of Athens 455 Theodossiou, E.; Manimanis, V. N.
The Large Water-Clock of Amphiaraeion 462 Theodossiou, E.; Manimanis, V. N.; Katsiotis, M.; Mantarakis, P.
Astronomy in Culture 465 Stavinschi, M.
The Eternal Role of Astronomy in History and Civilization 475 Theodossiou, E.; Manimanis, V. N.
Science, Theology and New Civilization 477 Theodossiou, E.; Manimanis, V. N.; Danezis, E.
Non-Prevailable Political Calendrical Systems in the European History 479 Theodossiou, E.; Manimanis, V. N.; Danezis, E.
Invisible World and Modern Physics: Modern Science and Theology 481 Theodossiou, E.; Manimanis, V. N.; Danezis, E.
Astronomy Education: a Challenge for Contemporary Education 483 Metaxa, M.
Workshop on “Astronomy in High Education in Greece” 488 Metaxa, M.; Seiradakis, J.; Hatzidimitriou, D.; Niarchos, P.
Astronomical Activities for Students—Motivating Students in Physical Science through Astronomy 490 Matthaiou, A. N.; Metaxa, M.
Initiating Young Children into Basic Astronomical Concepts and Phenomena 493 Kallery, M.
“” — A Greek Campaign for Light Pollution Awareness 499 Papalambrou, A.; Antonopoulos, P.; Zafiropoulos, B.
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Author and Subject Indexes 505 Tsinganos, Kanaris; Hatzidimitriou, Despina; Matsakos, Titos
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