Title: 14th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
Volume: 384 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: van Belle, Gerard
Cool Stars 14 (CS14) was held in Pasadena, 5-10 November 2006, and was jointly hosted by the Spitzer Science Center and the Michelson Science Center. CS14 also doubled as the 2006 Spitzer Science Center November Workshop.

Topics that were central to the previous Cool Stars Meetings—stellar activity indicators, the solar-stellar connection, PMS stars and stellar evolution, brown dwarfs, and helio-and asteroseismology—continued to be high on the agenda for CS14. Enhanced emphasis was also placed on topics such as mid-IR observations (debris disk evolution; protostar formation) and high-angular resolution observations (PMS disk imaging, PMS binary orbits, future space astrometry missions).

Main plenary session topics included Helioseismology and Abundances, Star Formation (Cores to Disks), Brown Dwarfs, Solar/Stellar Magnetic Fields, Testing Stellar Evolutionary Models, Extrasolar Planets, and Stellar Winds an Spins: From Birth Through the Main Sequence. Additionally, nine splinter sessions examined the following topics in detail: Spectral Diagnostics of Hot Plasma from Cool Stars, The Formation of Low-Mass Protostars and Proto-BDs, Mining the Next Generation of Surveys for Cool Star Science, Stellar Ages, Disks around Cool Stars and Bds, Cool Stars in Hot Places, Habitability and Life on Planets around Cool Stars, Sub-Stellar Twins: Binarity in Bds, and Coronal Structure of PMS Stars. The presentations of the seven main sessions are detailed with reviews in this volume, in addition to summaries of the nine splinter sessions. The book is suitable for researchers and graduate students interested in the astrophysics of cool stars and the sun, including abundances, magnetohydrodynamics, circumstellar disks, stellar rotation, pulsation and mass loss.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 384 Cover van Belle, G.
Front Matter   
Volume 384 Front Matter 1 van Belle, G.
Part 1.
Helioseismology and Abundances
The Legacy of John Bahcall 3 Pinsonneault, M.H.
What has Helioseismology Taught us about the Sun? 10 Basu, S.
Asteroseismology from Solar-Like Oscillations 21 Bedding, T.R.; Kjeldsen, H.
Atomic Diffusion in Old Stars – Helium, Lithium, and Heavy Elements 33 Korn, A.J.; the ADIOS team
The Abundances of Oxygen and Carbon in the Solar Photosphere 39 Allende Prieto, C.
The Solar Oxygen Problem: Crisis, Catastrophe, or Opportunity? 52 Ayres, T.R.
Part 2.
Star Formation - Cores to Disks
The Eagle Nebula: Pillars of Creation, EGGs, and PMS stars in NGC 6611 59 59 Linsky, J.L.; Gacné, M.; Mytyk, A.; McCaughrean, M.; Andersen, M.
Highlights from the XMM-Newton Extended Survey of the Taurus Molecular Cloud (XEST) 65 Güdel, M.; Arzner, K.; Audard, M.; Bouvier, J.; Briggs, K.; Dougados, C.; Feigelson, E.; Franciosini, E.; Glauser, A.; Grosso, N.; Guieu, S.; Ménard, F.; Micela, G.; Monin, J.; Montmerle, T.; Padgett, D.; Palla, F.; Pillitteri, I.; Preibisch, T.; Rebull, L.; Scelsi, L.; Silva, B.; Skinner, S.; Stelzer, B.; Telleschci, A.
Dynamical Theories of Star Formation 71 Hartmann, L.
Part 3.
Brown Dwarfs
Outstanding Issues in our Understanding of L, T, and Y Dwarfs 85 Kirkpatrick, J.D.
Properties of the Coolest Dwarfs 98 Leggett, S.; Freedman, R.; Geballe, T.; Golimowski, D.; Lodieu, N.; Marley, M.; Pinfield, D.; Saumon, D.; Stephens, D.; Warren, S.
Clouds and Chemistry: Probing the Atmospheres of Ultracool Dwarfs with Spitzer 111 Cushing, M.C.
A New Population of Young Brown Dwarfs 119 Cruz, K.L.; Kirkpatrick, J.D.; Burgasser, A.; Looper, D.; Mohanty, S.; Prato, L.; Faherty, J.; Solomon, A.
Ultracool Subdwarfs: Subsolar Metallicity Objects Down to Substellar Masses 126 Burgasser, A.J.
Uncertainties in Brown Dwarf Models 133 Barman, T.S.
Part 4.
Solar/Stellar Magnetic Fields
Photospheric Magnetic Field Measurements on Late-Type Stars and Brown Dwarfs 145 Johns-Krull, C.M.
Magnetic Topologies of Cool Stars 156 Donati, J.-F.
New Observations of the Magnetic Vector Field across the Solar Disk 166 Keller, C.U.; Harvey, J.W.; Henney, C.J.
First Direct Detection of Magnetic Fields in Starspots and Stellar Chromospheres 175 Berdyugina, S. V.; Fluri, D. M.; Afram, N.; Suwald, F.; Petit, P.; Arnaud, J.; Harrington, D. M.; Kuhn, J. R.
Magnetic Flux Emergence in the Solar Photosphere 181 Cheung, M.C.M.; Schüssler, M.; Moreno-Insertis, F.
Part 5.
Testing Stellar Evolutionary Models
Interferometric Angular Diameters, Linear Radii and Stellar Modeling 189 Kervella, P.
An Assessment of HR Diagram Constraints on Ages and Age Spreads in Star-Forming Regions and Young Clusters 200 Hillenbrand, L.A.; Bauermeister, A.; White, R.J.
Empirical Constraints on the Interiors of Low-Mass Pre-Main-Sequence Stars and Young Brown Dwarfs 214 Stassun, K.G.
How Accurately can we Determine Stellar Parameters? The Case of Teff in Cool Stars 221 Grupp, F.; Mashonkina, L.I.
The Radius-Luminosity Relation from Near-Infrared Interferometry: New M Dwarf Sizes from the CHARA Array 226 Berger, D.H.; ten Brummelaar, T.A.; Gies, D.R.; Henry, T.J.; McAlister, H.A.; Merand, A.; Sturmann, J.; Sturmann, L.; Turner, N.H.; Aufdenberg, J.P.; Ridgway, S.T.
The Spitzer 24μm Photometric Light Curve of the Eclipsing M-dwarf Binary GU Boötis 233 von Braun, K.; van Belle, G.T.; Ciardi, D.R.; López-Morales, M.; Hoard, D.W.; Wachter, S.
Isochrone Calibration: Theory, Synthesis, and Future Observations 240 Terndrup, D.M.
Part 6.
Extrasolar Planets
Extra-solar Planets Observations: Towards “Exo-planetology” 253 Pont, F.
Hot Jupiter Model Atmospheres in the Spitzer Era 264 Fortney, J.
The CoRoT Exoplanet Programme: Exploring the Gas-Giant/Terrestrial Planet Transition 270 Aigrain, S.; Barge, P.; Deleuil, M.; Fressin, F.; Moutou, C.; Queloz, D.; Auvergne, M.; Baglin, A.; the CoRoT Exoplanet Science Team
The Kepler Mission: Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets and Stellar Activity 281 Basri, G.; Ramos-Stierle, F.; Soto, K.; Lewis, T.; Reiners, A.; Borucki, W.; Koch, D.
Stellar Metallicity and Planet Formation 292 Valenti, J.; Fischer, D.
Atmospheric Erosion Caused By Stellar Coronal Plasma Flows On Terrestrial ExoplanetsWithin Close-In Habitable Zones of Low Mass Stars 303 Lammer, H.; Terada, N.; Kulikov, Yu.N.; Lichtenegger, H.I.M.; Khodachenko, M.L.; Penz, T.
Part 7.
Stellar Winds and Spins: From Birth through the Main Sequence
Winds of Main-Sequence Stars: Observational Limits and a Path to Theoretical Prediction 317 Cranmer, S.R.
Rotation In Young Stars 327 Rebull, L.M.; Stauffer, J.R.; Wolff, S.C.; Strom, S.E.
Understanding the Spins of Young Stars 339 Matt, S.; Pudritz, R.
Part 8.
Splinter Summaries
Summary of the Splinter Session: Spectral Diagnostics of Hot Plasma from Cool Stars 351 Brickhouse, N.S.
The Formation Of Low-Mass Protostars And Proto-Brown Dwarfs 359 Eislöffel, J.; Steinacker, J.
Mining The Next Generation Of Surveys for Cool Star Science 364 Pinfield, D.J.; Liu, M.C.; Jones, H.R.A.; Kirkpatrick, J.D.; Lister, T.A.; Magnier, E.A.; Moraux, E.; West, A.A.; Liebert, J.; the WASP Consortium; the Pan-STARRS Team; the UKIDSS Cool Dwarf Science Working Gr
A Splinter Session on the Thorny Problem of Stellar Ages 374 Mamajek, E.E.; Barrado y Navascués, D.; Randich, S.; Jensen, E.L.N.; Young, P.A.; Miglio, A.; Barnes, S.A.
Disks around Brown Dwarfs and Cool Stars 383 Apai, D.; Luhman, K.; Liu, M.C.
Cool Stars In Hot Places 393 Megeath, S.T.; Gaidos, E.; Hester, J.J.; Adams, F.C.; Bally, J.; Lee, J.-E.; Wolk, S.
Substellar Twins 402 Bouy, H.; Jayawardhana, R.
Coronal Structure Of Pre-Main Sequence Stars 415 Jardine, M.
Back Matter   
Volume 384 Back Matter 425 van Belle, G.
Volume 384 Photographs 999 van Belle, G.