Title: International Conference on Magnetic Fields in O, B and A Stars: Origin and Connection to Pulsation, Rotation and Mass Loss
Volume: 305 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Balona, Luis A.; Henrichs, Huib F.; Medupe, Rodney
ISBN: 1-58381-154-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-638-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Origin of Magnetic Fields in OBA Stars 3 Mestel, L.
Measuring the Characteristics of Magnetic Fields in A, B and O Stars 16 Wade, G. A.
The Hanle Effect as a Magnetic Diagnostic 28 Ignace, R.
Construction of a Stellar Magnetic Fields on Sources and Vortices 37 Gerth, E.; Glagolevskij, Y. V.
Excitation Mechanisms in roAp Stars 45 Houdek, G.
Overview of the roAp Phenomenon 55 Shibahashi, H.
Magnetic Fields and Pulsation in roAp Stars 65 Mathys, G.
The Improved Oblique Pulsator Model 73 Bigot, L.
Magnetic Doppler Imaging of Early-Type Stars 83 Piskunov, N. E.; Kochukhov, O.
Doppler and Zeeman Doppler Imaging of roAp Stars 92 Lueftinger, T.; Ryabchikova, T. A.; Weiss, W. W.; Khochukhov, O.; Piskunov, N. E.; Kuschnig, R.; Wade, G. A.
Spectroscopy of Ap Stars 98 Nesvacil, N.; Weiss, W. W.; Ryabchikova, T. A.
Spectroscopic Observations of roAp Pulsations 104 Kochukhov, O.
Magnetic Fields of roAp Stars from Measurements of Hydrogen Balmer Lines with FORS 1 at the VLT 114 Hubrig, S.; Bagnulo, S.; Kurtz, D. W.; Szeifert, T.; Schöller, M.; Mathys, G.
A Closer Look at the roAp Stars HR 1217: Residual Frequencies, Magnetic Perturbations, and Other Mysteries 120 Cameron, C.; Matthews, J. M.
Getting the MOST from Magnetic Pulsators - Episode I: A Space Instrument for Ultraprecise Photometry 124 Matthews, J. M.
Getting the MOST from Magnetic Pulsators - Episode II: Measuring Frequency Spacings from Space 129 Matthews, J. M.; Kuschnig, R.
HD 166473: Probing the Third Dimension in roAp Stars 134 Kurtz, D. W.; Mathys, G.; Elkin, V.; Martinez, P.; Anguma, S.; Kalebwe, P.; Kebede, L.
The Effect of a Strong Dipole Magnetic Field on Axisymmetric p-Mode Oscillations 140 Saio, H.; Gautschy, A.
Radial Oscillations in A Stars 146 Medupe, R.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Kurtz, D. W.
Interaction of Solar p-modes with Magnetic Field 152 Cally, P. S.
On Asteroseismic Constraints for Modelling the δ Scuti Stars V480 Tau and &thetas;2 Tau A 161 Di Mauro, M. P.; Pijpers, F.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Paternò, L.; Teixeira, T.; Thompson, M. J.
Can the Presence of a Magnetic Field explain the Blazhko Effect in RR Lyrae? 167 Kolenberg, K.; Aerts, C.; Chadid, M.; Gillet, D.
Horizontal and Vertical Element Distributions in Ap Stars 181 Ryabchikova, T. A.
Convection in A Stars 190 Kupka, F.
Diffusion and Settling in Ap/Bp Stars 199 Turcotte, S.
Peculiar Line Opacities and Atmospheric Structure in CP Stars 206 LeBlanc, F.
Using Optical Interferometry for Studying Stellar Activity and Magnetism 215 Le Bouquin, J. B.; Rousselet-Perraut, K.; Stehlé, C.; Lanz, T.; Jankov, S.
Secular Variation of the Magnetic Field of 52 Her - Precession? 221 Gerth, E.; Glagolevskij, Y. V.
On the Magnetic Behaviour of CP Stars with their Age 225 Glagolevskij, Y. V.; Gerth, E.
Vertical Chromium Distribution in the Atmospheres of CP Stars. HgMn Stars 230 Savanov, I.; Hubrig, S.
Unusual Phenomena in the Circumstellar Envelope of the Magnetic Ae Star HD 190073 236 Pogodin, M. A.; Franco, G. A. P.; Lopes, D. F.
Relationship between Surface and Wind Abundances in Bp Stars 243 Groote, D.
Test Case for the Diamagnetic Effect: Helium Peculiarities in B Stars 252 Steinitz, R.
Emission Lines in Optical Spectra of He-weak Stars 256 Wahlgren, G. M.; Hubrig, S.; Ivarsson, S.
Co-rotating Clouds in Be Stars 263 Balona, L. A.
Nonradial Pulsations and Magnetic Fields in Be Stars 269 Baade, D.; Rivinius, T.; štefl, S.
Rotation and Magnetic Fields in Be Stars 276 Stepień, K.
Do Magnetically Torqued Disks (MTDs) Exist Around Early-Type Stars? 285 Brown, J. C.; Telfer, D. C.; Hanuschik, R. W.; Cassinelli, J. P.
Emission Line Profiles from Be Stars - A Test of the MTD Model 291 Telfer, D.; Brown, J. C.; Hanuschik, R.; Cassinelli, J. P.
Line Profile Variations in the Be Star 6 Cephei from the August 2001 Campaign 295 Koubský, P.; Yang, S.; Floquet, M.; Hubert, A.-M.; škoda, P.; šarounová, L.; Netolický, M.
Magnetic Fields in Early B-type Stars 301 Henrichs, H. F.; Neiner, C.; Geers, V. C.
Far-UV Analysis of Bp Stars with Co-rotating Disks 310 Smith, M. A.
ν Eridani: a Very Slowly Rotating and Possibly Magnetic β Cephei Star 319 Dziembowski, W. A.; Jerzykiewicz, M.
Probing Magnetic Fields inside β Cephei Stars 327 Handler, G.
Cyclical Wind Variability from O-Type Stars 333 Fullerton, A. W.
The Effects of Magnetic Fields on Line-Driven Hot-Star Winds 343 Ud-Doula, A.; Owocki, S.
Magnetic Spin-Up of Line-Driven Stellar Winds 350 Owocki, S.; Ud-Doula, A.
Effect of Wind on the Continuum Energy Distribution of Early Type Stars 358 Shylaja, B. S.
Magnetic Fields and Winds in A-type Supergiants 364 Verdugo, E.; Talavera, A.; Gómez de Castro, A. I.; Henrichs, H. F.; Geers, V. C.; Wiersema, K.
The Supergiant ν Cep - an Externally Influenced Magnetic Star? 373 Gerth, E.; Scholz, G.; Glagolevskij, Y. V.
The Extreme Of-Supergiant HD 15570 (O4If+) 377 Polcaro, V. F.; Viotti, R.; Norci, L.; Eenens, P.; Corral, L.; Rossi, C.
Search for X-ray Variability in Early-type Stars in the Carina OB1 Association with XMM-Newton 383 Antokhin, I. I.; Rauw, G.; Vreux, J.-M.; van der Hucht, K. A.
Some Remaining Open Questions and Directions for Future Research 389 Gough, D.