Title: New Horizons in Globular Cluster Astronomy
Volume: 296 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Piotto, Giampaolo; Meylan, Georges; Djorgovski, S. George; Riello, Marco
ISBN: 1-58381-143-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-631-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter 1 Piotto, Giampaolo; Meylan, Georges; Djorgovski, S. George; Riello, Marco
Photograph of Participants 2 Piotto, Giampaolo; Meylan, Georges; Djorgovski, S. George; Riello, Marco
A Life with the Globular Clusters-My Lucky Stars 3 King, I. R.
Globular Clusters: a Partial Overview 17 Meylan, G.
Theory of Dynamical Evolution of Star Clusters 45 Spurzem, R.; Deiters, S.; Fiestas, J.
Numerical Dynamics : an Overview and a Vision 53 McMillan, S.
Hydrodynamical Simulations of Stellar Collisions: with a Focus on Blue Stragglers 61 Davies, M. B.
Dynamical Models with Stellar Evolution and Binaries 69 Hurley, J. R.; Shara, M. M.; Aarseth, S. J.; Tout, C. A.; Pols, O. R.
Collisions between Main-Sequence Stars of Various Masses 79 Adams, T.; Davies, M. B.; Sills, A.; Bate, M.
Hybrid Code - Direct Integration of Three- and Four-Body Interactions 81 Giersz, M.; Spurzem, R.
Evolutionary Time Scale in Two-Component Clusters 83 Khalisi, E.
The Runaway Growth of Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Dense Star Clusters 85 McMillan, S.; Portegies Zwart, S.
Ellipticals and Globular Clusters: Some Common Features 87 Secco, L.
An HST Study of the Central Kinematics of M15 93 Gerssen, J.; van der Marel, R. P.; Gebhardt, K.; Guhathakurta, P.; Peterson, R. C.; Pryor, C.
Fitting Dynamical Models to Observations 101 McLaughlin, D. E.
Radial Velocities of Globular Cluster Stars 117 Pryor, C.; Xie, B.
Astrometry with HST: the Promise and the Perils 125 Anderson, J.
Preliminary Results from VLT (FORS1) Photometry of NGC 6397 135 Andreuzzi, G.; Testa, V.; Marconi, G.; Alcaino, G.; Alvarado, F.; Buonanno, R.
Dynamical Evolution of M92 Globular Cluster 137 de Oliveira, M. R.; Fausti, A.; Dottori, H.; de Carvalho, R. R.
Absolute Proper Motions of Globular Clusters in the Inner Halo and Bulge of the Milky Way 139 Dinescu, D. I.; Girard, T. M.; van Altena, W. F.
Astrometry in the Core of NGC 6752 141 Drukier, G. A.; Bailyn, C. D.; van Altena, W. F.; Girard, T. M.
The Radial Density Profile of NGC 6752 143 Ferraro, F. R.; Possenti, A.; Lagani, P.; Sabbi, E.; D'Amico, N.; Rood, R. T.
Unveiling Black Holes Ejected from Globular Clusters 145 Gualandris, A.; Colpi, M.; Possenti, A.
HST/WFPC2 Proper Motions in the Core of 47 Tucanae 147 McLaughlin, D. E.; Meylan, G.; Anderson, J.; King, I. R.; Gebhardt, K.; Pryor, C.
Surface Brightness Profiles of Galactic Globular Clusters 149 Noyola, E.; Gebhardt, K.
A Test of Newton's Law of Gravity in the Weak Acceleration Regime 151 Scarpa, R.; Marconi, G.; Gilmozzi, R.
Velocity Dispersion in the Halo of ω Centauri: No Need for MOND Given the Present Data 153 McLaughlin, D. E.; Meylan, G.
The Galactic Orbit of the Globular Cluster M3 155 Wu, Z. Y.; Wang, J. J.; Chen, L.
Modern Stellar Evolution Models for Low Mass Stars 159 Castellani, V.
Color-Magnitude Diagrams and Mass Functions of Globular Clusters down to the Hydrogen-Burning Limit 167 King, I. R.
Spectroscopy of Main Sequence Stars in Globular Clusters 175 Cannon, R.; da Costa, G.; Norris, J.; Stanford, L.; Croke, B.
White Dwarfs in Globular Clusters - Progenitors, Successors and the Real Thing 185 Moehler, S.
Mass Segregation in M22 195 Albrow, M. D.; de Marchi, G.; Sahu, K. C.
The Stellar Mass-Function of Globular Clusters 197 Baumgardt, H.
Using M32 to Study Rapid Phases of Stellar Evolution 199 Brown, T. M.; Ferguson, H. C.
Mass Loss Predictions for Hot Horizontal Branch Stars 201 Cassisi, S.; Vink, J. S.
Theoretical Constraints on the Neutrino Magnetic Moment from the White Dwarf Cooling 203 Castellani, V.; Coraggio, G.; degl'Innocenti, S.; Prada Moroni, P. G.
Theoretical Evolutionary Tools for the Magellanic Clouds 205 Castellani, V.; degl'Innocenti, S.; Marconi, M.; Prada Moroni, P. G.; Sestito, P.
Primordial or Dynamical Mass Segregation in Young LMC Clusters? 207 de Grijs, R.; Gilmore, G. F.; Johnson, R.
Globular Clusters: Mass Function and Metallicity 209 de Marchi, G.; Pulone, L.; Paresce, F.; Covino, S.
NGC 1866: New Analysis from HST-WFPC2 Observations of the Inner Regions 212 di Carlo, E.; Raimondo, G.; Brocato, E.; Castellani, V.; Walker, A. R.
The Bologna Key Project on ω Cen 215 Ferraro, F. R.; Bellazzini, M.; Origlia, L.; Pancino, E.; Sollima, A.
Red Giant Branch Stars as Probes of Stellar Populations: 2MASS Calibration and Application to 2MASS GC01 217 Ivanov, V. D.; Borissova, J.
Models of Metal-Poor Stars with Gravitational Settling and Radiative Accelerations 220 Michaud, G.; Richard, O.; Richer, J.; Vandenberg, D. A.
Wide Field Photometry of Globular Clusters: the Case of M22 and M54 222 Monaco, L.; Pancino, E.; Ferraro, F. R.; Bellazzini, M.
High Resolution IR Spectroscopy of Bulge Globular Clusters 224 Origlia, L.; Rich, R. M.
The Metal-Rich Population in ω Cen 226 Pancino, E.; Origlia, L.; Ferraro, F. R.; Bellazzini, M.; Hill, V.; Pasquini, L.
Self-Enrichment of Galactic Halo Globular Clusters 228 Parmentier, G.; Noels, A.; Gilmore, G. F.
HST Color-Magnitude Diagrams of 74 Galactic Globular Clusters: the Snapshot Database 230 Piotto, G.; de Angeli, F.; Riello, M.; Recio-Blanco, A.; King, I. R.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Zoccali, M.; Renzini, A.; Saviane, I.; Sosin, C.; Rich, R. M.; Meylan, G.
The Red Giant Branch Bump 232 Riello, M.; Piotto, G.; Recio-Blanco, A.; Cassisi, S.; Salaris, M.
UVES Abundances of Stars in Nearby Galaxies: How Good Are Theoretical Isochrones? 234 Tolstoy, E.
FUSE Observations of the Post-AGB Star ZNG 1 in the Globular Cluster M5 (NGC 5904) 236 van Dyke Dixon, W.; Brown, T. M.; Landsman, W. B.
FUSE observations of the post-AGB star ZNG 1 in the globular cluster M 5 (NGC 5904) 236 van Dyke Dixon, W.; Brown, T. M.; Landsman, W. B.
The BaSel 3.1 Stellar SED Library: an Ideal Tool for Globular Cluster Studies 238 Westera, P.; Buser, R.
The Y2 Isochrones 240 Yi, S.; Demarque, P.; Kim, Y. C.
Binary Evolution and Neutron Stars in Globular Clusters 245 Verbunt, F.
Recent Breakthroughs in Detecting Neutron Star Binaries in Globular Clusters 255 Edmonds, P.
Hot Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters: a Photometrist's View 263 Piotto, G.
Rotation and Abundance Anomalies in Blue Horizontal-Branch Stars 275 Behr, B.
Gravitational Radiation from Globular Cluster Binaries 285 Benacquista, M.
Radial Distribution of Red Giant Branch Stars of Galactic Globular Clusters in 2MASS Database 287 Borissova, J.; Ivanov, V. D.
On the Oosterhoff Classification of the Unusual, Metal-Rich Globular Cluster NGC 6388 and NGC 6441 289 Catelan, M.; Sweigart, A. V.; Pritzl, B. J.; Smith, H. A.
Is NGC 6752 Hiding a Double Black Hole Binary in its Core? 291 Colpi, M.; Gualandris, A.; Possenti, A.
Is the Helium Variation Due to Self-Pollution Responsible for the Appearence of Blue Tails in the Horizontal Branch? 293 D'Antona, F.; Caloi, V.; Montalbán, J.; Ventura, P.; Gratton, R.
Statistical Study of the Blue Straggler Properties in Galactic Globular Clusters 296 de Angeli, F.; Piotto, G.
The X-Ray Sources of Omega Centauri 298 Gendre, B.; Webb, N. A.; Barret, D.
The Radial Distribution of Millisecond Pulsars in 47 Tuc 300 Gürkan, M. A.; Rasio, F. A.
Some Clues on the Tilt of the Horizontal Branches in Metal-Rich Clusters 302 Raimondo, G.; Castellani, V.; Cassisi, S.; Brocato, E.; Piotto, G.
Rotation of Hot Horizontal Branch Stars in Galactic Globular Clusters 305 Recio-Blanco, A.; Piotto, G.; Aparicio, A.; Renzini, A.
First Wailings from a New-Borm MSP in NGC 6397? 307 Sabbi, E.; Ferraro, F. R.; Possenti, A.; D'Amico, N.
Radial Velocity Observations and Radius Determination of Pulsating Stars in Globular Cluster M5 309 Sachkov, M. E.; Rastorguev, A. S.
Statistical Investigation of Apparent Distributions of Different Population RGB Stars in ω Cen 311 Seleznev, A. F.; Pancino, E.; Piotto, G.; Ferraro, F. R.; Bellazzini, M.
A New Formation Mechanism for the Hottest Horizontal-Branch Stars 313 Sweigart, A. V.; Brown, T. M.; Lanz, T.; Landsman, W. B.; Hubeny, I.
Accretion of Gas by Globular Cluster Stars 315 Thoul, A.; Jehin, E.; Magain, P.; Noels, A.; Parmentier, G.; Jorissen, A.; Goriely, S.
XMM-Newton Observations and Optical Photometry of the Globular Cluster M22 (NGC 6656) 317 Webb, N. A.; Gendre, B.; Barret, D.
Abundance Anomalies in Globular Clusters 321 Gratton, R.
Globular Cluster Distances 329 Cacciari, C.
Globular Cluster Ages: Absolute and Relative 337 Grundahl, F.
Multi-Wavelength Observations of Stellar Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters 345 Ferraro, F. R.
The Distance to NGC 6822 from its RR Lyrae's 355 Baldacci, L.; Rizzi, L.; Clementini, G.; Held, E. V.; Momany, Y.; di Fabrizio, L.; Saviane, I.
VLT-UVES Spectroscopy of the Subgiant I-24 of the Bulge Globular Cluster NGC 6528 in Baade's Window 358 Barbuy, B.; Dutra, C.; Hill, V.; Ortolani, S.; Momany, Y.; Bica, E.; Renzini, A.; Zoccali, M.; Pasquini, L.; Minniti, D.; Rich, R. M.
Accurate Internal Proper Motions of Globular Clusters 360 Bedin, L. R.; Piotto, G.; Anderson, J.; King, I. R.
Search for Variables in the Globular Cluster M56 364 Benko, J. M.
Lithium in NGC 6397: Evidence for a Primordial Origin 367 Bonifacio, P.; Pasquini, L.; Spite, F.; Bragaglia, A.; Carretta, E.; Castellani, V.; Centurión, M.; Chieffi, A.; Clementini, G.; D'Antona, F.; Desidera, S.; François, P.; Gratton, R.; Grundahl, F.; James, G.; Lucatello, S.; Sneden, C.; Straniero, O.
Surface Brightness Fluctuations: a Theoretical Point of View 369 Cantiello, M.; Raimondo, G.; Brocato, E.; Capaccioli, M.
Global Metallicity of Globular Cluster Stars from Color-Magnitude Diagrams 372 Cassisi, S.; Caputo, F.
Pulsational Constraints to the Distance to Globular Clusters 374 di Criscenzio, M.; Marconi, M.; Caputo, F.
Stellar Abundances in Giant Stars in the Metal-Rich Globular Cluster NGC 6528 377 Feltzing, S.; Primas, F.; Johnson, R.
Anomalous Cepheids: Pulsation Models and Comparison with Observations 379 Fiorentino, G.; Marconi, M.; Caputo, F.
New Determination of the Distances to NGC 6397, NGC 6752 and 47 Tuc Based on Main Sequence Fitting 381 Gratton, R.; Carretta, E.; Bragaglia, A.; Clementini, G.; Grundahl, F.
Magnesium Isotope Ratios in NGC 6752 Red Giant Stars 383 Grundahl, F.; Nissen, P. E.; Yong, D.; Lambert, D. L.; Briley, M.
Heavy Elements Abundances in Turn-off Stars and Early Subgiants in NGC 6752 385 James, G.; François, P.
Metallicity Spread in M3 387 Jurcsik, J.
Multiwavelength Time Series Data of the LMC Cluster Reticulum 388 Monelli, M.; Andreuzzi, G.; Bono, G.; Buonanno, R.; Caputo, F.; Castellani, M.; Castellani, V.; Corsi, C. E.; dall'Ora, M.; Marconi, G.; Pulone, L.; Ripepi, V.; Storm, J.; Testa, V.
A New Survey of Variability in the Core of M15 with TRIFFID-2 391 Tuairisg, S. Ó.; Butler, R.; Shearer, A.; Redfern, M.; Butler, D.
A Photometric Method for Estimating CNO Abundances in Globular Clusters 393 Peat, D.; Butler, R.
Resolving the 47 Tucanae Distance Problem 395 Percival, S.; Salaris, M.; van Wyk, F.; Kilkenny, D.
Pulsational Properties of Cluster RR Lyrae Stars 397 Petroni, S.; Bono, G.; Castellani, V.
Horizontal-Branch Morphology as an Age Indicator 400 Rey, S.-C.; Lee, Y.-W.; Yoon, S.-J.; Sohn, Y.-J.; Chaboyer, B.; Sarajedini, A.
The Relative Ages of LMC Old Clusters and the Case of NGC 1841 402 Saviane, I.; Rosenberg, A.; Aparicio, A.; Piotto, G.
RR Lyrae Stars in the Globular Cluster NGC 6304 404 Valenti, E.; Bellazzini, M.; Cacciari, C.
The Age of M3 406 Wenger, E.; Buser, R.
Formation of the Galactic Halo 411 Gerhard, O.
Globular Cluster Formation 419 Pudritz, R.; Weil, M. L.
Formation and Dynamical Evolution of Star Cluster Systems 429 Fall, S. M.; Zhang, Q.
Signatures of Disruption Around Globular Clusters 439 Johnston, K.
Tidal Disruption and Globular Clusters: Observational View 447 Majewski, S.
The Formation of Globular Cluster Systems 457 Côté, P.
Formation of Globular Clusters in Merging Galaxies 467 Schweizer, F.
Correlations of Globular Cluster Properties: Their Interpretations and Uses 479 Djorgovski, S. G.; Côté, P.; Meylan, G.; Castro, S.; Federici, L.; Parmeggiani, G.; Cacciari, C.; Fusi Pecci, F.; Rich, R. M.; Jou, T.
Globular Clusters in the Sgr dSph Stream 491 Bellazzini, M.; Ferraro, F. R.; Ibata, R. A.
The Formation of Metal-Poor Globular Clusters in the Inner Halo 493 Lee, J.-W.; Carney, B. W.
On the Origin of ω Centauri and Other Massive Globular Clusters 495 Lee, Y.-W.; Rey, S.-C.; Yoon, S.-J.; Ree, C. H.; Sohn, Y.-J.; Joo, J.-M.
Dynamical Evolution of Globular Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds and Other Local Systems 497 Mackey, A. D.; Gilmore, G. F.
Remnants of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Around the Young Globular Cluster Palomar 12 499 Martínez-Delgado, D.; Carrera, R.; Gallart, C.; Zinn, R.
Palomar 5 and its Tidal Tails: New Observational Results 501 Odenkirchen, M.; Grebel, E. K.; Dehnen, W.; Rix, H. W.; Rockosi, C. M.; Newberg, H.; Yanny, B.
Can We Know How Globular Clusters Form? 503 Perez, J.; Roy, F.
Cluster Formation in the LMC 507 Vallenari, A.; Moretti, A.; Held, E.; Rizzi, L.; Bettoni, D.
Dynamical Evolution of the M87 Globular Cluster System 509 Vesperini, E.; Zepf, S. E.; Kundu, A.; Ashman, K. M.
An Extensive Study of the Effects of Dynamical Friction on the Orbits of Globular Clusters 511 Vicari, A.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.
An Aligned Stream of the Most Metal-Poor Globular Clusters in the Halo of the Milky Way 513 Yoon, S.-J.; Lee, Y.-W.
Observational Properties of Extragalactic Globular Cluster Systems 517 Forbes, D.
Globular Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds 525 Chiosi, C.
The M31 Globular Cluster System 533 Rich, R. M.
Globular Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies 545 da Costa, G. S.
A New Class of Star Clusters in Lenticular Galaxies 555 Brodie, J. P.; Larsen, S. S.
Variable Stars in M31's Globular Clusters 565 Alves, D. R.; Bergier, A.; Crotts, A.; Cseresnjes, P.
Analysing Multi-Color Observations of Young Star Clusters in Mergers 567 Anders, P.; Fritze-v. Alvensleben, U.; de Grijs, R.
Age and Metallicity of Three LMC Globular Clusters 569 Bertelli, G.; Nasi, E.; Girardi, L.; Chiosi, C.; Zoccali, M.; Gallart, C.
N-Body Simulations of Globular Cluster-like Systems 572 di Matteo, P.; Miocchi, P.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.
Stellar Substructure in the Halo and Outer Disk of M31 574 Ferguson, A. M. N.; Irwin, M. J.; Ibata, R. A.; Lewis, G. F.; Tanvir, N. R.
Globular Cluster Populations: Signatures and Implications 576 Fritze-v. Alvensleben, U.; de Grijs, R.
Near-IR Surface Brightness Fluctuations of Magellanic Globular Clusters 578 González, R. A.; Liu, M. C.; Bruzual, G. A.; Marín-Franch, A.
Extragalactic Globular Clusters in the Near Infrared: Revealing Intermediate Age Populations in Early-Type Galaxies 580 Hempel, M.; Kissler-Patig, M.; Hilker, M.; Puzia, T. H.; Brodie, J. P.; Goudfrooij, P.; Minniti, D.; Zepf, S. E.
Globular Clusters in the Central Region of Nearby Galaxy Clusters 583 Hilker, M.
Comparing the Old Stellar Population in Globulars and Dwarf Galaxies: the Cases of Phoenix and Leo A 585 Hopp, U.; Greggio, L.
Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies 587 Ikuta, C.; Arimoto, N.
The Ages of Globular Clusters in M87 from Strömgren Photometry 589 Jordán, A.; Côté, P.; West, M. J.; Marzke, R. O.
Do Intergalactic Globular Clusters Exist in A-1656 (Coma)? 591 Marín-Franch, A.; Aparicio, A.
Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in M104 593 Moretti, A.; Held, E. V.; Federici, L.; Cacciari, C.; Rizzi, L.; Testa, V.
Chemical Evolution of the M82 B Fossil Starburst 596 Parmentier, G.; de Grijs, R.; Gilmore, G. F.
Ultra-Compact Dwarfs: a Missing Link Between Galaxies and Globular Clusters? 598 Phillipps, S.; Drinkwater, M. J.; Ferguson, H. C.; Gregg, M. D.; Hilker, M.; Jones, J. B.
Future Opportunities for Globular Cluster Astronomy at Ground Based Facilities 602 Renzini, A.
Future Prospects: Merging Data with Models 608 Gilmore, G.
Conference Summary 616 Freeman, K. C.
Conference Photographs 999 Piotto, Giampaolo; Meylan, Georges; Djorgovski, S. George; Riello, Marco