Title: Modes of Star Formation and the Origin of Field Populations
Volume: 285 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Grebel, Eva K.; Brandner, Walfgang
ISBN: 1-58381-128-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-620-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Star Formation in Turbulent Molecular Clouds (Review) 3 Burkert, A.
Alfvén-wave Driven Turbulence in Molecular Clouds 13 Heitsch, F.; Burkert, A.
The Velocity Structure of Molecular Cloud Cores 18 Ziegler, M.; Burkert, A.
The Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Clouds 21 Gittins, D. M.; Clarke, C. J.; Bate, M. R.
Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in the Local Group (Review) 24 Fukui, Y.
Statistical Study of Nearby Dense Cores and their Modes of Star Formation 34 Tachihara, K.; Onishi, T.; Hara, A.; Mizuno, A.; Fukui, Y.
The Formation of Massive Stars (Invited) 40 Henning, T.; Stecklum, B.
Dust and Molecular Line Observations of Candidate Massive Protostars and Super Ultracompact H II Regions 49 Su, Y.-N.; Lim, J.
Lessons from the Simplest Mode of Star Formation 55 Alves, J.; Lada, C.; Lada, E.
Star Formation in Clusters: Subclustering, Cloud Fragmentation, and the Origin of the Stellar IMF (Invited) 60 Testi, L.
The Orion Nebula Cluster at Mid-IR Wavelengths 68 Robberto, M.
The Initial Mass Function of Stars and Brown Dwarfs: A Comparison Among Different Galactic Populations 74 Luhman, K. L.
Multiplicity of T Tauri Stars in Different Star-Forming Regions 81 Köhler, R.
The Initial Mass Function and Its Variation (Review) 86 Kroupa, P.
Triggered Star Formation in the Sco OB2 Association (Invited) 97 Preibisch, T.; Zinnecker, H.; Guenther, E.
Resolved Giant HII Regions: NGC 3603 and 30 Doradus (Invited) 105 Brandner, W.
Clustered vs. Isolated Star Formation (Invited) 112 Mac Low, M.-M.
Triggering Stars with Protostars 121 Smith, M. D.
Star Formation in Expanding Shells (Invited) 125 Ehlerová, S.; Palouš, J.
The Binary Mode of Star Formation (Invited) 131 Zinnecker, H.
Impact of Gas Removal on the Evolution of Embedded Clusters 141 Boily, C.; Kroupa, P.
Evolution from OB Associations and Moving Groups to the Field Population (Review) 150 Brown, A. G. A.
Ghostly Open Clusters (Invited) 160 de La Fuente Marcos, R.
Dynamics of Brown Dwarfs in Open Clusters 170 de La Fuente Marcos, R.; de La Fuente Marcos, C.
Perturbing Primordial Planetary Orbits in Star Clusters 174 de La Fuente Marcos, C.; de La Fuente Marcos, R.
Halo Enrichment By Disrupted Globular Clusters (Invited) 177 Baumgardt, H.
Tidal Tails of the Globular Cluster Pal 5 Detected With SDSS Commissioning Data 184 Odenkirchen, M.; Grebel, E. K.; Dehnen, W.; Rix, H.-W.; Wolf, C.; Rockosi, C. M.
Old Moving Groups 188 Holmberg, J.; Feltzing, S.
Constraints on the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy's Tidal Stream 195 Stolte, A.; Ibata, R.; Rix, H.-W.; Yanny, B.; Ivezić, ž.
Effects of Tidal Disruption on Inferred Galactic Star Formation Histories (Review) 199 Majewski, S. R.; Patterson, R. J.; Palma, C.; Westfall, K. B.; Siegel, M. H.; Ostheimer, J. C.; Frinchaboy, P. M.; Link, R.; Sohn, S.; Kunkel, W. E.; Johnston, K. V.
The Initial Mode of Star Formation (Review) 213 Abel, T.; Bryan, G. L.; Norman, M. L.
The Low-Mass IMF - Deep Star Counts in the DSph Galaxy Ursa Minor (Invited) 223 Feltzing, S.; Wyse, R.; Houdashelt, M.; Gilmore, G.
Wide-Field Imaging of the Local Group Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Sextans 230 Harbeck, D.; Grebel, E. K.; Holtzman, J.; Geisler, D.; Sarajedini, A.
Evidence For a Self-Enrichment Process in Galactic Halo Globular Clusters 234 Parmentier, G.; Jehin, E.; Magain, P.; Noels, A.; Thoul, A.
The Solar Neighborhood Age-Metallicity Relation - Does It Exist? 243 Feltzing, S.; Holmberg, J.; Hurley, J.
Chemical Enrichment and Star Formation in the Galactic Disk (Invited) 248 Rocha-Pinto, H. J.
Star Formation and Spatial Structure in the Galactic Disk: Open Cluster Data 256 Moitinho, A.
Implications of Modes of Star Formation for the Overall Dynamics of Galactic Disks (Review) 261 Fuchs, B.
Modes of Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies (Review) 271 Hodge, P.
Massive Stars in the Bulge of M51: a New Mode of Star Formation? 279 Lamers, H. J. G. L. M.; Panagia, N.; Romaniello, M.; Scuderi, S.; Spaans, M.
Young Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies (Invited) 287 Dolphin, A. E.; Kennicutt, R. C., Jr.
Application of an Objective Method for the Identification of Young Star Groupings in Spiral Galaxies 293 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Vicari, A.; Battinelli, P.; Arrabito, G.
Spiral-Density-Wave Induced Star Formation At High Galactic Latitudes (Invited) 297 Kurtz, S.; Martos, M.; Allen, C.; Franco, J.
Star Formation Modes in Low-Mass Disk Galaxies (Review) 303 Gallagher, J. S., III; Matthews, L. D.
The Star Formation History of the Small Magellanic Cloud (Invited) 313 Harris, J.; Zaritsky, D.
Stellar Associations and the Associated Field East of LMC 4 in the Large Magellanic Cloud 320 Gouliermis, D.; de Boer, K. S.; Keller, S. C.; Kontizas, M.; Kontizas, E.
Star-forming Regions in Irregular Galaxies (Review) 323 Hunter, D. A.
Comparison of Star Formation Modes in Normal Dwarf Irregulars and BCDs (Invited) 333 van Zee, L.
Star Formation in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies: From Self-regulation to Starbursts (Invited) 341 Hensler, G.; Rieschick, A.
Modes of Star Formation in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies (Invited) 349 Grebel, E. K.
The Star Formation History of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies (Invited) 358 Carraro, G.
Stellar Feedback, Dark Matter and Dwarf Evolution (Review) 367 Ferrara, A.
Starburst Clusters in Galactic Nuclei (Invited) 381 Figer, D. F.; Morris, M.
Galactic Nuclear Activity Induced By Globular Cluster Merging (Invited) 389 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.
Nuclear Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies 396 Johnson, R. A.; Lawrence, A.; Lira, P.
The Young Inter-Cloud Population (Invited) 401 Demers, S.
Star Formation in Tidal Dwarf Galaxies 406 Lisenfeld, U.; Braine, J.; Vallejo, O.; Duc, P.-A.; Leon, S.; Brinks, E.; Charmandaris, V.
The Evolution of Starburst Galaxies 414 Conselice, C. J.
A Universality to Star Formation in Galaxies (Review) 425 Elmegreen, B. G.
Summary: Modes of Star Formation (Invited) 442 Larson, R. B.