Title: Exotic Stars as Challenges to Evolution, IAU Colloquium 187
Volume: 279 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Tout, Christopher A.; van Hamme, Walter
ISBN: 1-58381-122-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-614-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Introductory Remarks 1 Eggleton, Peter P.
Twenty-Five Years with SS433 5 Chakrabarti, Sandip K.
X-Ray Observations of SS 433: Review and Recent Results 19 Kotani, Taro; Band, David; Denissyuk, Eduard K.; Kawai, Nobuyuki; Kinugasa, Kenzo; Namiki, Masaaki; Safi-Harb, Samar; Trushkin, Sergei
Far-Red Spectroscopy of Peculiar Stars and the GAIA Mission 25 Munari, Ulisse
GAIA Survey of Galactic Eclipsing Binaries 31 Zwitter, Tomaž
Three Incomprehensible Binaries 37 Eggleton, Peter P.
The Massive Close Binary in the δ Ori A Triple System 47 Harvin, James A.; Gies, Douglas R.
V652 Her: Evidence that White Dwarf Mergers Really do Happen 53 Jeffery, C. Simon
The Strange Story of BI Lyncis: an Extremely Helium-Rich Subdwarf with a Cool Companion 59 Jeffery, C. Simon; Aznar Cuadrado, Regina
A Reprise of the Properties of the Exotic Eclipsing Binary RT Lacertae 65 Milone, Eugene F.
The Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) 73 Kotani, Taro
η Carinae - A Massive Star In Its Death Throes? 79 Humphreys, Roberta M.; Davidson, Kris; Smith, Nathan
Crossing the "Yellow Void" - Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of the Post-Red Supergiant IRC+10420 95 Humphreys, Roberta M.; Davidson, Kris; Smith, Nathan
Interferometric Observations of η Carinae - the VLTI Takes Its First Glimpse at the Central Source 99 Kervella, Pierre; Schöller, Markus; van Boekel, Roy; di Folco, Emmanuel; Correia, Serge; Glindemann, Andreas; Paresce, Francesco; Richichi, Andrea; Tarenghi, Massimo; Wittkowski, Markus
The Stellar Wind Geometry of η Carinae 107 Smith, Nathan; Davidson, Kris; Gull, Theodore R.; Ishibashi, Kazunori
Star Clusters as Exotic Star Factories 115 Hurley, Jarrod R.; Shara, Michael M.; Tout, Christopher A.
Toward Solving the Mysteries of the Exotic Eclipsing Binary ???? Aurigae: Two Thousand years of Observations and Future Possibilities 121 Guinan, Edward F.; Dewarf, Laurence E.
Binaries with Invisible Massive Components 143 Chochol, Drahomír; Mayer, Pavel
The Interacting Binary Be Star HR 2142 149 Peters, Geraldine J.; Gies, Douglas R.
Multiple Probes of the AS Cam Dynamical Problem 155 van Hamme, Walter; Wilson, Robert E.; Branly, Rolando M.
Fluorescence Model for AG Draconis 161 van Hamme, Walter; Wilson, Robert E.
Fluorescence and Chromospheric Activity of V471 Tau 167 Vaccaro, Todd R.; Wilson, Robert E.
FG Sagittae 173 Schönberner, Detlef; Jeffery, C. Simon
Imaging Ejecta from the Final Flash Star V605 Aql 187 Hinkle, Kenneth; Joyce, Richard; Ridgway, Steven; Close, Laird; Lebzelter, Thomas; Hron, Josef; Andre, Karin
Sakurai's Object, V605 Aql and FG Sge: An Evolutionary Sequence Revealed 193 Lawlor, Timothy M.; MacDonald, James
H1504+65-The Naked Stellar C/O Core of a Former Red Giant Observed with FUSE and Chandra 201 Werner, Klaus; Rauch, Thomas; Barstow, Martin A.; Kruk, Jeff W.
The β Lyrae Puzzle 209 Linnell, Albert P.
Magnetically Driven Warping and Precession of Accretion Disks: Implications for Exotic Stellar Variabilities 215 Lai, Dong
Strange Among the Strange: The B-emission Star γ Cassiopeiæ 221 Harmanec, Petr
V471 Tauri and SuWt 2: The Exotic Descendants of Triple Systems? 239 Bond, Howard E.; O'Brien, M. Sean; Sion, Edward M.; Mullan, Dermott J.; Exter, Katrina; Pollacco, Don L.; Webbink, Ronald F.
The Slow Merger of Massive Stars: Merger Types and Post-Merger Evolution 245 Ivanova, Natasha; Podsiadlowski, Philipp
Irradiation Effects in Compact Binaries 253 Beer, Martin E.; Podsiadlowski, Philipp
CW Leonis, IRC+10216 259 Knapp, Gillian R.
Maser Emission from Icy Planets Orbiting Young Stars 273 Slysh, Viacheslav
A Protoplanetary Disk in V645 Cyg As Seen with H2O and Methanol Masers 279 Val'tts, Irina E.; Slysh, Viacheslav I.; Voronkov, Maksim A.; Migenes, Victor
The Formation of Subdwarf B Stars 285 Han, Zhanwen; Podsiadlowski, Philipp; Maxted, Pierre F. L.; Marsh, Tom R.; Ivanova, Natasha
The Initial-Final Mass Relation for Close Low-Intermediate-Mass Binaries (non-conservative case) 291 Chen, Xuefei; Han, Zhanwen
Criterion for Dynamical Instability of Mass Transfer in Binary Evolution 297 Han, Zhanwen; Podsiadlowski, Philipp; Tout, Christopher A.
Be Binaries with Warm Dust and Exotic High-Luminosity A-F Emission-Line Stars 303 Miroshnichenko, Anatoly S.; Bjorkman, Karen S.; Klochkova, Valentina G.; Chentsov, Eugene L.
The β Pictoris Disk: Peculiar or Just Young? 309 Lissauer, Jack J.; Backman, Dana E.
TU Muscae and the Early-type Overcontact Binaries 319 Terrell, Dirk
The Massive Contact Binary RY Scuti: A WR+OB Progenitor and Its Compact Nebula 325 Smith, Nathan; Gehrz, Robert D.
The Later Evolution of the Contact Binaries AP Leo, AK Her, AB And and AM Leo 331 Li, Lifang; Han, Zhanwen; Zhang, Fenghui
Variability of the Light Curves of the Close Binary GR Tauri 337 Yamasaki, Atsuma; Takeda, Masao; Yamauchi, Tsuyoshi; Takada, Gunji; Hattori, Shinnosuke
Light Curve Changes in AH Cancri 339 Branly, Rolando M.; van Hamme, Walter
V838 Monocerotis - a Newly Discovered, Very Peculiar, Slow Nova-Like Object 345 Rauch, Thomas; Hauschildt, Peter; Asplund, Martin; Gredel, Roland; Käufl, Hans-Ulrich; Kerber, Florian; Rosa, Michael; Starrfield, Sumner G.; Wagner, R. Mark; Williams, Robert E.
HD 101065 - Przybylski's Star: A Most Peculiar Star 351 Kurtz, Don W.
Looking for Twins of Przybylski's Star 365 Hubrig, Swetlana; Cowley, Charles R.; Bagnulo, Stefano; Mathys, Gautier; Ritter, Andreas; Wahlgren, Glen M.
The Unusual Evolutionary State of Nova Scorpii 1994 373 Tout, Christopher A.; Regös, Enikö; Wickramasinghe, Dayal
Exoticism Among the Familiar and Bright 379 Griffin, Elizabeth
Historic Spectra of Exotic Objects at your Fingertips: Raking up their Past 385 Griffin, Elizabeth
Exotic Stars as Challenges to Evolution: an Evaluation 389 Jeffery, C. Simon