Title: Seeing Through the Dust: The Detection of HI and the Exploration of the ISM in Galaxies
Volume: 276 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Taylor, A. R.; Landecker, T. L.; Willis, A. G.
ISBN: 1-58381-118-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-611-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Pioneers of H I 3 Westerhout, G.
The First Twenty Years 6 Radhakrishnan, V.
Reminiscences of Early 21-cm Research at the CSIRO 19 Robinson, B.
The Discovery of the First H I Shell in the Galaxy 23 Menon, T. K.
The Start of 21-cm Line Research: The Early Dutch Years 27 Westerhout, G.
Observational Advances in Radio Astronomy 37 Ekers, R. D.
The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey 50 Knee, L. B. G.
The Southern Galactic Plane Survey 58 McClure-Griffiths, N. M.
The VLA Galactic Plane Survey 68 Taylor, A. R.; Stil, J. M.; Dickey, J. M.; McClure-Griffiths, N. M.; Martin, P. G.; Rothwell, T.; Lockman, F. J.
The H I Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS) 72 Koribalski, B. S.
The H I Jodrell All-Sky Survey (HIJASS) 80 Kilborn, V. A.
The Westerbork H I Survey of Irregular and Spiral Galaxies, WHISP 84 van der Hulst, J. M.
The H I Sky, the Window to the Early Universe in X-rays 88 Kerp, J.
H I Survey Science with the Canadian Large Adaptive Reflector 92 Côté, S.; Taylor, A. R.; Dewdney, P. E.
The Wisconsin Hα Mapper Northern Sky Survey 96 Madsen, G. J.; Haffner, L. M.; Reynolds, R. J.
SETH I@Berkeley- A Piggyback 21-cm Sky Survey at Arecibo 100 Korpela, E. J.; Demorest, P.; Heien, E.; Heiles, C.; Werthimer, D.
H I and Galactic Structure 107 Lockman, F. J.
Replacing HI Kinematics - a New Distance Measurement Technique Based on Column Densities 123 Foster, T.; Routledge, D.
Tracing Galaxy Assembly with the Gaseous Halo 127 Putman, M. E.; Moore, B.
Positive Intermediate Velocity Gas in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey 136 Kerton, C. R.; Knee, L. B. G.; Higgs, L.
Neutral Hydrogen Absorption Toward H II Regions in the Perseus Arm 140 Brunt, C. M.; Kerton, C. R.; Kothes, R.; Gibson, S. J.
Studying the H I Structure of the Galaxy using Background Sources 145 Strasser, S.; Taylor, A. R.
The ISOGAL Survey 149 Miville-Deschênes, M.-A.; Pérault, M.; Rabasse, J. F.; Omont, A.; Schuller, F.
Numerical Models of the ISM 155 Vázquez-Semadeni, E.
Scaling of ISM Turbulence: Implications for H I 170 Cho, J.; Lazarian, A.; Yan, H.
Quest for H I Turbulence Statistics: New Techniques 182 Lazarian, A.; Pogosyan, D.; Esquivel, A.
Virial Theorem Analysis of 3D Numerical Simulations of MHD Self-Gravitating Turbulence 190 Shadmehri, M.; Vázquez-Semadeni, E.; Ballesteros-Paredes, J.
Exotic Tools for the Morphological Analysis of H I Clouds 194 Khalil, A.; Joncas, G.; Nekka, F.
The Interstellar Disk-Halo Connection: The Rotation of Extra-planar Gas 201 Benjamin, R. A.
H I in High Latitude Cirrus Clouds 209 Miville-Deschênes, M.-A.; Boulanger, F.; Joncas, G.
X-rays from High-Velocity Clouds 213 Kerp, J.; Kappes, M.; Pradas, J.
H I Angular Power Spectra from Fields in the CGPS 217 Green, D. A.
Interpreting the Observed 21-cm H I Power Spectrum 221 Minter, A.
Shocked H I and CO gas in the W51 Complex 225 Koo, B. C.
Does the Mushroom Affect the Surrounding Medium? Sharpless 184 and the Cauldron 229 West, J. L.
Cold Atomic Gas in the Milky Way 235 Gibson, S. J.
Fitting the HISA with the CNM: The Distribution of Cool H I Temperatures 248 Dickey, J. M.
Tracing Diffuse H2 in the Galactic Plane 256 Douglas, K. A.; Taylor, A. R.
The Estimation of Dust Temperatures in H I Regions 260 Roger, R. S.
Condensation Induced Dynamically in the Warm Neutral Medium-Detection of Thermally Unstable Gas from Analysis of H I Spectra? 264 Hennebelle, P.; Pérault, M.; Miville-Deschênes, M.-A.
Time Variations of Small-Scale Structure in Galactic H I 268 Zauderer, B. A.; Depree, C. G.; Goss, W. M.; Brogan, C.; Faison, M. D.
The Millennium Arecibo H I Absorption Line Survey: Extolling the Analysis Procedures 272 Heiles, C.
Case Studies of Dissociating Stars 276 Purton, C. R.
The Dark Arc: A Massive Cloud of Cold Atomic Hydrogen in the Outer Galaxy 280 Knee, L. B. G.; Brunt, C. M.
G28.17+0.05, A Giant Atomic/Molecular Cloud 284 Minter, A.; Lockman, F. J.
On The Origin of H I in Galaxies: Photodissociation and the "Schmidt Law" for Global Star Formation 288 Allen, R. J.
H I as a Probe of Structure in the Interstellar Medium of External Galaxies 295 Oey, M. S.
H I Bubbles Surrounding O-type Stars 308 Cappa, C.; Arnal, E. M.; Cichowolski, S.; Pineault, S.; St-Louis, N.
Cas OB7 and its Surrounding ISM 312 Cazzolato, F.; Pineault, S.
Expanding Shells of Neutral Hydrogen Around Compact H II Regions 316 Kothes, R.; Kerton, C. R.
Shells of H I, Dust and Ionized Gas in the H II Region Sharpless 217 320 Leahy, D. A.
The Structure of Cold Galactic H I on 10-100 AU scales 324 Faison, M. D.
New Stellar Wind Source Candidates from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS) 332 Pineault, S.; Cazzolato, F.; Juneau, V.
Featherweight H I Bubbles Around Two Wolf-Rayet Stars in Cygnus 336 St-Louis, N.
Large Velocity Disturbances in the Local Galactic Neighborhood: The Source of the Intermediate Velocity Gas 340 Weaver, H. F.
A Large H I Ring Detected in the Outer Arm 343 Uyaniker, B.; Kothes, R.
An H I Shell Associated with the NE Rim of the Cygnus Loop 347 Leahy, D. A.
The Dynamics of Neutral Hydrogen in the Vicinity of Three Shell-type Supernova Remnants 351 Yar, A.; Uyaniker, B.; Kothes, R.
H I and CO Emission in Blue Compact Dwarfs: Haro 2 and Haro 4/26 357 Bravo-Alfaro, H.; Brinks, E.; Baker, A. J.; Walter, F.; Kunth, D.
The Distribution of Atomic Hydrogen and Dust in Nearby Galaxies 361 Green, D. A.; Thomas, H. C.
The Parkes Narrow-band H I Survey of the Magellanic System 365 Brüns, C.; Kerp, J.; Staveley-Smith, L.
A High-Resolution Mosaic of H I in M33 370 Thilker, D. A.; Braun, R.; Walterbos, R. A. M.
The Irr Galaxy IC 1613 in 21-cm and Hα Lines: an Observational Insight into Triggered Star Formation 374 Lozinskaya, T. A.
Ram Pressure and Anomalous Shell Formation in HoII 378 Bureau, M.; Carignan, C.
The Discovery of High-Latitude CO in NGC 5775 383 Lee, S.-W.; Seaquist, E. R.; Leon, S.; García-Burillo, S.; Irwin, J. A.
New SCUBA and GMRT Observations of NGC 5775 387 Brar, R. S.; Irwin, J. A.
The Large-Scale Structure of the Large Magellanic Cloud 391 Staveley-Smith, L.
Numerical Simulation of the Formation of Galaxies: The End of the Beginning? 397 Couchman, H. M. P.; Thacker, R. J.
NGC 5775 and NGC 2613 - On high Latitude H I and Lagging Halos 406 Irwin, J. A.; Chaves, T. A.; Lee, S.-W.
Neutral Hydrogen Observations of IC 342 and UGC A86: Evidence of Interaction? 410 Gray, A. D.; Harnett, J. I.; Beck, R.
VLA H I Observations of Two 'Superthin' Edge-On Spirals 414 Matthews, L. D.; Uson, J. M.
Anomalous H I in Spiral Galaxies 419 Fraternali, F.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Sancisi, R.; van Moorsel, G.; Cappi, M.
Large Gas Disks in Radiogalaxies 423 Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Tinti, S.; Tadhunter, C. N.; Wills, K. A.; van Moorsel, G.
Doubling the Number of Massive Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 427 O'Neil, K.; Schombert, J.; Bothun, G.
Deconstructing Virgo from H I data 430 Solanes, J. M.; Sanchis, T.; Salvador-Solé, E.
H I Galaxy Dynamics and Dark Matter 437 Côté, S.
Gas Rich Galaxies and the H I Mass Function 449 Davies, J. I.
The Velocity Dispersion of Galactic Dark Matter 453 Kalberla, P. M. W.; Kerp, J.; Haud, U.
H I Signatures of Reionization 461 Tozzi, P.
H I 21-cm Absorbers at Moderate Redshifts 469 Lane, W.
An H I Study of the Ly-α Absorber/Galaxy Connection 473 Rosenberg, J. L.; Putman, M. E.