Title: The Evolving Sun and its Influence on Planetary Environments
Volume: 269 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Montesinos, Benjamin; Gimenez, Alvaro; Guinan, Edward F.
ISBN: 1-58381-109-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-605-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Latest Advances in Solar Astronomy 3 Lang, K. R.
The Solar Irradiance and its Variations 25 Rottman, G.
Magnetic Fields in the Heliosphere at Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum 37 Balogh, A.
The Early Sun: Evolution of X-Ray Emission up to 150 Myr 73 Randich, S.
Our Changing Sun: The Role of Solar Nuclear Evolution and Magnetic Activity on Earth's Atmosphere and Climate 85 Guinan, E. F.; Ribas, I.
Evolution of Stellar Coronal Activity on the Main Sequence 107 Micela, G.
From Brown Dwarfs to Planets 121 Martín, E. L.
Photochemistry of Planetary Atmospheres 133 Rodrigo, R.; Lara, L. M.
Was the Ancient Martian Surface Sterilized by Radiation? 151 Lammer, H.; Selsis, F.; Molina-Cuberos, G. J.; Stumptner, W.; Bérces, A.; Kerékgyártó, T.; Ronto, G.
From the Interstellar Medium to Planetary Atmospheres via Comets 163 Owen, T. C.; Bar-Nun, A.
Titan as an Exobiotical Environment 179 Coustenis, A.
Search for Extra-Solar Planets 189 Queloz, D.
Habitable Planets on Eccentric Orbits 201 Williams, D. M.; Pollard, D.
Evolution of Microbial Energy Conservation: from Chemolithotrophy to Photosynthesis 217 Gómez, F.; Amils, R.
Could We Predict the Coronal Field of the Sun? 227 Gavryuseva, E.; Noci, G.
Solar Cycle Variation of the Solar Internal Rotation: Helioseismic Inversion and Dynamo Modelling 233 Vorontsov, S.; Tavakol, R.; Covas, E.; Moss, D.
Temporal Variations of Global Solar Characteristics 239 Gavryuseva, E.; Gavryusev, V.
From Atmospheric Isotope Anomalies to a New Perspective on Early Solar Activity: Consequences for Planetary Paleoatmospheres 249 Lammer, H.; Stumptner, W.; Molina-Cuberos, G. J.; Lara, L. M.; Tehrany, M. G.
Habitable Zones and the Number of Gaia's Sisters 261 Franck, S.; von Bloh, W.; Bounama, C.; Steffen, M.; Schönberner, D.; Schellnhuber, H.-J.
Occurrence and Detectability of O2-Rich Atmospheres in Circumstellar "Habitable Zones" 273 Selsis, F.
EUV and UV Radiation on Mars Surface: Volcanic SO2 Shield 283 Lara, L. M.; Córdoba-Jabonero, C.; Márquez, A.; Rodrigo, R.
The Martian Surface UV Environment: Theoretical Modelling and In-Situ Measurements 289 Patel, M. R.; Zarnecki, J. C.; Towner, M. C.
Planetary Transit Across HD 209458 Using uvby Photometry 295 Rodríguez, E.; López-González, M. J.; Costa, V.
Hydrodynamics of the Formation of Atmospheres by Gas Accretion 301 Gaite, J.
Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in Protostars 307 Molina-París, C.; Gaite, J.; Hochberg, D.; Pérez-Mercader, J.
Large-Scale Properties of MHD Turbulence 313 Hochberg, D.; Berera, A.
p-Modes of Low Order in a Bi-Polytropic Model of the Sun 319 Calvo-Mozo, B.; Pinzón, G.
A Radiative-Adiabatic Model for the Greenhouse Effect 327 Karnaukhov, A. V.
The Earth Climate Change Model with regard to the Thermal Inertia of the World Ocean and Aerosol Pollution of High Layers of the Atmosphere 331 Karnaukhov, A. V.
Life as an Environmental Transformer 339 Gómez, F.; Amils, R.
Future Space Missions Relevant for the Understanding of the Evolving Sun and its Influence on Planetary Environments 353 Favata, F.
Astrobiology with ESA Science Missions 361 Foing, B. H.