Title: Omega Centauri, A Unique Window into Astrophysics
Volume: 265 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: van Leeuwen, Floor; Hughes, Joanne D.; Piotto, Giampaolo
ISBN: 1-58381-105-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-601-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Globular Cluster ω Centauri: A General Overview 3 Meylan, G.
Anisotropy in ω Centauri 21 King, I. R.; Anderson, J.
The Completeness of the Proper Motion Sample 31 Le Poole, R. S.; van Leeuwen, F.
Flattening, Rotation, Inclination and Mass of ω Centauri 41 van Leeuwen, F.; Le Poole, R. S.
An Evaluation of the Anisotropy parameter in the Globular Cluster ω Centauri 51 Ashurov, A. E.; van Leeuwen, F.
The Enrichment History of ω Centauri: What We Can Learn from Strömgren Photometry 59 Hilker, M.; Richtler, T.
Photometric Observations of ω Centauri: Multi-Wavelength Observations of Evolved Stars 73 Hughes, J.; Wallerstein, G.; van Leeuwen, F.
Main-Sequence Observations with HST 87 Anderson, J.
The Reddening of ω Centauri: E(B-V) = 0.11 95 Lub, J.
Synthetic Color-Magnitude Diagrams for ω Centauri and Other Massive Globular Clusters with Multiple Populations 101 Ree, C. H.; Yoon, S.-J.; Rey, S.-C.; Lee, Y.-W.
Chemical Evolution in ω Centauri as Deduced from High-Resolution Spectroscopy 109 Smith, V. V.
A Comparison of Copper Abundances in ω Centauri and Other Globular clusters 117 Cunha, K.; Smith, V. V.; Suntzeff, N. B.; Norris, J. E.; da Costa, G. S.
Spectroscopy of Main Sequence Stars in ω Centauri and Other Clusters 119 Cannon, R. D.; Croke, B. F. W.; da Costa, G. S.; Norris, J. E.
A Spectroscopic Survey of Stars Brighter Than B=16.6 Magnitude in ω Centauri 129 van Loon, J. Th.
The Metallicity Distribution Function of ω Centauri 143 Frinchaboy, P. M.; Rhee, J.; Ostheimer, J. C.; Majewski, S. R.; Patterson, R. J.; Johnson, W. Y.; Dinescu, D. I.; Palma, C.; Westfall, K. B.
Photometry and Spectroscopy of Eclipsing Binaries in ω Centauri 155 Kaluzny, J.; Thompson, I.; Krzeminski, W.; Olech, A.; Pych, W.; Mochejska, B.
Globular Cluster Distances and Physical Properties From Double- and Fundamental Mode Variables 163 Kovács, G.
Wide-field High-precision CCD Photometry of ω Centauri and Its RR Lyrae Stars 177 Rey, S.-C.; Joo, J.-M.; Sohn, Y.-J.; Ree, C. H.; Lee, Y.-W.
Pulsational Distances to ω Centauri 185 Caputo, F.; degl'Innocenti, S.; Marconi, M.
RR Lyrae Variables in ω Centauri: a Theoretical Route 193 Castellani, V.; degl'Innocenti, S.; Marconi, M.
RR Lyr Variables in ω Centauri 203 Poretti, E.
Stellar Exotica Produced from Stellar Encounters 215 Davies, M. B.
Is Fehrenbach's Star Unique? 227 Jones, D.
Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of ω Centauri's Blue Horizontal Branch stars 235 D'Cruz, N. L.; Rood, R. T.; O'Connell, R. W.; Dickens, R. J.; Hatzidimitriou, D.; Dorman, B.; Landsman, W. B.; Whitney, J. H.
Extremely Faint Blue-tail Stars in ω Centauri 247 Moehler, S.; Napiwotzki, R.; Sweigart, A. V.; Landsman, W. B.; Dreizler, S.
Radial Velocities of Blue Horizontal Branch Stars in ω Centauri and NGC 6752 255 Peterson, R. C.; Green, E. M.; Rood, R. T.; Crocker, D. A.; Kraft, R. P.
The Origin of Hot Subluminous Horizontal-Branch Stars in ω Centauri and NGC 2808 261 Sweigart, A. V.; Brown, T. M.; Lanz, T.; Landsman, W. B.; Hubeny, I.
The Hot UV-bright Stars of ω Centauri 269 Landsman, W. B.
Deep Chandra Imaging of ω Centauri 277 Cool, A. M.; Haggard, D.; Carlin, J. L.
X-ray Sources in ω Centauri and Other Globular Clusters 289 Verbunt, F.
ω Centauri as a Disrupted Dwarf Galaxy: Evidence from Multiple Stellar Populations 305 Lee, Y.-W.; Rey, S.-C.; Ree, C. H.; Joo, J.-M.; Sohn, Y.-J.; Yoon, S.-J.
The Multiple Stellar Populations in ω Centauri 313 Pancino, E.
B,V and V,I Color-Magnitude Diagrams of ω Centauri Compared to Templates 325 Barbuy, B.; Ortolani, S.
Two-Component Protogalaxy and ω Centauri 329 Kamaya, H.
Did ω Centauri Form from the Merger of Two Globular Clusters? 337 Thurl, C.; Johnston, K. V.
N-body Models of ω Centauri? 351 Hurley, J. R.
A Solar Neighborhood Search for Tidal Debris from ω Centauri's Hypothetical Parent Galaxy 365 Dinescu, D. I.
A Stream of Metal-Poor Globular Clusters in the Galactic Halo: New Evidence for Accretion 381 Yoon, S.-J.; Lee, Y.-W.
Are ω Centauri and G1 Like Massive Globular Glusters the Remnant Cores of Infalling Dwarf Galaxies? - Dynamical Constraints 391 Zhao, H. S.
A Deep Proper Motion Study of ω Centauri 399 Geffert, M.; Hilker, M.; Geyer, E. H.; Krämer, G.-H.
The Bologna Key Project on ω Centauri 407 Ferraro, F. R.; Pancino, E.; Bellazzini, M.
What Will GAIA be Able to Observe in ω Centauri 415 Babusiaux, C.; van Leeuwen, F.; Gilmore, G.
Conference Summary 423 Freeman, K. C.