Title: Extragalactic Gas at Low Redshift
Volume: 254 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Mulchaey, John S.; Stocke, John
ISBN: 1-58381-094-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-590-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
How Well Do We Understand the Local Universe? 1 Impey, C.
Wholesale Absorbers: HST Continues to Open Up the Nearby Universe 13 Jannuzi, B. T.
The Evolution of Neutral Gas in the Universe as Traced by Damped Lyman Alpha Systems 24 Rao, S. M.; Turnshek, D. A.
Properties of Low-Redshift Damped Lyman Alpha Galaxies 34 Nestor, D. B.; Rao, S. M.; Turnshek, D. A.; Monier, E.; Lane, W. M.; Bergeron, J.
A Comparative Study of Damped Lyα Galaxies 42 Turnshek, D. A.; Rao, S. M.; Nestor, D. B.
Hubble and FUSE Studies of Lyα Absorbers at Low z 51 Shull, J. M.
HST/STIS Spectroscopy of 3C 273 63 Heap, S. R.; Williger, G. M.; Davé, R.; Weymann, R. J.; Jenkins, E. B.; Tripp, T. M.
Low Redshift Lyman α Absorbers and Their Connection With Galaxies 72 Morris, S. L.; Jannuzi, B. T.; Weymann, R. J.
On the Relationship Between Galaxies and Absorbers 78 Lanzetta, K. M.; Chen, H. W.; Webb, J.; Yahata, N.
Properties of a Chemically Enriched Lyman α Absorption System at z = 0.167 and Implications for the Total Baryons in Extended Gaseous Envelopes Around Galaxies 88 Chen, H. W.; Prochaska, J. X.; Lanzetta, K. M.
The Local Lyα Forest: Association of Absorbers with Galaxies Voids and Superclusters 98 Stocke, J. T.
The Contribution of Dwarf and Low Surface Brightness Galaxies to Absorption 107 Linder, S. M.
Damped Lyα Absorption from the Nearby Low Surface Brightness Galaxy SBS 1543+593: a Summary 114 Bowen, D. V.; Tripp, T. M.; Jenkins, E. B.; Brinks, E.; Huchtmeier, W.
Phase Structure of Weak MgII Absorbers: Star Forming Pockets Outside of Galaxies 122 Charlton, J. C.; Churchill, C. W.; Ding, J.; Zonak, S.; Bond, N.; Rigby, J. R.
Large Scale Structure at z = 1.2 from MgII Absorbers 132 Williger, G. M.; Campusano, L. E.; Clowes, R. G.; Graham, M. J.
The Impact of Galaxies on Their Environment from Observations of Gravitationally Lensed QSOs 140 Rauch, M.
Simulations of Low-z Lyman α Forest 151 Davé, R.
Lyman-α Absorbers at z = 2: Direct Comparison of Observations and Hydrodynamic Simulations 161 Petry, C. E.; Impey, C. D.; Katz, N. S.; Weinberg, D. H.; Hernquist, L. H.
Reconciling Damped Ly-α Statistics and 21cm Studies at z = 0 169 Zwaan, M.; Briggs, F. H.; Verheijen, M.
The Contribution of HI-rich Galaxies to the Damped Absorber Population at z = 0 179 Rosenberg, J. L.; Schneider, S. E.
Damped Lyα Absorbers: The 21cm Story 189 Lane, W. M.; Briggs, F. H.
Surveying the Whole Sky for Extragalactic Neutral Hydrogen 197 Disney, M. J.
The HI Content and Extent of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies: Could LSB Galaxies be Responsible for Damped Ly-α Absorption? 202 O'Neil, K.
Local Column Density Distribution Function from HI Selected Galaxies 209 Ryan-Weber, E.; Webster, R.; Staveley-Smith, L.
Local Group HVCs: Status of the Evidence 215 Blitz, L.
Are High-Velocity Clouds the Building Blocks of the Local Group? 225 Gibson, B. K.; Fenner, Y.; Maddison, S. T.; Kawata, D.
Mapping Metal-Enriched High Velocity Clouds to Very Low HI Column Densities 236 Churchill, C. W.; Charlton, J. C.; Masiero, J.
Neutral Hydrogen and the Missing Satellites of the Local Group 245 Putman, M. E.; Moore, B.
Optical Emission from High Velocity Clouds and the Ionization Sources in the Galactic Halo 256 Weiner, B. J.; Vogel, S. N.; Williams, T. B.
Hα Distance Constraints for High Velocity Clouds in the Galactic Halo 267 Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Maloney, P. R.
OVI High Velocity Clouds: Where and What are They? 283 Sembach, K. R.
Galactic Superwinds Circa 2001 292 Heckman, T. M.
Galactic Winds in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies 305 Martin, C. L.
Warm Ionized Gas on the Outskirts of Active and Star-Forming Galaxies 313 Veilleux, S.
Highly-Ionized Intergalactic Gas at Low Redshifts: Constraints from QSO Absorption Lines 323 Tripp, T. M.
Using X-ray Shadowing to Detect Intergalactic Baryons 335 Irwin, J. A.; Bregman, J. N.
The X-Ray Background From Intergalactic Gas 345 Voit, G. M.
Direct Detection of Intergalactic Dust at Large Redshifts 349 Paerels, F.
The Effects of Photoionization on Galaxy Formation 354 Benson, A. J.; Lacey, C.; Baugh, C.; Cole, S.; Frenk, C.
A New Observational Upper Limit to the Low Redshift Ionizing Background Radiation 363 Vogel, S. N.; Weymann, R. J.; Veilleux, S.; Epps, H. W.
The Extragalactic Ionizing Background at Low Redshift 375 Scott, J.; Bechtold, J.; Morita, M.; Dobrzycki, A.; Kulkarni, V. P.
The National Virtual Observatory 383 Brunner, R. J.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Prince, T. A.; Szalay, A. S.