Title: Historical Development of Modern Cosmology
Volume: 252 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Martínez, Vicent J.; Trimble, Virginia; Pons-Bordería, María Jesús
ISBN: 1-58381-092-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-588-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Introductory Review to the Historical Development of Modern Cosmology 1 Martínez, Vicent J.
Gravity and Light in the Newtonian Universe of Stars 11 Hoskin, Michael
Einstein, Eddington and the 1919 Eclipse 21 Coles, Peter
Discovery of CMB, Sakharov Oscillations and Polarization of the CMB Anisotropy 43 Novikov, Igor D.
The Technology of Cosmology 55 Longair, Malcolm S.
A Short History of the Missing Mass and Dark Energy Paradigms 75 van den Bergh, Sidney
Dark Matter and Large Scale Structure 85 Einasto, Jaan
How Big is the Universe? 109 Silk, Joseph
The Classical Singularity Problem - History and Current Research 121 Heller, Michael
Edwin Hubble: Reluctant Cosmologist 145 Christianson, Gale E.
Nuclear Archaeology and the Early Phase of Physical Cosmology 157 Kragh, Helge
Considerations that Prompted the Development of the Steady State Theory of Cosmology in 1948 171 Gold, Thomas
The Evolution of Alternative Cosmologies 175 Narlikar, Jayant V.
The Galaxy and Mass N-Point Correlation Functions: a Blast from the Past 201 Peebles, P. J. E.
Modern and Post-Modern Cosmology 219 Bonometto, Silvio A.
Lemaître's Contributions to the Emergence of Physical Cosmology 237 Blanchard, Alain
Discovering and Understanding Cosmic Structure: How We Have Come to Understand the Origin and Evolution of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies 245 Jones, Bernard
Status of Neutrino Oscillations 275 Valle, José W. F.
Cosmology at the Start of a New Century 295 Kolb, Edward W.
Aspects of the Popularization of Cosmological Ideas at the Beginning of the XXth Century 309 Ten Ros, Antonio E.
Sharing the Universe - a Modern Perspective 325 Hawkins, Isabel
Correlations in a Random Universe 337 Icke, Vincent
The Universe in a Computer: The Importance of Numerical Simulations in Cosmology 355 Yepes, Gustavo
The Quest for the Edge of the Universe 375 Trimble, Virginia