Title: Particles and Fields in Radio Galaxies
Volume: 250 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Laing, Robert A.; Blundell, Katherine M.
ISBN: 1-58381-090-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-586-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
MHD mechanisms for jet formation 1 Begelman, Mitchell C.
Simulations of relativistic jet formation in radio sources 10 Meier, David L.
3-D General Relativistic MHD Simulations of Generating Jets 22 Nishikawa, K.-I.; Koide, S.; Shibata, K.; Kudoh, T.; Sol, H.
Jet formation: magnetic fields and accretion discs 27 Casse, Fabien; Ferreira, Jonathan
MHD disc-wind solutions crossing all the singularities 32 Trussoni, E.; Vlahakis, N.; Tsinganos, K.; Sauty, C.
Gamma-ray bursts from black hole winds 36 van Putten, Maurice H. P. M.
Acceleration by relativistic shock fronts 41 Kirk, J. G.
Numerical simulation of test particle diffusive shock acceleration in relativistic shocks with application to AGN `central engines' 48 Quenby, J. J.; Meli, A.
Cosmic ray injection at SNR shocks: a laboratory for radio galaxy plasma physics? 53 Dendy, R. O.; McClements, K. G.; Laing, R. A.; Dieckmann, M.
Magnetic field amplification in FR II radio sources 75 De Young, D. S.
Information on particles and fields from parsec and sub-parsec scale jets 80 Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Wagner, Stefan J.; Groves, Brent A.
High energy emission in blazars 93 Celotti, Annalisa
The parsec-scale central components of FR I radio galaxies 100 Kharb, Preeti; Shastri, Prajval
Size-Luminosity Scaling and Blazar Unification 104 Georganopoulos, Markos; Kirk, John G.; Mastichiadis, Apostolos
Te V Blazar Observations with Whipple and VERITAS 109 Bradbury, S. M.
Estimating jet power in proton blazar models 113 Protheroe, R. J.; Mücke, A.
The origin of ultra high energy cosmic rays: where we are now and what the future holds 117 Watson, A. A.
Intra-Day Variability, origins and implications 123 Jauncey, David L.; Kedziora-Chudczer, Lucyna; Lovell, J. E. J.; Macquart, Jean-Pierre; Nicolson, George D.; Perley, Rick A.; Reynolds, John E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Wieringa, Mark A.; Bignall, Hayley E.
Long term monitoring of the extreme intraday variable quasar PKS 0405-385 128 Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Jauncey, D. L.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Walker, M. A.; Macquart, J.-P.; Wieringa, M. H.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Perley, R. A.; Reynolds, J. E.
Too hot, too fast or forever young? 133 Dennett-Thorpe, J.; de Bruyn, A. G.
Circular polarization in scintillating sources 137 Macquart, Jean-Pierre; Kedziora-Chudczer, Lucyna; Jauncey, David L.; Sault, R.; Rayner, David P.
Circular Polarization in Intraday Variable Blazars 142 Wagner, Stefan J.; Mannheim, Karl
Models of polarized and variable radio emission in the IDV source 0917+624 147 Beckert, T.; Kraus, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J. A.
The nature of jets: evidence from circular polarization observations 152 Wardle, John F. C.; Homan, Daniel C.
Maser Radiation from Astrophysical Jets 164 Bingham, R.; Cairns, R. A.; Dawson, J. M.; Tonge, J.; Mendonca, J. T.
VLBI observations of a complete sample of radio galaxes - 10 years later 170 Giovannini, Gabriele; Feretti, Luigina; Venturi, Tiziana; Cotton, William D.; Lara, Lucas
Jet Evolution in Nearby FR I Radio Galaxies 175 O'Dea, Christopher P.; Baum, Stefi A.; Xu, Chun; Wrobel, Joan M.; Condon, James J.
Evidence for helical B-fields in the jets of BL Lac objects 180 Gabuzda, D. C.; Pushkarev, A. B.
A high-frequency and multi-epoch VLBI study of 3C 273 184 Krichbaum, T. P.; Graham, D. A.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J. A.; Greve, A.; Grewing, M.; Marscher, A.; Beasley, A. J.
Parsec-scale radio morphology in Seyfert galaxies 191 Lal, D. V.; Shastri, P.; Gabuzda, D. C.
Shocks, plasma instabilities and undisturbed flows in parsec-scale jets 195 Lobanov, A. P.; Roland, J.
Evidence for Interaction with a Surrounding Medium in Several BL Lacertae Objects 200 Pushkarev, A. B.; Gabuzda, D. C.
Current Problems for X-ray Emission from Radio Jets 204 Harris, D. E.
Chandra X-ray Observations of Cygnus A and Pictor A 213 Wilson, A. S.; Young, A. J.; Shopbell, P. L.
New radio-galaxy X-ray results from Chandra 224 Worrall, D. M.; Birkinshaw, M.; Hardcastle, M. J.
Equipartition, inverse-Compton radiation, and PKS 0637-752 230 Birkinshaw, Mark
Equipartition in the hot-spots of 3C 123 234 Hardcastle, Martin J.; Birkinshaw, Mark; Worrall, Diana M.
Synchrotron and SSC emission models for the hot-spots of powerful radio galaxies 238 Brunetti, Gianfranco
A high-resolution multi-wavelength study of the jet in 3C 273 243 Jester, Sebastian; Röser, Hermann-Josef; Meisenheimer, Klaus; Perley, Rick; Garrington, Simon
Optical Structure and Physics of the M 87 Jet 248 Perlman, Eric S.; Sparks, William B.; Biretta, John; Macchetto, Duccio; Leahy, J. Patrick
Face-on Dust Discs in Galaxies with Optical Jets 254 Sparks, W. B.; Baum, S. A.; Biretta, J.; Macchetto, F. D.; Martel, A.
Polarization observations of the hot-spot Pictor A West: shocks in backflows? 259 Wagner, Stefan J.; Bicknell, Geoff; Szeifert, Thomas
Jet speeds in FR I and FR II radio sources 264 Arshakian, Tigran G.
Models of decelerating relativistic jets in 3C 31 269 Laing, R. A.; Bridle, A. H.
Decelerating relativistic radio jets in B2 0755+379 276 Bondi, Marco; Parma, Paola; de Ruiter, Hans; Fanti, Roberto; Laing, Robert A.
Two types of radio galaxies: a new approach 281 Eilek, Jean
On the Origin of the Fanaroff-Riley Dichotomy 290 Gopal-Krishna; Wiita, Paul J.
NGC 6251 at multiple scales and wavelengths 294 Werner, P. N.; Worral, D. M.; Birkinshaw, M.
Hotspot Spectral Indices 298 Sandell, Michael; Leahy, J. Patrick
Confronting hydrodynamic simulations of relativistic jets with data: what do we learn about particles &fields? 303 Hughes, Philip A.
Simulations and observations of cocoon morphologies 315 Bodo, Gianluigi; Rossi, Paola; Capetti, Alessandro; Massaglia, Silvano; Ferrari, Attilio
Testing self-similar models of powerful radio sources 319 Carvalho, J. C.; O'Dea, C. P.; Baum, S. A.
3D MHD simulations of radio galaxies including non-thermal electron transport 324 Jones, T. W.; Tregillis, I. L.; Ryu, Dongsu
Nonthermal Emission in Radio Galaxies from Simulated Relativistic Electron Transport in 3D MHD Flows 336 Tregillis, I. L.; Jones, T. W.; Ryu, Dongsu
Particle transport in complex flows 340 Marcowith, A.; Kirk, J. G.
X-ray constraints on jet composition 345 Leahy, J. P.; Gizani, Nectaria; Tsakiris, Dimitrios
The environments of FR II radio sources 358 Hardcastle, Martin J.; Worrall, Diana M.
Spectral ageing: a new age perspective 363 Blundell, Katherine M.; Rawlings, Steve
What Shape are Your Spectra In? 372 Rudnick, Lawrence
A multi-frequency study of the radio galaxy NGC 326 380 Murgia, M.; Parma, P.; Fanti, R.; de Ruiter, H. R.; Ekers, R. D.; Fomalont, E. B.
Anisotropic inverse Compton scattering in radio galaxies and the particle energy distribution 384 Brunetti, Gianfranco; Setti, Giancarlo
ASCA observations of inverse-Compton X-rays from radio lobes and the field-particle energy densities 389 Tashiro, Makoto
ASCA observations of the northern outer lobe edge of the radio galaxy Centaurus A 394 Isobe, Naoki; Makishima, Kazuo; Tashiro, Makoto; Kaneda, Hidehiro
Radio Galaxy Spectra 400 Jackson, C. A.; Wall, J. V.
The early days of a radio source 404 Dallacasa, Daniele; Stanghellini, Carlo
Double-double radio galaxies: probing duty cycles in AGN and the cocoons of powerful radio sources 408 Schoenmakers, A. P.
FR IIb Radio Sources, Ambient Gas Densities, and Clusters of Galaxies 412 Daly, Ruth A.; Guerra, Erick J.; Chester, Margaret M.
Beam Powers, Active Lifetimes, and Total Energies of FR IIb Radio Galaxies 417 Guerra, Erick J.; Daly, Ruth A.
VLA Images of Virgo A and Their Implications 422 Owen, Frazer; Eilek, Jean
Abell 2256 - Observing a Mpc3 Nonthermal Laboratory 428 Clarke, T. E.; Enßlin, T. A.
The Cluster Environment of Abell 3667 432 Johnston-Hollitt, Melanie; Ekers, Ronald D.; Hunstead, Richard W.
The large-scale structure of 3C 31 437 Laing, R. A.; Parma, P.; Murgia, M.; Feretti, L.; Giovannini, G.; Bridle, A. H.; Perley, R. A.
Radio galaxies and energetics of the intracluster medium 443 Begelman, Mitchell C.
The hydrodynamics of radio galaxy cocoons 449 Reynolds, Christopher S.
Are cluster radio relics revived fossil radio cocoons? 454 Enßlin, Torsten A.; Gopal-Krishna
Is there life after death? The fate of radio lobes after the jet phase. 458 Kaiser, Christian R.; Brüggen, Marcus; Churazov, Eugene
Deflection of jets induced by jet-cloud interactions 462 Mendoza, S.; Longair, M. S.
The interface between radio jets and ionized gas clouds 467 Simkin, Susan M.
The interaction of radio sources and cooling flows 471 Fabian, A. C.
AGN and Cooling Flows 481 Binney, James
Particles and fields in radio galaxies: a summary 487 Blandford, R. D.